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August 28th, 2007, 15:43
Dragon Age, Bioware's first RPG title in their own created universe, is still in development. Sorcerer's Place once more sifts through the Dragon Age forums to bring us some of Dave Gaider's responses to the community. There's a long discussion on gay romances, but also a brief look at the magic system :
… The mage class has talent trees just as the other classes do -- the difference being that, with the mage, these talents have spells associated with them. As with the other classes, the mage can choose to be a generalist and select basic talents from all four schools of magic if he wishes -- or he can specialize, which (just as with other classes) is the only way you are going to be able to access the really powerful spells… Without going into detail on what they consist of (and I won't, so don't ask), the four spell schools are: Creation, Entropy, Spirit and Primal. Keep in mind that these are also not at all final and could change at any time.
And some NPC information:
In the end, we did come up with a few female comedic ideas-- characters that were funny either due to their wit or simply because of how they played against type. Even so, they weren't the knee-slapping variety and we ended up abandoning the notion because it seemed a bit forced.

I don't consider Imoen a comedic character, for instance -- she had some funny lines, but that's not what her character was about. Personally, I'm not sure that Viconia or Jaheira even had many funny lines. And, in the end, I'm not sure that we need a female character that is also primarily comedic. They need not all be the ultra-serious, purse their lips, tug their braids type either, mind you.

In the right circumstances any character can be funny. I don't think there's a single party member in DA that doesn't get a laugh or two somewhere…
More information.
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