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System Shock 3 - Interview @The Escapist

by Silver, 2019-10-06 11:36:09

An interview from The Escapist who talked to Warren Spector about System Shock 3 and how it is being modernised, while being faithful to the series.

Coming back to a series that was so formative for the entire medium has the usually unflappable Spector feeling a little nervous.

“My usual answer when I’m asked about pressure is, ‘No, I’m not really feeling a lot of pressure.’ Even working with Mickey Mouse a few years ago (on Epic Mickey), I didn’t feel much pressure. But this time I really do,” he said. “We’re making a game that has to live up to people’s memories of these games, not the reality. They were great games — there’s no question. But people have embellished them in their minds to the point where it’s a little scary.”

OtherSide wants to retain the original games’ core identities but filter them through modern conveniences and sensibilities. Spector concedes that the series needs to be updated to appeal to modern audiences, but he’s still taking inspiration primarily from the incredibly dense original System Shock.


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