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Original Sin - Video Preview @ PCG Media

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-26 02:06:48

PCG Media has a new preview video based on the alpha version of Original Sin.

I got a first look at Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin way back in Feburary 2013, before their Kickstarter campaign. Back then, Larian were almost a million dollars short of the amount they finally managed to raise, and with promises of filling up the world with objects, quests, dialogue, NPC’s, buildings, and other features to make the world more life-like, Original Sin was shaping up to be the answer to a question I’d been asking for a while:

“Why am I so bored of modern RPGs?”

Original Sin has the answer.

As an bonus I also have news about the games release date from Kickstarter.

It's indeed taking us longer than we expected but we haven't decided yet by how much we'll shift the release date, which is why we didn't communicate anything official yet (because otherwise we run the risk of having to shift the date again if it turns out our estimate is wrong).

Development is racing ahead very fast for the moment and we want to assess where we are at the end of the month and where we think we'll be a month from now. A lot of the feedback we've been getting will be integrated by then and then it'll be a question of how much time it'll take us to finish up.

Some things which you suspect may take a lot of time take very little time to develop, but in the same breath it's also true that some things which you expect to take little time, actually take a lot of time.

In any case you're right, we should have communicated more clearly in the last update - it was there, but not explicit enough. But trust me when I say that any delay there is, is there because we're aiming high with D:OS.

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