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June 19th, 2007, 10:17
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I second that emotion. Most of the posters from there that come over here arent trolling and being assholes anyway, there's no reason to constantly rag on them and their site. Youre being as bad as they supposedly are, if youre going to knee-jerk bash them at every turn. Isnt that the main criticism? Knee-jerk response?

It's not us VS them! Relax!
It was Roshambo that really got my pulse racing over there, and he had an unhealthy effect on several others that liked to gather in his shadow. Since Rosh retreated, NMA seems a rather likable and rational place whenever I browse the threads there, and no more prone to group think than any other RPG site.
And at least these guys know how to make an argument. But a reputation is hard to shake off, and of course there is a certain Coquetery with the toughboy image ( "glittering gems of hatred") on that side of the fence too. I don't want to belittle or dismiss the discussion, which I am also taking part in - but I also on a certain level have to admit that the culture clash on the Bethesda forums is interesting and entertaining to watch.
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