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Two Worlds II - Interview @ Two Worlds Vault

by Myrthos, 2010-08-27 22:10:03

Two Worlds Vault has an interview up with music composer and director Borislav "Glorian" Slavov about his work on the music for Two Worlds II and before.

TW Vault: Speaking of variety, ardent RPG fans will no doubt remember the brilliant "arabic desert" tracks you've co-created with Kai Rosenkrantz for Gothic 3. Some of the tracks presented at the Two Worlds II official site bear all the hallmarks of somewhat similar exotic, rhythmical compositions. In conveying the desert city or desert roaming, did you follow the similar path as in the Varant/Ishtar songs? What were your inspirations for the "desert" motifs and instrumentation?

Glorian:Thank you for your kind words. Тhe very first screenshots I saw from Two Worlds 2 were from the City of Hatmandor. I was so pleasantly surprised that the first thing I did was to get my mandolin and start playing. I felt like composing a mixture of two very different and yet еqually emotional folklore elements – arabic and celtic, united in a single cue, which I thought would perfectly match the unique feeling and look of Hatmandor. As a result, one of the first tracks was composed for the game – „The Golden Cliff”, which is actually the meaning of the name ‘Hatmandor’ in the game. [You can listen to this track in the player window above]. For rest of the areas I followed the same approach, using a mixture of live instruments from both Western and Eastern folklores, to create a brand new one – the music of Antaloor.

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