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January 18th, 2022, 08:13
Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
Just anecdotally, what I'm seeing fits with the pattern the broader evidence suggests - a lot more people catching it, but almost exclusively as fairly minor illness. I know one guy who his in his 80s, with serious OPD, and his family thought that catching it would be the end of him. He was admitted on that basis, but he brushed it off like a light cold.

We should be cautious, of course - there will still be a lot of people being hospitalised and dying, and we could still be unlucky and get sideswiped by an aggressive new variant. But over here the policy is shifting towards basic precautions, but pretty much starting to live with it. Between the somewhat milder Omicron, and the proportion of the population with vaccination and/or previous infection, it looks like the beginning of becoming a tolerable endemic.

The signs are all over - the data protection dept and civil rights charities are starting to talk about ensuring the tracking systems are verifiably decommissioned. Let's just hope we're not being premature!
Hopefully when this wave is over (in Sweden they expect the peak around the end of January) things will go back even more to normal.
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