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Bound By Flame - Interview @ Gamereactor

by Myrthos, 2014-02-05 12:13:00

A video interview with Spiders' producer Walid Miled is available at Gamereactor.

This bit is on choices:

The player is given choices. At some point in the game when the player has a quest that he can choose or a dialogue that he can choose that will push him in a way or another way. A demon way or the human way. And at this point it will branch the game and you will have other quests other choices that are conditioned to this. Some companions you can have, some companions you can't have. It also affects the player visually, so you start growing horns, catching on fire and it has an affect on gameplay as your equipment will start to disintegrate, degrade because you're on fire, you've got horns, you can't put a helmet on. Things like this.

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