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Jade Empire - Se Review @ TTGamer

by Dhruin, 2007-05-07 22:05:56

Hardware site Tweaktown has reviewed Jade Empire SE on their gaming subsite.  "Consolisation" is seen as a major issue and the score is 7/10:

When you're not concerning yourself over your character's abilities and bar levels, chances are you're running around the maps looking for silver and other goodies, talking to people, and getting into the obligatory scuffle here and there. This is where perhaps the first sign of  Jade Empire's "consoleportitis" comes into play - map sizes and detail. While the average map size is decent, the amount of detail is mediocre at best, particularly in the areas which are meant to be dense, like cities, which feel more like walkways with a handful of random buildings and structures thrown around the place than true cities. This isn't helped by the fact the maps are predominantly linear, rarely featuring more than one way to get from point A to B. These faults may not be as evident on a console like the Xbox but by PC RPG standards, the environments in Jade Empire feel sparse and boring - as Peter Griffin would say, I was very aware I was playing a game when I was playing Jade Empire because the surroundings do not suck you in at all.

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