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Two Worlds - Collector's Edition for NA Announced

by Dhruin, 2007-07-03 01:08:22

Southpeak sent us over a press release on a Two Worlds Collector's Edition for NA:


Grapevine, Texas – JULY 2, 2007 – SouthPeak Games has announced collector’s editions for Two Worlds, the much anticipated role playing game coming this August for Xbox 360™ and PC. 

Both collector’s editions come in stunning holographic slipcase packaging and include a map of the expansive world, a bonus Pen and Paper 72 page color fantasy RPG book along with a second disc packed with bonus music and video content, such as web kit that allows players to create fansites. The Xbox 360 version will also include a 48 Hour Xbox Live Gold Trial card, while the PC edition will include exclusive unlockable in-game items.

The collector’s edition of Two Worlds on Xbox 360 will be available for $69.99 and the PC version will be $59.99.  Both will be on shelves August 7.  Preorder in-store at Gamestop, EB, and Hollywood/GameCrazy, and online with Best Buy.com and Amazon.com.

Note that the release seems to have slipped a week or two.  You can also grab a new trailer at Worthplaying.

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