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August 18th, 2008, 14:52
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Hah, well said.
In a tough campaign, with d8 hitpoints and no armor, despite their bonus ac, these guys would sink in the mud faster than a russian submarine. In NWN2, characters get full hp on level up and battles tend often to be on the softer side, so even characters without d10 hps can tank reasonably well.
Do not look yourself blind on hitpoints, because resistances and AC is the reason monks works great as tanks. Hitpoints are supposed to block out serious damage temporary, but eventually you will be worn down. A real tank have high AC and high resistances. Then you must recognize the fact that Monks can actually heal themselves (Wholeness of Body). While this does not fully equal regular hitpoints, if given the chance to heal themselves, those extra points can cover for the missing '2' per level (compared to fighters and paladins).

Barbarians and Fighters have high strength and constitution (more damage, more hitpoints). Barbarians benefit from some dexterity but both Barbarians and Fighters are limited by their armor. Armor means a maximum of +8-9 AC plus enhancement, monks can go beyond that.

Monk is supposed to have high dexterity and high willpower and they also benefit from constitution. This means that they have the highest resistances (reflex/fortitude/willpower) of any class. This means that they are almost immune against most threats that eventually wears down a barbarian or fighter. On top of that, their reflexbonus along with evasion allows them to take almost no damage from areaattacks compared to barbarians or fighters who take almost full damage.

Another thing to consider. In a regular campaign adventurers will hoard money. There's no actual rule against monks having expensive stuff, they just do not benefit from armor and weapons. What does this mean? It means that a monk can pile up on magic boosters to abilities (belts, rings etc) when other characters have to waste their cash on armor/weapons that monks get for free. And if all else fails, the extras can be wasted on healingpotions.
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