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King Arthur - Review @ AceGamez

by Magerette, 2009-12-09 16:52:18

Another review is up for Neocore's rpg wargame hybrid, King Arthur, over at AceGamez. This one is enthusiastic, detailed and positive and scores the game at 81%.

Here's a snip dealing with the roleplaying aspects:

The turn based campaign screen isn’t just a place for you to organise strategies and manoeuvre armies, it’s also a place you adventure across, picking up quests and gathering Knights as you would new team members in any ordinary RPG. Once they join your round table they can then be assigned to armies where successes in war and quests can grant them experience points they level up with, gathering new abilities along the way. It may end up coming across as a stripped down version of what you’d expect from a Role Playing Game, but there’s still a remarkable amount of depth to it all, the RPG bits are more than just added fluff, they play an important part in how you progress.

Questing itself offers you the opportunity to shape your own tale, often quests will present you with objectives that have two outcomes and two different kinds of rewards, but they will also determine how much of a just or tyrannical king you will eventually become. Choosing one sets you on a permanent course down a chain of further quests that progress the tale, but any advantages or rewards from other quest chains are lost, so the decisions are not always immediately easy to choose, but it does add incentive enough to replay the game and try things differently.

More importantly, things such as morality and which faith you eventually decide to follow can determine what special abilities or troops you may be allowed. Given that this is spread through four different tiers of these moral choices getting the right balance to get the items you desire the most is not always easy, and may often require you to balance your morality accordingly, perhaps even going so far as to attend to the quest objectives in ways you wouldn’t otherwise consider or feel comfortable with.

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