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Two Worlds - Review & Subsite Launched @ Gamebanshee

by Magerette, 2007-09-11 17:20:32

Gamebanshee has launched a subsite for Reality Pump's Two Worlds, with plans for a comprehensive walkthru and other features. They also have a review of the game:

Despite Two Worlds not having much in the way of a storyline, in the single-player campaign you’re forced to play a human male character whose skill set doesn’t match any of the game’s 12 official classes (in multiplayer, you can also be a female or an elf, and you have to pick a class). Your character is sort of an “everyman” character, with an assortment of skills for melee combat, ranged combat, and magic. Later, as you visit towns during your travels, you can learn new skills to make your character even more versatile.

Skills include abilities like “strong hand,” which increases the amount of melee damage you do, and “disarming arrow,” which disarms opponents from afar (and which is really a pain when it’s done to you). There are also thief skills for sneaking, stealing, and picking locks, and a “riding” skill for riding horses and other mounts. Magic is also considered to be a skill. There are five schools of magic, and as you put more skill points into each school, you’re allowed to cast the higher level spells in the school. The damage done by spells isn’t controlled by your skill level, though. Instead, the magic system uses “cards,” where the more cards you play, the more damage you do. There are also booster cards that you can use to reduce the mana cost of a spell, increase the duration of a spell, and more.

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