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PotBS - Dev Log @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-05-05 01:12:11

The official Pirates of the Burning Sea site has been updated with a dev log featuing a PvP report.

Some Beta testers wrote up after-action reports of a particularly exciting battle. I've changed the names to protect the innocent – otherwise, these are very nearly exactly their words and points out that players of varying levels with a variety of ships can have exciting battles together:

"Tonight we had some very good PVP action around Port of Spain. On the British side I (level 24) was in my brand new Mastercraft Brig, with B2 in her starter Halifax (level 11) as an escort. The honorable B3 (level 17) of Spain was our opponent.

The battle started with B2 taking some long range shots from B3. She quickly moved back to near me as I advanced. As soon as I was in range, B3 switched to chain (or it might have been bar) and shot at me from long range while I slowly tried to advance on his position firing heavy round. I ordered B2 to switch to dismantling shot and close in to work on his sails while I worked his hull with heavy round.

Source: Flying Lab Software

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