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Privacy Statement


This page provides a privacy statement detailing how RPGWatch handles your information.

How we use your information

RPGWatch stores the information you supply in a database. This database is only used by RPGWatch to keep the site operational and none of your information is shared with any third party.

RPGWatch uses your account information to ensure that you can log in to those parts of the RPGWatch network that require a login and to tailor functionality based on your account. This is accomplished by using server sessions that have a short lifetime (less than an hour). RPGWatch also stores cookies on your local machine to keep you logged in for longer periods of time (if you have enabled that). These cookies will store information needed to automatically log you in to any part of RPGWatch when needed.


RPGWatch does not track you when you leave RPGWatch. However advertisers on RPGWatch might track you when you click on their banner or advertising link.

RPGWatch uses Analytics tools that allows the organizations providing these tools to collect data for tracking your activities while on RPGWatch (used by RPGWatch for site analystic) and collect data for interest based advertising by those organizations. You can opt-out on the data collected by these organizations for interest based advertising by using the NAI or DAA opt-outs (or EDAA for EU).


A message written by you on one of the RPGWatch outlets, is personal information. Requests to remove messages will be honored unless there is a justifiable interest for RPGWatch to leave the message as it is (e.g. when removal of the message will result in a discussion becoming unreadable or less readable). In the latter case the message will be anonymized and not traceable to you.


An account consists at the very least in an account name, password and e-mail address. The password is stored in an encrypted way. It is impossible for RPGWatch to determine your password and thus we cannot retrieve it for you, but it is possible to reset your password.

Any other information you supply is your sole responsibility.

You can ask for your account to be deleted. In that case the following will happen:

  • Your account is removed from RPGWatch
  • Your account name will become available again for others
  • None of your messages will be deleted
  • Your message on the forum will still have your name (without a link and image) and will have the text title 'Guest' under your old name.

Note that this action cannot be undone.

You must request account deletion by PM, so it is possible for us to uniquely determine that it is actually you asking for this.

If you have lost or forgotten your login information, you can request it by using the same e-mail address associated with your account.

If you cannot do either of these, it is not possible to determine that you are the owner of the account and we cannot delete it.


This privacy statement can be changed at any time, at which point all registered members will be informed of said change by means of a forum post.