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Telepath Tactics - Kickstarter Updates #4, 6 and demo News

by Myrthos, 2012-12-06 12:38:57

Two more updates are available for Telepath: Tactics (6.6K/25.5K, 23 more days). Actually there are 3, but one is for backers only.

An alpha demo of Telepath: Tactics is available for download now for Windows and Mac.

Update number 4 is about modding capabilities. In a video Craig explains how this works.

This video just scratches the surface of what's possible in Telepath Tactics. I didn't discuss editing tilesets, character sprites and other graphics; editing skills and attacks; adding in custom weather, lighting, or battle conditions; or creating cut scenes. I also left out most aspects of dialog scripting, didn't touch on randomizing character names, etc. etc. This was a bare-bones preview, in other words.

I'm in the process of documenting how to mod each aspect of the game; right now, the game manual has a pretty comprehensive guide to modding in new tilesets, as well as new skills and attacks. Go give it a look if you're curious to learn more about modding in Telepath Tactics.

Update #6 is about the 26 classes of Telepath: Tactis, that are all listed in the update.

Assassin - The Assassin is frail but fast--she can move 9 spaces per turn, leap over obstacles, and has a 20% chance to dodge all non-mental attacks. Assassins also get an unusually large backstab bonus to their attacks; combined with their high maneuverability, this makes them very useful for getting behind and quickly dispatching psychic healers and fighters. They cannot dodge mental attacks, however, and Assassins are highly vulnerable to the status effects slow and blind, which will prevent them from dodging any attacks at all. Used well, an assassin can be deadly; used poorly, the assassin will simply be dead.

Bowman - A strong attacker, the Bowman has a ranged counterattack and the longest attack range of any unit in the game. Bowmen are good for harassment, as they can fire their bows and continue moving afterwards. Bowmen are frail, however, and can be killed quickly if not protected. Bowmen are especially good at taking down flying enemies.

Finally Telepath: Tactics is also on Steam Greenlight and is currently at 21% from reaching the Top 100.

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