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July 25th, 2007, 16:31
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I think an objective view would have to state that they can both be tools for good or for destruction.
And I also think that using either one blindly to make decisions for you or to justify decisions you've made is a mistake. Religion and science both encourage skepticism - I know that might sound shocking based on so many of the 'religious right' who advocate blind faith, but think of the many parables that encourage soul-searching and discovery of self.

As a scientist myself I cringe at the way science is misused … part of my job is as a statistician, which is one of the most abused areas of science. But true scientists are looking to discover the truth, whether it is theirs or others. Sure we all start with our own idea (null hypothesis) but then apply rigorous testing to disprove it - if we are good scientists. Anyone doing testing to prove something true is misguided at best, for that can never be conclusively done. All we can do is gather evidence to reject the null hypothesis (i.e. prove ourselves wrong).

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