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We take great pleasure in running this site and maintaining it for you, our visitors. We have done so from the start in 2006 and will continue to do so this year and the years following.

However, maintaining a site costs money and we do not want to use a large amount of ads to cover the expenses. That minimizes the options a bit - but given our prior experiences on another site with ads, we feel this is the best approach to take.

Making a donation

Starting in 2010, we have this donation page up and running where we ask you, our visitors for a contribution. If you feel you do want to contribute, then please do so. There is no minimum amount of money: any donation is welcome.

If you are registered at RPGWatch and you donated while being logged in at RPGWatch, you will be listed as a donor during one year on this page and in the forums (if you have a forum handle). If you were not registered at RPGWatch your donation will be private and won't be listed on this page or the forums. You can always send Myrthos a PM to make sure you are or aren't listed on this page and on the forums.

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2006-2016 Overview

The operational costs of RPGWatch, ads income and donations from 2006 upto 2016 are listed below:

Operational cost 2006-2016 Eur   -9025
Ads income 2006-2016
Eur    4113
Donations 2006-2016
Eur    5807

Total Eur  +895

2017 Overview

For 2017 the estimated operational cost are as follows:

Server Eur  1020
Eur    340
Eur      46
Domain Eur      60
Total cost 2017
Eur 1466

This brings us to the following overview for 2017:

Result previous years Eur    895
Operational cost 2017
Eur -1466
Ads income 2017
Eur        0
Donations 2017
Eur    342  
Total Eur   -229

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Donors in the last 12 months


Note that if your name is not in this list and you did donate in the last 12 months, then I'm either slow in updating this page (look at the last updated time above) or you did not donate while you were logged in at RPGWatch, in which case you can just send Myrthos a PM with the details. You can also do this if you do not want to be listed here.