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Styx: Master Of Shadows - Interview @ Pure News

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-12 05:43:40

Marketing Project Manager Camille Lisoi of Cyanide was interviwed by Pure News, and talked about their upcoming game Styx: Master of Shadow.

Pure News Question :  Can you tell us what is Styx: Master of Shadows all about?

Answer: The game is centered around Styx, a goblin master assassin who is two centuries old. He wants to steal the heart of the World Tree: the source of the amber, immense power and fabulous riches, but that could also be the explanation of his origin. To reach this objective, he’ll have to cross the immense Tower of Akenash, protected by many of his enemies: humans, elves, orcs, and even more…
With the gameplay, our aim was to go back to the roots of the stealth genre

Pure News Question : Few are the games that have the main character as a Goblin, why did you choose Styx to be a Goblin?

Answer:As fans of the stealth genre, we felt that recent iterations of well known stealth licenses were too action-oriented and were missing the ingredients that make a good stealth game, such as tension, observation or exploration. Choosing a goblin as the hero is the best way to make the player understand that a head-on attack is not likely to bring success. Some may consider Styx as fragile, but in fact he is resourceful thanks to his agility, assassin skills and magical powers. You will have to plan your actions; it’s what a stealth game is all about

Pure News Question : How is the stealth gameplay? Can we complete the game without killing anyone and just stunning with take downs?

Answer: You really have to be aware of the many details in a level to progress. For example, sound and light are always taken into account. If you drop an object on the floor by mistake, the sound will help your enemies to spot you. You have to be careful and attentive, you cannot rush headlong into the fray; or you won’t survive for long!

We want to offer a real challenge to the player, with a game requiring strategy and thought. But to make the things fair, you’ll have powerful tools at your disposal that you’ll have to use wisely.

You can go through the entire game without killing anyone, except if one of your missions is precisely to kill someone. It is even better to avoid killing your opponents, because you’ll gain more experience.

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