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GamesRadar - The Top 9 PC Games of 09

by Dhruin, 2009-01-26 11:51:05

GamesRadar has yet another list article, this time the Top 9 games of '09Diablo III, Dragon Age, and Deus Ex 3 all make the cut and Blizzard's Rob Pardo stops by for a mini-interview:

How do you determine your role in all the projects that you’re involved in?

It depends on what the project needs. Right now, I’m probably spending more time on StarCraft II than I am on, say, World of Warcraft - we’ve really built up that team in terms of processes and procedures, and I just meet with [the developers] a couple times a week now and help them with hard design problems and concepts, but they’re pretty much good to go. And on StarCraft II I’m really involved on the design of the Battle.net feature set and a lot of the single player story stuff. On Diablo III I’m the executive producer - Jay [Lead Designer Jay Wilson] always wants me in more design meetings, but he’s got a handle on it, so I’ll probably get more involved with Diablo III once it gets a little closer to release.

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