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Day one for me but I still don't like the card mechanics.


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I've watched this and a few other reviews, and I'll probably buy the game at some point.

From what I've seen, one of the major complaints about the game is that almost half of it is un-fun dialog among the various characters in the game, not only being just boring (unlike Mass Effect games which have a lot of good dialog according to the reviewers) but also out of character for those well-known personalities.

Delving for a long time via dialog that a well-known badass character is into yoga or books or whatever is off-putting to some reviewers, and they ended up enjoying the game a lot more once they decided to quick-click through all of the huge amount of that.

This view is very valid but in my case I have pretty much 100% no idea who any of these characters are, other than from PC games Spider-Man (good) and Guardians of the Galaxy (great), so I won't have any preconceived ideas of the characters. I wonder if that will make the dialog much less off-putting to me?

I'm thinking about Dragon Age Inquisition with dozens of hours of similar-type dialog with other characters, fleshing out the world, story, and characters. I enjoyed that game a whole lot, although the dialog was not the best in my view (it was okay), but if dialog in this Midnight Suns game is truly boring as reviewers have said, I might have to end up quick-clicking through it. Even if so, the game looks like a lot of fun with the combat and the card system building up to the combat.


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I wonder if the female main character might have better voice acting?

Well, whatever the case, I'll be waiting for a lot more DLC to buy in a bundle with the game - likely a year from now at least.

P.S. Can I have the "definitely not" costume option? I'm definitely a "definitely not" kind of gamer. ;)


well super heros are not my thing but still worth a try i guess .flashy effects good combat shitty story and narrative sounds so familiar nowadays.


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From my news-thread.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Review Roundup


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Yeah, I watched ACG's review and it kinda scares me off from the game. He ripped into it pretty hard - and I generally trust his reviews. This is probably a wait-and-see and maybe-buy-on-sale in the future game for me.