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September 6th, 2012, 03:10
I'm sorry, but after so many years and so many slipped dates given, Grimoire is somewhat of a joke to the indie game and crpg communities. I've watched this one off and on for more than a decade now, longer than I've been a lurker here at the Watch.

As a potential investor, the long history speaks volumes to me. The arrogance that the initial post here portrayed speaks more. I don't want to see a known failed product that has been "coming this year" since back when Pentium 1's roamed the earth and 56k modems were commonplace. I don't want to invest in a developer who claims that he could have finished it but just couldn't be bothered.

Sorry. If Grimoire is ever released, I'll buy it, as it does look like the kind of game I'd enjoy. Not until then, however, will I put any money into it or it's developer. Too many more believable developers and projects to look at, too many good games available already to buy.

I won't hold me breath though. I expect more of the same, to be frank. Which is why I cannot, in good faith, invest in Grimoire.
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