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Legends Of Persia - Kickstarter Updates# 1 & 2

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-25 05:10:51

Legends of Persia has two new updates to go along with the announcement from earlier on site. The first update shares a few new videos on the games progress.

Simorgh 3D

I thought for the first update on our progress, show you guys a little preview of our own engine that Legends of Persia runs on. We created this engine (Simorgh 3D) from scratch and built this game on top of it. Check out these two videos:

Simorgh 3D World Editor Part1

Simorgh 3D World Editor Part 2

And the second update shares a new music track.

How about an EPIC soundtrack?

I wanted to share this epic soundtrack with you (done by one of composers) that is designed to be played in the main menu of our game. Enjoy!

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