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RPGWatch Feature: D&D Tactics Preview

by Dhruin, 2007-07-19 01:58:13

While turn-based CRPG fans fall into depair at the lack of releases, the handheld market might be the place to go. Mike Anderson looks at D&D Tactics for the PSP and speaks to senior producer Lawrence Liberty in a short interview:

Of course the obvious feature prominent in the game is tactical turn-based combat. This is where the bulk of the game is spent - you can explore the terrain freely, but as soon as you encounter enemies you switch to a turn-based system in which you might be caught flat-footed or gain an attack of opportunity or other things that can only happen in a D&D game. Combat rounds begin with calculating initiative and then move right into each player getting turns to move, use items or engage in combat. You have the ability to create several different types of characters - from the standard Warrior and Mage to the oft-overlooked Psion and Psychic Warrior, obviously imbued with the neglected Psionics skills.

Those who read The Whole Game in My Hand may have already seen this article but if not, it's worth a look - especially if you've avoided handhelds in the past.

Read it all here.

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