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Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys is a flash-based tactical RPG based in the world of Dragon Age. It's a collaboration between EA 2D, BioWare and some indie talent in the flash developer community such as Daniel Stradiwick, creator of the flash rpg series Monster's Den.

You will create one character, choosing between 3 races and 3 character classes. The system is just like Dragon Age: Origins where you start out with one character, but you will be able to recruit more as you progress through the game. You can recruit up to six companions.

The game will be made in individual chapters. You can save your game online and carry your characters over to each new chapter.

It uses a hex based combat system similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Instead of armies, you control up to three heroes at a time. The stats and talent trees are taken directly from Dragon Age: Origins. Your characters gain experience, level up, learn new talents and get new loot. The units take turns moving across the field, using ranged and melee attacks, casting spells, drinking potions and using talents.

The game features some small touches to make it more tactical:

Monster Secondary Attacks: There are two special attacks to each type of enemy.

Movement Rules: The player can move a character anywhere within their walk radius before using talents, attacking, drinking potions or casting spells.

Obstacles and Line of Sight: There are randomly generated obstacles on the battlefield. This interferes with line of sight for ranged attacks.

Back Stab and Flank: Damage bonuses are applied for backstabs and flanking attacks.

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Dragon Age Journeys

Developer: BioWare

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Up to 10 hours

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· Platform: PC
· Released at 2009-10-22
· Publisher: EA 2D