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Space Siege - Interviews @ GameSpot, CVG

by Dhruin, 2007-07-29 00:31:40

Chris talks to both GameSpot and CVG in a pair of new interviews on Space Siege.  Here's a bit on lessons learned from GameSpot:

GS: What specific lessons have you taken from the development of the Dungeon Siege games and applied to Space Siege?

CT: We learned that longer games aren't as good as games that have a strong focus on character and story, and that are really well crafted and polished. We have really learned to focus ourselves much more than in the past, and really pay attention to the little details. And we've quadrupled our effort to bring the characters in this world alive, and have focused on world-class dialogue and voice acting. These things were luxuries before. Now they are a necessity.

...and a bit on the protagonist and skills from CVG:

 "Instead of a generic male or female character, we decided that we wanted a character that you can go through a story with," explains Taylor. "Seth is like our Gordon Freeman, only he'll be able to speak. He has a look and a history and there's something loveable about him."

Being the kind of bloke who likes to moisturise his palms with engine grease, Seth will possess a profusion of technical skills with which to thwart the alien menace. Resisting the temptation to return to Dungeon Siege's use-skill-gain-experience mechanic, Taylor and his team have opted to create a completely new skill system for Space Siege.

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