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January 31st, 2012, 17:23
A big part of the reason why people have fond memories for the older games is because of the heavier social element. In EQ you literally sat around for 4 hours killing the same monster over and over. There virtually no story or adventuring or quests or clearing of dungeons. Just just sitting in one place for 4 hours, out of which aproximately 3 and a half hours were spent just waiting for the respawn. Because there was absolutely nothing else to do during this time, many people developed friendships, formed bonds, and roleplayed their own stories. They understandably have very fond memories of these times.

In more modern MMOS there is actually a game you play that keeps you occupied. You don't just sit around doing nothing for 99% of the time. So people form fewer friendships and spend less time roleplaying elaborate backstories for their characters.

Personally I'd much rather play a game with stuff to do. I think most people are like this. But people have different tastes and some miss the days when there was nothing to do but roleplay and talk to your friends..
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