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Alpha Protocol - Pre E3 Preview @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2009-06-01 22:53:17

Catching up with some news from late last week, IGN has a pre-E3 look at Obsidian's Alpha Protocol:

Obsidian has created a massive spy network in Alpha Protocol, with multiple agencies that have their own agendas. Within these agencies are operatives, each with their own personas and personal goals. The decisions you make on each mission will impact the organizations differently and can also affect specific people in different ways. There are always choices – do you destroy the weapon cargo or ship it to your contact who offered you some serious cash for just such a thing prior to your mission? Destroy it and you are going to please some people, maybe even people you've yet to meet, but might upset your contact. Sell it, and the same thing is true in the opposite direction.

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