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January 30th, 2012, 18:49
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The article's author name is a female name.
At least here.
In the English language, the word he is generally the default gender neutral pronoun. But looking up the author, your definitely correct that she is female.

Reading the comments I think the author definitely overly glorifies older games like EQ. Yeah it took a long time to level up, but part of that was because it took hours to do anything….you couldn't just log on and play for an hour because it took an hour to reach a place to gain xp, and then another hour to find a party. Also the freeform non quest driven play style that the author talks about was pretty much just sitting in the same corner of the world for 4 hours killing the same monster over and over as soon as it respawned. Plus most of the quests that did exist were still things like "bring back 5 skeleton teeth".
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