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August 16th, 2019, 16:01

Agree with pretty everything you said in the spoilers section. But I'm not sure I'd take the complaints as actual complaints, and I'm not saying you're complaining either, maybe more making observations.

For me it was very much an "experience" of the end of the 60s to 70s transition period, which I was not part of. I'm an 80s kid myself. So, I just let loose and enjoyed the ride.

Whenever I feel something isn't the way I feel it should be I like to ask myself why should it even be that way? Why can't it be different.

It is the kind of movie that you need to see in a certain state of mind I guess. I was very much tired when I saw it, and just let it wash over me. And very enjoyed myself. But I can see how other people can find it boring or meandering.

Only annoying thing about that night was that I saw it in a german cinema, but in the original english, and for some reason the germans seemed to find it overly funny. They pretty laughed at everything, even more serious scenes. I found that a bit weird, and sometimes annoying as I couldn't hear the lines.
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