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October 29th, 2017, 19:09
Originally Posted by Darkheart View Post
Since the base game is in the Humble Monthly next month I will give it a try. As long as it has that TES vibe and lore I might be able to enjoy this as a single-player experience.

The next TES will pretty much be some online VR BS, so why not say goodbye now?
It will have a online part for sure , a manor for your character cost nothing in solo elderscrolls you just download it from the nexus or workshop. A manor in eso cost 60 euros or more , furnished with the most basic stuff , then you have to add another hundred of euro to make it looks good.
That's just the top of the iceberg, there's countless skins, potions, mounts, crafting styles, to buy . They are even targeting gambling addicts with loot boxes with a small % chance to get the rare mount you wish .Everything is cosmetic, but who wants to looks like a peasant….
As for vr i am not sure we are ready, it requires high end hardware, i've read you need 90fps to not get motion sickness, anyone tried it yet ?
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