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Dark Messiah - Review @ GamerNode

by Dhruin, 2006-11-01 21:14:20

Another site, another Dark Messiah review...this one at GamerNode scores 8.2/10 and here's an excerpt:

 I always smile when taking on five guys at once, having my whirling daggers slicing and dicing while dodging their attacks. Once you accumulate a bunch of landed blows, your adrenaline will cap out, which you can then unleash in the form of a finishing move. These are fairly graphic one-hit KOs. For example, with a sword you can behead your enemy (complete with a brief slow-mo effect) while with a dagger, you can throw it into someone's face. There is a downside, though: once your adrenaline caps out, you have to use it then and there or else it gets wasted.

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