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November 18th, 2010, 21:41
I'd think it would be easier for folks to post what they use, otherwise we're all stuck hanging on to half a millions items until they "expire on the RPGWatch Auction House Thread". That's sort of how it works for us now- people know that Phuury uses great axes and light armor, so they save those items; people know that some nameless character of mine uses dwarven axes, so they save those for me; people know that Peter is always on the lookout for a good khopesh; and so forth.

So, rather than an "I have" list, how about an "I want" list? I'd include character level as well—even though it won't be up-to-date, it will give a general guideline to what's useful (for example, somebody saving a level 12 min Teh Awesum Big Mace of Thumping for my level 5 healbot would be a little pointless). To wit, my examples (although I agree with cm that, if we do this, it should get a dedicated thread):

Phuury (level 14)
great axes, light armor, underwater action item

Wouldii (level 12)
battle axes, hand axes, light armor, +5 stat items

Shadohe (level 9)
dwarven axes, heavy armor, mod/hv fortification item

Botdu (level 5)
heavy mace, heavy armor

Looking at the above, I'm thinking it might be a little pointless for lower level toons, since they generally need everything but can't use anything and usually haven't gotten to the point of specializing yet. Maybe skip those toons unless they're looking for a specific and uncommon weapon type (like Az and his falchions).
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