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DarkSpore - Alternate Reality Game

by Dhruin, 2010-08-27 08:41:28

There's a website for anything - including one that tracks ARGs.  According to ARGNet, Maxis has launched a game to promote DarkSpore at HelpEdna.com .  Here's ARGNet's explanation:

Despite the name of the alternate reality game’s website, Help EDNA does not center around collecting merit badges for assisting an old lady across the street. Rather, it refers to Exponential DNA, a substance used by a race of creatures known as the Crogenitors to create a galactic scourge, the Darkspore. The alternate reality game centers around Earth’s first contact with aliens who are presumably seeking help against the Darkspore. So far, all communication has been mediated through a text-based interface administered by an artificial intelligence at the Help EDNA website. Reminiscent of old text-based adventures, players must guess at commands based on information contained on the frequently changing website.

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