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Gods & Heroes - Previews @ Games Radar, Kotaku

by Dhruin, 2007-03-07 13:01:23

Two new previews follow IGN's earlier one, with Games Radar and Kotaku jumping into the fray.  Games Radar details how the game follows many genre staples but looks to improve combat and grouping:

But it’s the way that Gods & Heroes’ squad-based combat offers to dispose of over-sized dungeon raids that caught our attention. “My big problem with raids is everyone’s just standing there staring at their [User Interface]… the challenge is to create a combat system where you can manage your squads realistically” says Chris McKibbin, President of developer, Perpetual Entertainment. From what we’ve seen, it seems like Gods & Heroes has met this challenge. Although you’ll issue orders to your minions as you would with controllable NPCs found in other games, you can also configure formations for various plans of attack and customize their equipment. With a small battalion of personalized warriors at each player’s command, Gods & Heroes promises large-scale battles without having to group with 20 or 40 other people. We got our first look at one such area, the Isle of Archimedes.

...and here's a bit from Kotaku:

Chris McKibbin, Perpetual's Co-Chairman & President, said the game is set to hit by the end of this summer and went to great pains to explain how it would be more of an action adventure game than your typical massively multiplayer online game. Some of the other things he highlighted, which he believes sets his game apart from the rash of other MMOs, were the game's classic, mythologicially-influenced theme, a strategic squad-based combat system and collectible minions that level up with you. Think of them as a sorta Pokemon, it sounds like you will be spending a lot of time in the game running around trying to find and collect these guys and then trading them with other real-world players.

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