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Alpha Protocol - But Thou Must: Choice in Games

by Dhruin, 2010-04-19 11:13:25

But Thou Must: Choice in Games is the title of a GDC presentation by four Obsidian developers about choice and reactivity in roleplaying games.  I've filed this under Alpha Protocol, because they use this as their illustrative example.  They discuss some of the reactivity in AP (such as characters responding to to what the player is wearing), provide a brief history of choice in RPGs, the benefits of choice but also the developmental resource costs involved.

There's a video here at Blip.tv and although I haven't had time to fully watch the nearly 1 hour panel, I can tell you Chris Avellone is a funny bastard and this is well worth a look.

While we're on AP, GameSpot has nearly 8 minutes of footage and conversation with Sega's Tim Ernst, although we've seen most of it before.

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