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Dex - Kickstarter Updates #8 & 9

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-01 10:00:00

The cyberpunk 2D RPG Dex had a few more updates this week were we get to meet the develiopment team,  get news of new reward tiers, and get to sample some music.

Dex Team

Now that we’re midway through our campaign, we decided it would be a good time to introduce our small team. Three of us work in the office, the rest are external freelancers who contribute to the project in their own specific ways.

More Music & New Reward Tiers!

Many of you have offered positive comments about the music from the game soundtrack and some of you have written us to release more samples. Karel Antonin, our music composer, has created a new piece – possibly a main theme for the game menu or intro. We talked a bit and decided to share it with you!

It might sound even better with a live singer, right? Keep those contributions coming! ;) And let us know how you like this one! Do you think it would make a good main theme for the game?

Music Lover Tier

We decided to try a little experiment and added a “Music Lover” tier. If you like the Dex soundtrack and music from Karel Antonin (www.karelantonin.com), you can choose this tier and Karel will compose a track specifically for you, based on your suggestions about mood, atmosphere, rhythm, etc. Limited to three backers only!

Deluxe Physical Edition - Tier Extension

Based on numerous messages from you, we also decided to open an extension tier for the Deluxe Physical Edition. It is exactly the same as the £50 tier, except with a modest price increase (+ £5), so as to reward those early backers who already committed. We are making 50 additional slots available for the extended Deluxe Physical Edition.

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