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Rogue Dao Studios - Tour of Purgatorio Module @ War Cry

by Magerette, 2007-09-20 23:23:20

A notice at the Obsidian website links up to this article at War Cry  which featues a look at the progress of Rogue Dao's first NWN2 module in their proposed Planescape Trilogy:

 The day started at ten o'clock with a Rogue Dao Studios tour of the Purgatorio module currently nearing its beta testing stage. Conducted by studio lead Montgomery Markland, press members were treated to a very recent version of Purgatorio. Press members were well-represented but the room was also packed with Obsidian developers anxious for a look at the module. Markland took the assembled crowd on a tour of The Hive, arguably the "star" of Purgatorio.

There is no question that Rogue Dao has raised the bar considerably for other community created modules and custom content creators with Purgatorio. Already sporting twenty custom creature models, the module, if fully explored, will treat players to twenty hours or so in the gorgeous Sigil environs. There is the main quest and over fifty side quests that players can use as an excuse to completely discover Purgatorio in its entirety.


You can find more information about their Planescape Trilogy at Rogue Dao's official site.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment

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