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June 3rd, 2013, 13:59
Ok I have bought the remake, which was sold digital on a single digital shop, yes I'm serious. Does it confirm the crap it is? No it does confirm the fame it has.

The fights are a lot better than in most Elder Scroll but you need learn it, many points in it are quite uncommon but at least it's not the basic stupidity of many other similar games.

The quick respawn was initially a skill test dependent of the difficulty level you choose. In the remake they made it a separate game option. So the original approach was to have kill fast enough and progress in the area. In some area it was really a challenge. And that was making fleeing quite difficult when you hadn't a safe base close enough. I haven't played yet the remake enough to comment how this point is now.

The inventory management was quite different than usual and that unpleased to the crowd of conservationist players. It was simplified on purpose to lighten the inventory management. So you could carry a limited number of duplicate items and the game was dropping automatically the cheapest and anyway most was just stuff to sell. But for the important items as ingredients it was separated and you couldn't lost any. But rejoice the remake gave up this approach and now you have all the fun to manage all the crap in you inventory yourself. I don't remember if there's a carry limit or not.

The disarm and unlock mini game plus the ability to make it easier, was certainly the best even seen similar system.

The multi level multi class system is one of the most interesting class design approach and definitely highly original.

All the missing implementation in the previous version of the game, I mean (some) effect and skills not influencing anything, some spells not working, all of that seems fixed in the remake version. For the world filling, I don't think it's much improved, for sure towns was symbolic and probably it's still the same, you still have some cool events and few NPC. It requires adapt a bit to not be blocked but it's possible and not empty. I agree it can block some players, not that it makes it the worst CRPG ever seen.

Unlike ton of CRPG you are on your own to find your way, no cursor, you have check direction panels on roads, read the hints carefully, search a little what you could do, and so on. It's not huge stuff and the filling is ok but far to be great, but it's much better than in many CRPG that can't work without a systematic exploration, or a cursor or right linear lines.

The dungeons and fights allow many options of approach and tactical approach, there's a very good use of heights when in many comparable games it's just flat gameplay in cute 3D. There's multiple good traps and ambushes, many CRPG just give up implement any descent.

There's some good riddles and tricks to find with good hints not too kind with the player. It is much more old school on this point than many other CRPG. It can be very nasty on this point, if you just run check a walkthrough as soon as you don't see how manage something, then ok don't play it at all, because an important element in the gameplay is to scratch your head.

The fights are very far to be stupid and are all about timing and chaining and dodging, and learn how fight each type of opponents and group of opponents. But it requires learning and you could play all along and keep be a stupid badass and whine or shout about the game when it doesn't work. I have seen the most stupid and idiot video progress, and it's for this game. The guy was a total idiot constantly shouting and whining about the fights of the game, not thinking one second he was a total dumbass and if it didn't work it's because he had to learn and find the good tricks. But no, perhaps because of the fame of the game, the guy sticked on his feeling he was innocent and it was all game fault.

Ok I'll stop my anti whining on that, I really need play the remake to have more comment.
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