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Mount&Blade - Review @ Computergames.ro

by Dhruin, 2008-10-13 22:14:01

The latest Mount & Blade review comes from Computergames.ro, where the score is 9/10:

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the game is the mounted combat, where, again, the implementation is top-notch. Your horse can be controlled easily and maneuvers quite well and fighting from horseback gives a whole new dimension to the battle. Tactical-wise you get a well-deserved damage bonus when hitting an enemy from the saddle, which makes sense, while the poor beast itself can be used to knock down opponents and even stun them. Most weapons can be used while riding, but the most effective of all is the jousting lance. If used properly (set up in the special holster located on the hip) the lance has the highest damage in the entire game. Fighting from behind a horse’s steering wheel does not guarantee victory however, as the steed may die from combat wounds, in which case you will be thrown in the middle of a not-so-pleased crowd.

Source: Blues News

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