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Kivi's Underworld - Review @ Hooked Gamers

by Magerette, 2009-01-26 17:39:30

HookedGamers reviews Soldak Entertainment's casual dungeon crawler Kivi's Underworld, giving it a score of 8/10:

This is a good old fashion Hack and Slash where points matter. The more treasure you find, the more bad guys you dispatch and more the hidden secrets you discover, the higher your score and that will directly influence your end-of-mission rewards...

All in all, Kivi’s Underworld is a wonderful title for those players who enjoy good old-fashioned, straight-forward, to the point, no-frills gaming. It makes a great time burner if you have a stray half an hour or so at your hands. Just be mindful that it can become addictive trying to unlock new characters and hunting down those elusive hidden treasures. Also, with a considerable cast of 20 playable characters, Kivi offers a pretty decent level of replay value...

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