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October 20th, 2020, 13:18
Originally Posted by Morrandir View Post
Concerning the fact that you have an unchangeable party after Act 1: is this being discussed somewhere in the community (Larian forums etc.)?
I actually left a link to the official forums on this subject in the other thread if you didn't already see it. There's at least two major threads at the moment in the general forum there.

The latest from the reddit on Kevin Vanord's stream (he's one of the writers) appears to be that there is still Larian discussion on the "locked party after act 1" issue.
His justification for it:
One reason he gives for having a fixed party is because it can be hard to experience a character's full story arc if they aren't in your party enough, and for the writers, continuing their arc into the second act when you haven't experienced it enough is very hard.

Ultimately for me, that choice as in the original games, should be with the player. Limiting player choice in the name of narrative - "you will experience our imposed companion storylines and like it!" doesn't really strike me as choice enhancing nor obviously is it in line with Baldur's Gate tradition.


Bah! What kind of self-respecting D&D party based game, let alone "sequel" to Baldur's Gate only has 3 supporting party members? Ok, grumpy D&D nerd rant over. That they plan to have eight companions, possibly more is heartening (based on that reddit) but there's still a long way to go before I'll consider purchasing.

Also….we still have to see Larian's reimagining of Minsc yet.
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