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October 2nd, 2007, 17:05
I took the test and found that I agreed most with Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. (hardly a surprise, I would say ). I disagreed most with Mike Huckabee (thought the huckabee's were some sort of children toys??) and Rudi Guiliani (hardly a surprise either, I would say…)

I agree with Dennis Kucinich about everything, except Iraq and with Barack and Hillary I only disagree about immigration and the abolishing of the death penalty.

I do however favort a timetable for the removal of the US troops, or alternatively that the US is over there as long as necessesary. I mean we started to war - now we need to help clean up our own mess…

In Denmark, we just had some tax cuts as well, and of course they'll be permanent although the oppostion of course is saying otherwise right now… As for immigration, (in the US), the illegal immigrants should be allowed to apply for US citizenship….

As I come from a a country with a universal health system, of course, I'm in favor of this. But don't kid yourself, having a uhs system do not make everything all right. What it should do is basically give everyone the right to free medical examinations and operations on public or state funded hospitals.

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