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2Moons - Interview @ Game Musketeers

by Dhruin, 2006-11-08 20:55:38

Game Mustekeers has spoken to Dave Perry about 2Moons.  Here's the first question:

1. Since you have console and strategy specialist can we expect a more "twitch reflex" based MMO or will this game still stick to the standard MMO conventions of leveling equaling more power?

 I'm a big fan of action fighting and yes, I much prefer console style fighting (like God of War) to basic MMO fighting.  That said, if the game has good spells and skills that need to be mixed in, then the MMO fighting can get dramatically more interesting. MMO fighting is the way it is for good reason and so programming convention dictates the way things will work.  I've always been from the school of "There MUST be a way", much to the frustration of the programmers I work with.  So my suggestions for radical changes are usually followed by "There MUST be a way?"

The kind of programmers I enjoy working with the most are cool with experimental concepts.  They can take an idea and run with it, seeing the goal and finding a course to get us there.  Other programmers can only see problems, they point to every hurdle, even if only imagined.  Those dudes are frustrating!

With this project I've been promised a certain amount of attention.  Initially that's very focused on getting the game functional and getting the BETA testers happy.  That said, one of my favorite things about MMO's is you get the ability to keep adding.  So if a programmer was truly too busy in BETA, after shipping is when he can get to the "new" stuff.

So in a very long answer, the answer is YES, I've identified ways to make MMO's more twitch and at some point, they will just "appear" in the game.

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