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August 28th, 2018, 14:13
Many new members seem to have difficulty getting a YouTube video loaded.

Most of the time you are simply using the wrong code, you have probably put the entire link between the YouTube brackets.

You just have to use the code from the YouTube URL in your browser.

Say, for example, you would like to embed a video with the link:

Usage (but without the spaces):
[ youtube ]value[/ youtube ]

Given our example this means (but without the spaces):
[ youtube ]JFwCCL0Vh6U[ /youtube ]

So just use the number behind ‘v=‘

If the above still is not clear to you, just look at any posting of someone who has embedded a trailer or a video in their posting, and choose ‘quote’.
Then you’ll see the precise code they used.

For all of the codes you can use in your posting see the following page:

This page is also easy to find when posting: go to the bottom left of the page when you are typing a new post/reply (so before submitting it):
BBcode is On’ => click on’BBcode’.

Hope this helps.
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