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June 23rd, 2020, 20:50
The Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter fundraising campaign has now raised nearly 35000 and it will end in about a week. The next stretch goals are new character classes and new companions:

Knights of the Chalice 2

Knights of the Chalice 2 is a party-based epic computer role-playing game with turn-based combat and 2D hand-drawn graphics for Windows and Mac OS. KotC 2 is inspired by Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Temple of Elemental Evil and Planescape: Torment.
Just like the first game, KotC 2 is based on the OGL 3.5, the ruleset at the root of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
The Kickstarter campaign will support the creation of at least three new KotC 2 adventure modules: The Dark Arena, Forces of Chaos and Heart of Evil. The campaign will also be used to improve the game's graphics, add new high-resolution sprites and implement many new and exciting features.
In KotC 2: Augury of Chaos, your Heroic Party confronts a group of Evil Fanatics allied with various Demons and Fiendish Dragons! Blast your enemies with more than 700 spells, bull-rush them into spike pits, trick them with your superior guile, or crush them with your enchanted greatsword! See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women, as your valiant party progresses all the way from level 1 to level 21!
Following the Kickstarter, the game is planned to be released on the developer's website,, and on Steam / GOG after a relatively short period of time dedicated to the improvement of the game.

KotC 2 Features:

  • Turn-based, party-based tactical combat similar to that found in the RPG Dark Sun Shattered Lands made by SSI and in Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • User-friendly interface. Launch a charge, full-attack or coup-de-grace with a single click - the computer will automatically look for the best option available. Out of combat, move the party with a single click or by keeping the mouse button pushed. Also see the KotC 1 How to Play webpage for more information.
  • A well-developed emergent Artificial Intelligence. Enemies act as a group and support each other. They can use special actions like Grapple, Trip, Disarm, Sunder, Feint, Bull Rush, Ready Versus Spell or Swallow Whole and other tactics like taking a Five-Foot step before casting Maximised Fireball. They might use a Wind spell to dissipate the player's Acid Fog or Incendiary Cloud.
  • Omnipresent help files and clear in-game feedback (a feature also found in Temple of Elemental Evil) on the results of each dice roll, saving throw, attack roll, modifiers and so on.
  • More than 700 Spells and Psionic Powers (see the list of Wizard spells). The game also features 22 Classes, 10 Races, 36 Subraces, 478 Feats, 41 Cleric Domains, 71 Weapon enchantments and 51 Armour and Shield enchantments. Click here for more information about the Classes, Feats and other topics.
  • With the right materials and sufficient gold and experience points, craft your own weapons and armour and apply enchantments like Vorpal, Life Stealing, Wounding, Swift, Dispelling or Flaming Burst (see the complete list).
  • Multiple-choice dialogue options offering real choices and real in-game consequences to the player. Use your party's unique skills and consider your own preferences and playing style in order to resolve situations in the most suitable manner.
  • Enjoy a variety of engrossing puzzles and riddles. Use your intuition and logical thinking to decrypt mysterious coded messages. The game's cryptography interface, inspired by Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars, makes decoding a captivating activity. Do not worry about the difficulty of puzzles and riddles though, as the game frequently provides Hints designed to help you resolve this type of challenge.
  • KotC 2 Augury of Chaos allows you to create your level-1 characters and take them all the way to level 21 or so. There is no limit on character level.
  • Use the powerful integrated toolset to create new modules and campaigns easily. Easily swap monster tokens and sprites or create new ones. Create new monsters, new dialogues and new maps easily. The best modules may also generate an income stream for you.
  • Enjoy fast Saved-Game loading and saving and various game options designed to accelerate gameplay. Enjoy various convenience features, such as the Saved-Game preview image display, Tab key press to highlight objects that may be interacted with, or the Inventory Screen highlighting of spell scrolls that may be learned by a character.
More information.
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June 24th, 2020, 20:14
Campaign is almost done - wish there were more backers. This is shaping up to be a greate enhancement on KoTC1, which I only recently discovered. I guess it's not mainstream enough, but at least it's funded and has reached some stretch goals…maybe a final burst in the last week !?
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June 24th, 2020, 23:15
The game already exists and most of the goals are not that great. That's probably why it isn't doing so well. I also played the first game only recently and it's awesome. I'm looking forward to when this one is "complete".
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June 25th, 2020, 05:25
Are the devs keeping those static tokens in the game's final version or are they only placeholders?
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June 30th, 2020, 06:51
Are the devs keeping those static tokens in the game's final version or are they only placeholders?
There will be an option in the game allowing players to choose between token-based graphics and sprite-based graphics.

Thank you for your support everyone!! Only 55 hours left to get KotC 2 and the adventure-creation editor as soon as the campaign ends!

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