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Might & Magic X - Development Updates

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-30 01:06:03

Well this update is going to take time to read so lets get started. Those of you who read the news should know the developer hosted a dev chat yesterday.

Here is the questions and answers from the dev chat.

One last post for today, just to tell you that yesterday's dev chat (our second one) was a lot of fun again and we'd like to thank everyone who came. Thanks to Snake who already posted a chat log.

Please note that we had two IRC channels this time. One was open for everyone, it was used for asking questions and for discussion. The other one was read-only except for the devs, in this channel we answered as many questions as we could during the time given.

The chatlog is from the second channel, so it contains merely questions (copy-pasted into the channel by the devs, that's why you see only dev nicknames there) and answers. A big sorry to all who have asked questions that hadn't been answered! We have kept track of all the unanswered questions, and those we can answer we will address sooner or later here on the blog.

Next they announce the winner of the dungeon layout contest.

The dungeon we're building together will turn out just great! Thank you to all who have contributed to the contest, and thanks to all who participated in the votes! The winner of the dungeon layout contest is ...Crow's Fortress by Sandro.

And for last they have a new post about Puzzles and Riddles.

For many players of the M&M RPG series, solving riddles and puzzles was always a big part of the fun. And we're doing our best to keep it that way! You can find the first few riddles in the Early Access version, and currently our team is busy hatching a lot of new puzzle ideas for the Acts to come. Our aim is not to repeat the same puzzle over and over again, but to come up with different puzzle settings, types and combinations of them.

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