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The Elder Scrolls - Editorial @ GamrMag

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-15 04:04:17

GamrMag has a new article that takes a look at the legacy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

The legacy of The Elder Scrolls resides mostly in its impact to the RPG genre. Other developers are constantly copying the size and scope of Bethesda’s maps, lore and detail. Where we may see further legacy, however, is in the MMORPG installment of The Elder Scrolls franchise. As Bethesda attempts to they combat the giant of World of Warcraft they venture into territory many believe is not right for a series so built up on single player experience. Only time will tell how successful The Elder Scrolls: Online will prove to be, but for those gamers who are worried about the future of solo Elder Scrolls experience, my advice is simply…don’t. If Bethesda is approaching multiplayer in the MMO way it probably means that they are less likely to tack a multiplayer mode onto the single-player we all know and love and ruin it. If they are successful perhaps the legacy they leave behind will be less about the worlds they have created and more about the ones they put to rest.

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