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Wednesday - May 31, 2006
Box Art

Wednesday - May 31, 2006

Vendetta Online: Update Summary @ Official Site

by Inauro, 04:04
The Vendetta Online team has released a comprehensive list of the changes that have been implemented in-game over the last year. Snip:
Ships & Equipment
-Behemoth introduced
-Behemoth heavy introduced
-Capital ships re-introduced
-Raptor (ship earned through a mission tree, not licenses)
-TPG Teradon
-Trident light Frigate
-New bus
-Presets for 4 favorite ship loadouts
-Destroyed ships may now drop equipment (which has, thanks to the Hive and various police/military NPCs, expanded the weapon selections a bit)
-Law neut
-Introduction of hive-posi
-Introduction of hive-AGT
-Introduction of hive-bat
-Can sell weapons to others if they have not been unloaded into a station

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