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Sacred 2 - Delayed. Really!

by Gorath, 2007-06-27 01:09:01

In the Gamespot interview we posted yesterday Sacred 2 producer Christian Grunwald talked about a Q1/08 release, simultaneously on PC and XBox 360. We didn´t mention it explicitly because it was clear for us that he was only confirming the well known international release date. A gazillion German web sites thought he meant the German date, which had been set for Q4/07, and so rumors started to float.

Today Ascaron´s PR manager Torsten Meier clarified the situation in the official Sacred 2 forum. The German versions will indeed be delayed until Q1/08, but not due to bug plague. Ascaron needs more time to implement all planned "genre expanding features" in the desired quality.
Meier also let the community know a PR with an announcement regarding Sacred 2´s appearance at the Games Convention in August will be made soon. I wonder if it will include more than the already known info that the MP part will be unveiled. 

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