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Box Art

Wednesday - November 18, 2020

DA:Inquisition - The Last Court Discontinued

by Silver, 21:29

PC Gamer reports that The Last Court has been discontinued by EA. The Last Court helped players make choices to bring into Dragon Age Inquisition. However, fans are trying to preserve it.

The Dragon Age Keep was designed to allow players to create a world-state for importing into Dragon Age: Inquisition, since saves from the previous games couldn't be brought over. As a nice bonus, in 2014 Failbetter were commissioned to create The Last Court, an entire browser-based text game in the vein of Fallen London that could be played in the Keep, and which would unlock bonuses in Inquisition if finished.


As of November 17, The Last Court has been deactivated. Presumably the Dragon Age Keep is due for a refresh in advance of Dragon Age 4, but it would have been nice if The Last Court had been kept around for those who enjoyed it, or never got around to playing it. Fortunately, before it was taken offline a group of fans dedicated themselves to preserving it by screenshotting as many pages as they could.

Monday - August 06, 2018

DA:Inquisition - Control Scheme Mod

by Silver, 08:02

@DSOGaming Dragon Age: Inquisition has a new control scheme and camera mod.

Modder ‘n1ftucal’ has released a new version of his Intuitive Controls mod for Dragon Age Inquisition. As its title suggests, this mod overhauls the game’s controls and camera, allowing more fluid and intuitive gameplay. As such, it is now feasible to play without frequent pauses or cumbersome camera adjustments.


Thanks Couchpotato!

Saturday - September 30, 2017

DA:Inquisition - Changing the Lore

by Hiddenx, 09:12

Farflame spotted this article about Dragon Age: Inqisition lore at PCGamesN:

Why Dragon Age's readiness to break with canon makes its lore much richer


Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the series, makes numerous revelations in regards to the history of its fantasy world. One of the most interesting examples is found in the facial tattoos that certain groups of elves in the games mark themselves with. We are told in the codex and by characters, in both the first and second games, that the Vallaslin - as the tattoos are known - are the outcome of a religious ritual stemming from ancient elven culture, and that the different designs represent various deities in the Elven Pantheon.


Wednesday - November 30, 2016

DA:Inquisition - Interview with Mike Laidlaw

by Silver, 22:18

@Gamebanshee they noticed a podcast from Super Deformed where they interviewed Mike Laidlaw of Dragon Age fame about all things Dragon Age.

One of the most recent episodes of the Super Deformed Gamescast is a full-length one-hour-and-a-half interview with Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of the Dragon Age series. During the podcast, Laidlaw discusses his career, the work of his writing colleagues, his experience working on Dragon Age: Inquisition and its DLC, his wishes for the future of the series, the games that he has taken an interest in recently, and the developers he'd like to work with at least once, among other things.


Source: GameBanshee

Wednesday - October 26, 2016

DA:Inquisition - Combining Story and Systems

by Silver, 23:00

@GameBanshee they noticed a GDC video from 2015 on Dragon Age: Inquisition that talked about how they combined story and systems.


This GDC 2015 talk from Bioware's Kaelin Lavallee and Mark Wilson walks through the challenges of creating Bioware's biggest single-player game and the instances where narrative and technical teams had to work together to build a fantasy world that could scale properly in design.

Sunday - November 08, 2015

DA:Inquisition - David Gaider Interview @ VGS

by Hiddenx, 23:41

Video Game Sophistry has interviewed Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider:

2 hour chat:

Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to talk with the former lead writer of the Dragon Age franchise David Gaider all about the pinnacle series.

The love and devotion he has for the fans and where he hopes the series will be going from here.
It’s a long journey, but if you are interested in a complete, unabridged version of our talk with this Bioware elite listen on.

Video Interview part 3 - Dragon Age: Inquisition could have been twice as long.

Bioware Interview with David Gaider: Part 3 "Dragon Age Inquisition was EVERYTHING"


Monday - November 02, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Retrospective

by Myrthos, 12:40

Some members of the team behind Dragon Age: Inquisition share some stories about the development of the game, featuring:

  • Associate Art Director, Matt Rhodes
  • Executive Producer, Mark Darrah
  • Lead Writer, David Gaider
  • Lead Cinematic Designer, Sarah Hayward
  • Associate producer, Liz Lehtonen
  • Lead Quality Analyst, Barbara Klimek


Thanks Eye

Saturday - October 24, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Art and Inspiration @ GDC 2015

by Hiddenx, 00:09

At GDC 2015 Neil Thompson talks about the inspiration behind the art direction of
Dragon Age: Inquisition:


In this GDC 2015 talk, BioWare's Neil Thompson tales a look at the inspiration behind the art direction of the company's acclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition, including influences from film, photography and architecture, the need to stay true to an IP, and adoption of new systems / technologies to provide visual benchmarking on the "next gen" consoles.

Sunday - September 27, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Trespasser: Interview and Reviews

by Hiddenx, 09:31

Eye spotted some newsbits for Tresspasser - a DLC for Dragon Age: Inqusition:

Mike Laidlaw on Trespasser & (Possible) Future Plans (MMORPG)


MMORPG: Was DAI always planned to be the base game + 3 DLC with Trespasser bringing it to a definitive end?

Mike: No, not really. We wanted it to be built as its own distinct story. We hinted at future content with the arc based around Solas and his disappearance. We want to keep the story alive and filled with interesting elements for the future. It was about identity, a major theme in the game…a lot of that comes through – not everyone is or was who they said.

When we started working on DLC, we wanted to demonstrate mastery over certain things. We wanted to do an exploration of the world with more story meshed in it. So when we got to Trespasser, we heard our fans. We wanted to provide more story. We didn’t expect Solas to get the fervor he did but he did and we followed. At the same time, we wanted Trespasser to feel it was its own set of narrative themes. It’s clearly a post-game epilogue and it stands on its own feet.

MMORPG: Is Trespasser designed with the franchise’s future in mind because there have been a lot of “if the series continues” statements in the last month or so. Has anything changed with Trespasser’s release? Will the series continue?

Mike: The thing about being part of EA, is something that changes the rules about what you promise. It creates responsibility around communication. It’s one of those things in the future. We haven’t made any statements or made promises we can’t keep with 100% certainty.


Trespasser review (MMORPG):


The best part of Trespasser, however, isn’t the combat. It’s not the loot. Trespasser excels in giving players the chance to interact with their companions in a very deeply satisfying way that far outpaces the original campaign or the two previous DLCs. We find out what each has been up to for the last two years. We see them in situations outside of combat and the dire urgency of saving the world (at least at first). The dialog with each one is rich, funny, moving, heart-wrenching and is so well-written that there were times when tears streaked down my face for more than a few reasons. Not only does the group bond with the Inquisitor in meaningful ways, but they reveal how they have grown to fondly care for one another along the way. Trespasser’s writing in all of this is some of the finest ever -- a huge feat given the number of outstanding RPGs Bioware has produced over the years.


Trespasser review (PCGamer):


It's not on par with Mass Effect 3's exemplary Citadel, but then it doesn't need to be. Dragon Age's varied protagonists and settings mean the series isn't as suited to fourth-wall breaking sentimentality. It's not as funny, either. Nevertheless, Trespasser is a fitting conclusion to Inquisition—both its highs and its lows.

Trespasser progresses the timeline two years after the events of Inquisition. Divine Victoria—whoever that is based on your choices in the main game—calls for an Exalted Council at the Winter Palace to decide the fate of the Inquisition. Ferelden wants you disbanded, and your armies off their lawn. Orlais seeks to bring you under their direct control. It is heavily implied that this is one political situation you can't easily talk your way out of.

In other words, it's the same setup as used for many of Dragon Age: Inquisition's main missions. More than in any previous Dragon Age, Inquisition's protagonist exists as a political force—albeit one that is regularly called away to stab some demons. Here, too, your negotiations are cut short by the discovery of a dead Qunari soldier in the Palace's grounds. It's decided that, rather than continuing to make snide remarks at high-ranking officials, you should probably figure out how he got there.


Score: 77/100

A worthy end to Dragon Age: Inquisition. A lengthy quest with a satisfying pay-off makes up for some unimaginative encounters.

Tuesday - September 22, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Game of the Year edition

by Aries100, 21:26

Bioware released news today that there will be a Game of the Year edition for this game. It will release on October 6th 2015. It will feature the game and this

Every DLC - This edition includes all the story and gameplay content ever released: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser.

You can read more here in the official words at Bioware blog.

Joxer has created a thread at the Bioware forums for this. Thanks Joxer.

And of course, this announcement wouldn't be finished without a trailer for the GOTY of DA:I. You can watch it here.






Wednesday - September 16, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Trespasser Reviews

by Myrthos, 12:59

Here are a few reviews for Dragon Age Inquisition's Tresspasser DLC.

Game Revolution, 4.5/5

Trespasser is one of the best DLCs in recent memory. It could be argued that Trespasser should have been a part of the original game since it wraps up Dragon Age: Inquisition so cleanly, but it does resonate as a distinct epilogue and holds up to the test of what should count as extra content. Apart from a few quibbles, Trespasser treats its cast of characters, the main game, and the Dragon Age series respectfully, balancing fan-service nods, thoughtful level design, and robust combat. For that, it's close to being a miracle.

Bitcultures, 8.4

Combat is largely business as usual. It’s only recommended that players level 20 and over embark on Trespasser, but as you can only start it once you’ve finished with the main plot and most players will have swept Thedas up in their wake, that’s unlikely to be an issue. As befits DLC specifically designed to be played post-game, the fights are pretty tough across the board. Most won’t present a serious obstacle but for a few notable encounters- one is particularly frustrating. Of the two bosses, you have the choice to fight or save one. But it isn’t immediately obvious how to do the latter- especially since in the meantime you’re under constant attack with your party launching themselves into the thick of things. The other boss is mostly just irritating. The fight is mostly reduced to throwing everything you’ve got against a health bar roughly the width of Thedas itself and there’s no compelling reason for it to be a boss that I could see.

And with the help of an extra Eye, we also can bring you these:

IGN review:


If you want to see the first 15 minute of gameplay check out IGN's video here.


Most players will be in this thing for the story, though. Trespasser delivers that much more consistently. Back at the Winter Palace, your options for political intrigue and power-brokering are sadly limited, but you’ll have several welcome opportunities to tour the palace grounds and catch up with the members of your original team. What’s Cassandra been up to with the Seekers? How’s life in Tevinter treating Dorian? Is Vivienne still the worst? Is Blackwall still kind of irrelevant? How’s Cullen doing, and would it make you like him even more if you learned he loves dogs? (It would.)

Friday - September 11, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Tresspasser Sets Up Dragon Age 4

by Myrthos, 23:22

Eurogamer played the Tresspasser DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition and are convinced it opens a door to Dragon Age 4. Note that the link contains spoilers.

Trespasser is primarily an epilogue for Inquisition - and a good one (look for Eurogamer's full review on Monday).

But one major story thread is deliberately left open, and there's a hugely unsubtle hint at where the next Dragon Age game will likely be set.

If you've yet to complete Trespasser and care about story spoilers, this is your final warning.

Whatever your choices during Trespasser's storyline (we won't spoil its other story beats here) the DLC ends with the Inquisitor planning a new group of allies that can track down renegade elf Solas.

This new group will come from outside Orlais and Fereldan, the main regions of Dragon Age's world featured in the series so far.

The final shot of the DLC sees the Inquisitor planting a knife firmly in a map of the Tevinter Imperium, an area much talked about but, as yet, never visited.

Friday - September 04, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Trespasser DLC Release Date: September 8 @ GamesRadar

by Hiddenx, 10:30

Connor Sheridan (GamesRadar) reports about The Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inqusition:

Dragon Age Trespasser DLC asks whether you can end the Inquisition

BioWare announced the final DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition's single-player campaign over the weekend, and it may give you your toughest choice yet. Taking place two years after the conclusion of the main story, Trespasser follows an Inquisition that seems to have outlived its usefulness as a powerful, border-crossing, world-saving organization. And yes, like the rest of Dragon Age: Inquisition's recent DLC, it's only for current-gen systems.

A new threat emerges in the form of a Qunari invasion, but even this issue is more intimately tied to the Inquisition's continued existence than the all-consuming danger of the Breach. As its founder and master, it's up to you decide whether the Inquisition can or even should persist despite the widening cracks in its foundation.

Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw says this creates a tension similar to the Krogan genophage issue in the Mass Effect franchise: the good they can do in the war against the Reapers is put in sharp relief against the galactic threat they may once again pose. Unlike the lighthearted going away party that was Mass Effect 3: Citadel, Trespasser will offer a "smorgasbord" of lore as you embark on one last mission with your companions.



Mike Laidlaw Interview


Thanks Eye!

Sunday - August 30, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Bioware Answers Questions about Trespasser DLC

by Aries100, 14:09

GameInformer has an interview with Mike Laidlaw who answers questions about this DLC:

A quote about the narrative structure:

In terms of structure, is it like the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, which gives you another large area to explore freely? Or is it more focused?  It's much more narrative in the way it flows. There's clear goals, clear next steps to take, and it's much higher in cinematic presentation than Hakkon was. We look at the feedback, and that's something people have been looking for - something dealing more directly with the followers. We've had this cooking for quite a while; it was coming, and we knew this was there. Hakkon was a chance to refine some of what we learned about exploration, and The Descent was an opportunity for us to work more closely with the Austin team to make more of a dungeon crawl. This one is the more narrative heavy of the three.

A quote on the characters in this DLC:

Can you give any examples of how some of the characters might have changed?For several of the characters, depending on where you took them with their personal plots, they may or may not appear at all. One that leaps to mind: If you didn't really dig into Cole's personality - if he remained a cipher - then he won't appear in this. He won't have that connection that would draw him back to the Inquisitor two years later. It also goes beyond that - it's not just "do they appear or do they not?". One part of Cole's personal arc is whether he's more of a spirit or a human, and that's going to change his circumstances. The more human Cole is going to look and feel quite different than the Cole that was pushed toward spirit. 

Thanks to OdanUrr at the Bioware DA:I forums for finding this.


Saturday - August 29, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Trespasser DLC video leaked

by Myrthos, 23:17

Just noticed that a new DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, named Trespasser was accidentally leaked by EA Spain. There are several articles on it, but I spotted it first at Eurogamer.

EA Spain has accidentally published a trailer for Trespasser, a meaty new Dragon Age Inquisition DLC set after the role-playing game's main campaign.

BioWare has yet to officially announce the expansion and the trailer was quickly pulled offline - although not before being reuploaded by other channels.

The big news is that Trespasser will - finally - build upon the main game's shock cliffhanger ending.

If you've beaten Inquisition, you'll know the character that fans have been waiting to see return, and return they do in the trailer's closing seconds.

Trespasser will be set two years after Inquisition's main story and detail the group's fate after it succeeded in saving the world.

The trailer also includes a Qunari army, new developments with the Inquisitor's mark and plenty of appearances from the Eluvian mirror.

Here is the video:



Friday - August 14, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Decent: Review @ IGN

by Hiddenx, 06:45

Meghan Sullivan (IGN) has reviewed the new DLC The Descent:

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent is a challenging yet ultimately unsatisfying experience. While surviving hordes of Darkspawn and obtaining high-level equipment feels rewarding, the new story, new characters, and new environments are flat and uninspired, making this expansion feel more like filler than fun. [...]

Rating: 6.3/10 -> okay

The Descent is a challenging yet unsatisfying experience that raises more questions than it answers.

    + Good loot
    + Challenging

    – Muddled story
    – Bland environments
    – Slightly repetitive


Wednesday - August 12, 2015

DA:Inquisition - DLC 'The Descent' Release Day

by Hiddenx, 07:13

Today is the release day of the new DLC The Descent for Dragon Age: Inquisition:


Mark your calendars because a brand new single-player adventure is coming Tuesday, August 11! In Dragon Age: InquisitionThe Descent, you will venture deep below the surface to discover the source of mysterious earthquakes threatening Thedas.

Explore the legendary Deep Roads, but ensure that you come prepared. A perilous journey awaits underground, where vast, darkspawn-infested caverns will challenge the Inquisition like never before.

Meet memorable new characters, learn more about dwarven history, and collect epic loot as you fight to solve one of Thedas's greatest mysteries. Hidden danger lurks within the Stone, Inquisitor. Good luck!

Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent releases on August 11, 2015, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. EA Access members save 10%.

Wednesday - August 05, 2015

DA:Inquisition - New DLC Descent

by Aries100, 20:29

Bioware announced today that they will release a new DFC for this game, named The Descent on August 11th of this year for PC, Xbox One and the PS4. The Descent DLC takes us back to the Deep Roads:

In Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent, you will venture deep below the surface to discover the source of mysterious earthquakes threatening Thedas. Explore the legendary Deep Roads, but ensure that you come prepared. A perilous journey awaits underground, where vast, darkspawn-infested caverns will challenge the Inquisition like never before. Meet memorable new characters, learn more about dwarven history, and collect epic loot as you fight to solve one of Thedas's greatest mysteries. 

Thanks to Dutch's Ghost at the Bioware DA:I forums for finding this.

You can view the trailer for the Descent DLC here. 

Monday - July 20, 2015

DA:Inquisition - David Gaider Interview

by Aries100, 13:58 has talked to David Gaider at this years Gamelab in Barcelona. Topics being discussed were The Witcher, Star Wars, inclusitivty and writing characters.

Here's a quote about on Bioware writes characters and dialogue:

What would you say about what goes into character-specific writing and the dialogue between characters, NPCs, etc? 

A lot of writing. We had about eleven or twelve major characters [in DAI], and each of them had a long personal character arc, some had romances... So I have a team of up to seven other writers, but it's not just the writers. We're working in conjunction with tactical designers, with artists, with the programmers, there's an entire team of people..... So it starts with the writers, we're proposing the ideas, and if it catches on with the rest of the team, then we start breaking it out further. 

Here's a quote about the topic for David Gaider's speech at Gamesklab 2015:

"Storytelling: challenge vs expectation", that's what you're talking about here at Gamelab 2015. What can you share about this speech? 

The premise is that when we're making narrative for videogames, there's an expectation for players when they come into it, in that they haven't trained to look on narrative as one type of thing. If you look at narrative in a movie, or a book, it's very linear and it requires no interaction. But that's what most people think of as narrative, so when they think of narrative in a videogame, they think it's like a movie or book but better, and the "better" is supposed to come when you have agency. 

Wednesday - July 15, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Free Trial Version

by Hiddenx, 08:14

You can get a free trial version of Dragon Age: Inquisition on Origin now.

Start your epic adventure in Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trial. Enjoy unlimited free multiplayer and play 6 hours of the single-player campaign.

A multiplayer adventure like no other:
Get unlimited free multiplayer, including both multiplayer Expansion Packs with the Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trial. Explore the world of Dragon Age with friends. Experience incredible adventures and fight sinister enemies with friends who own the game and those playing the trial.

Enjoy weekend multiplayer events. Each weekend, complete challenges for a chance to earn in-game rewards.

Six hours of the single-player campaign:
Play six whole hours of the single-player campaign and get an extended look at the thrilling world of Thedas. Track demons and recruit legendary warriors. If you decide to buy, your progress will carry over.

The free trial version is a limited time offer. Get it before 10am PDT on July 21. But once you have it, you have unlimited access to Multiplayer!



Wednesday - July 08, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Review @ GameBanshee

by Hiddenx, 08:05

GameBanshee has finally reviewed Dragon Age: Inqusition. The DLC Jaws of Hakkon is included in this review:

Jaws of Hakkon adds a new area to the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition with its own central and lengthy storyline and a number of sidequests and activities. As such, a lot of what can be said about the main game can be repeated for this DLC, and the things that Jaws of Hakkon does differently are what characterize it.

The DLC follows the Inquisitor's hunt for the remains of her preceding Inquisitor in the Frostback Basin, a region controlled by the Avvars, nomadic human tribes with a unique culture and very different beliefs from the Chantry. Storywise, it touches on many of the same themes as the main game. There are ancient histories to uncover, and the past is less convenient than anyone would like.

The relationship between common people and spirits is also explored, and provides what is the most interesting narrative material of what is otherwise a very plain DLC story-wise. There is, at least, a surprising amount of new banter and dialogue, and some of it even acknowledges whether you've finished the game or not, confirming BioWare's knack for small-scale interactions.

Frostback Basin is one of the highlights of the DLC but the first impression isn't good. Visually, it's a disappointment, a well-crafted area that doesn't really do anything that the original areas don't already do. But past first impressions, there's a lot to enjoy. The area makes mindful use of verticality and provides a lot of variety, so much that it could arguably be divided into a number of connected mini-zones.

Jaws of Hakkon also provides a few fairly challenging encounters that buck the players' expectations concerning encounter composition, and some actually good loot that isn't immediately superseded by crafted items. The side quests also feel slightly more interesting than in the main game, by virtue of better framing, stories and variety. I don't want to oversell this: we're still talking about activities that fit in the framework on the main game. Still, it's incredible what a little more dialogue can do, and how much more interesting a quest can be when it's exploring a foreign culture.

Ultimately, I can only recommend this DLC to the real fans of the original game. It offers more of what the game already offered with some slight improvements. For most, Dragon Age: Inquisition is already big as it is.

Concluding Thoughts:

Re-reading this review, I can't help but wonder if I've been too harsh. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a surprisingly relaxing pastime, and there's a lot of it. Played one or two hours a day, it can last for a very, very long time. In many ways, it reminded me of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, another game that left me very little, but was very easy to play for long stretches of time.

But that's not what I think games should strive for, and that's not what BioWare's games strove for in the past. While the developers often fell short of their reputation as master storytellers, they always tried to craft interesting universes and fill them with stories that would resonate with people. I genuinely hope they weren't trying this time, because Inquisition would be a spectacular failure.

Wednesday - June 03, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Problem with Sera

by Aries100, 13:27

Jillian from GamaSutra has written an editorial about Sera. In it, she explores why she, Jillian, doesn't like Sera much. A quote, then about stereotypes:

The fact that Bioware had the chance to destroy all stereotypes with the addition of a lesbian character, but instead chose to play into every single trope greatly saddens me and significantly lessened my playing experience. Before I loaded Inquisition up on my Xbox, I fully expected my playthrough would involve constantly interacting with and ultimately romancing Sera. 

A quote from the editorial about Sera's transphobia:

Right now, we'll be focusing on the most glaring aspect of Sera's character within this concept, and that's her blatant transphobia. On top of her delightfully racist ranting, she seems incapable of not running at the mouth on other offensive topics, and I'd be willing to bet her comments likely flew under the radar of most cis players (myself included-at least during my first playthrough). 

Do you agree with Jillian?

Sunday - May 31, 2015

DA:Inquisition - More Story On the Way

by Hexprone, 18:41

I'm reposting a news story that is a repost of a tweet. To this we've come! Anyway:

Creative director for Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw, recently tweeted that Dragon Age: Inquisition's story is not over yet.

Laidlaw tweeted, "The past three days have been filled with that weird intensity that makes game dev kind of addictive. It’s a rush when things come together." Responding to a follow-up inquiry about what it was exactly he was working on, Laidlaw wrote, "We’re not quite done with story content for [Dragon Age: Inquisition] just yet."

Exactly what this story content will be or when it will appear is unclear, but Laidlaw did confirm that the Hero of Ferelden will not appear and to not hold your breath for the Hero of Ferelden to ever appear as an NPC.

Friday - May 29, 2015

DA:Inquisition - DLC will be Forward-Compatible

by Hexprone, 22:38

...but not cross-platform compatible, reports a news snippet from IGN:

Players who purchase Jaws of Hakkon on a last-gen console will be able to redownload the DLC should they purchase a current-gen system. There is one caveat, mind you: the DLC needs to stay within the same console family. So if you buy the DLC on PlayStation 3, you can’t then redownload it on Xbox One.

Source: IGN

Wednesday - May 27, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon Released for PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3

by Aries100, 14:51

GameRanx writes that Jaws of Hakkon has been released for the Xbox 360, the PS3 and and the PS4. A quote:

The latest DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, titled Jaws of Hakkon, is now available for PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360, ending the timed exclusivity of the content for PC and Xbox One.

Sony Playstation also released a new trailer - you can watch it here.

If some of you should have forgotten what the Jaws of Hakkon DLC is about, here's a brief reminder:

Discover the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted. Enter an overgrown wilderness filled with Avvar, fiercely independent hunters who settled in the southern mountains of Thedas.

Monday - May 18, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Making of

by Hexprone, 16:58

DAI war table

Another interview with David Gaider and the rest of the Bioware team, and this one actually isn't focused solely on sexual diversity, although the other stuff doesn't show up until page three. Jumping ahead:

“If we did bring back everybody it’d be like a parade,” Gaider says. “We’ve got two games in the past, one expansion and some DLC. We can’t have them just come marching back. We’ve done some of that, and I don’t think it works particularly well so we just pick our battles.”

I ask the group if there are any choices regarding companions that they’ve regretted presenting to the player.

“Er, yes,” Gaider replies. “Sometimes I want to write a letter to past-Dave and say ‘future-Dave does not appreciate your decisions'.”

He continues. “It’s not necessarily regret, but there are definitely ‘aw, if only’ situations where a character who turned out to be super cool could die. That creates a ‘Schrödinger’s character’, and as such they become much more risky to include in future titles.”

“We keep half-killing Alistair, for example.” Gaider says. “At this point he’s only 10% alive.”

More information

Source: PC Gamer

Saturday - May 09, 2015

DA:Inquisition - 33% discount at Origin

by Aries100, 15:34

VG 24/7 brings news that you can now get this game at 33% discount at Origin, EA's online sales for games.

Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Sims 4 are the headliners of Origin's latest sale, with a 33% discount on the retail price for each. You can save even more by using the discount code ORIGIN25 at discount; it looks like you'll get a further 25% off, although I'm not certain whether that's off one title or cart total.

Head over to Origin if you want to take advantage of this deal.

ps: the link migt be in Danish, but you should still see the 33% discount mark.


Wednesday - May 06, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Black Emporium Released

by Aries100, 18:35

Bioware has today released the free DLC, The Black Emporium, for this game. has the story.

As for the second expansion, The Black Emporium adds four high level stores to the game, allowing you to customize your Inquisition even more. The stores will sell brand new weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials, and schematics. Also, if you're unhappy with how your player looks, or are just looking for a refreshing change after putting hundreds of hours in, you'll be able to change your Inquisitor's appearance with an item called the Mirror of Transformation, which is accessible through the war table.

Bioware also released an expansion for multiplayer today, also free of charge.

 The characters you'll be able to get your hands on in this expansion are: an Avvar Skywatcher, a Virtuoso with deadly music, and the Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas herself. I, for one, am most looking forward to killing opposing dragons softly with the power of rock n' roll. It's also interesting to see that they've brought back Isabela - a beloved character from Dragon Age 2-in this capacity. It would have been nice if she was incorporated into the actual story more.

Tuesday - May 05, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Patch 7 notes

by Aries100, 15:06

Bioware has released patch 7 for this game. It is an necessary update if you plan to get Black Emporium for free. In this thread at the Bioware forum Jeran gives an overview on what the patch notes are. A quote, then:

[PC] Added new feature that allows users to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons. This feature can be accessed via the key-binding screen.
[PC] Fixed an issue which could result in fog looking wrong when running SLI/Crossfire configurations
[PC] Fixed an issue which would place the AOE targetting reticule to be placed in odd locations when using the mouse look toggle feature
[PC] Fixed some issues which could cause flickering when alt-tabbing while running the game under SLI / Crossfire.
[PC][Xbox 360][Xbox One] Fix for Dragon's Bane Achievement to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
[PS3][PS4] Added trophies for the upcoming "Jaws of Hakkon" DLC
[PS3][PS4] Fix for Dragon's Bane Trophy to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
Added some thrones in Skyhold for players who own DA1 and/or DA2.
Added the ability to salvage multiple items at the same time in multiplayer. 
This can be done in the inventory screen or while you are purchasing packs.

Saturday - May 02, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Black Emporium DLC

by Couchpotato, 06:00

BioWae is finally ready to release the The Black Emporium DLC for free on every platform this Tuesday, and they included some other freebies with the download.

Xenon the Antiquarian cordially invites you to experience the high-end shopping of your dreams… bring extra gold! We’re pleased to announce the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Black Emporium, available to download Tuesday, May 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 at no additional cost.

As an added bonus for players of Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II, two new thrones will be unlocked for use at Skyhold. Be sure to download and install the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition game update to get these thrones at no additional cost. Will you lead the Inquisition from the Legacy Kirkwall throne or the Legacy Ferelden throne? The choice is yours!

Friday - April 24, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Keeping Up With the Keep

by Couchpotato, 05:47

BioWare's latest blog update talks about some new changes to the Dragon Age Keep.

The Dragon Age Keep is all about letting you shape and share your Dragon Age experience the way you see fit, and we have been listening to your feedback on how to make it better. In our latest release, we introduce a number of features that give you more customizability and control over your Dragon Age legacy, including your heroes, world states, and career.

Thursday - April 23, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Late Review @ Endless Backlog

by Couchpotato, 05:44

A small site called Endless Backlog has a late review for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and while they gave no score they do recommend the game despite finding a few problems.

Dragon Age: Inquisition melds its various systems together to form a cohesive whole where everything you do matters. No feature feels extraneous and the gameplay itself is satisfying. Facing a dragon is a true adrenaline rush and actually defeating one is cause for celebration. The writing is far and away the best of the series, with characters that have unique voices and motivations. Every choice is somewhere in a grey area, with no overwhelming right or wrong answer. However, the game shoots itself in the foot. While it's fantastic that the designers listened to complaints from the previous game, Inquisition is just too large. When you're doing story missions, the game feels streamlined while avoiding linearity. But when you're just out exploring, which makes up the majority of the game, it can get tedious. Dragon Age: Inquisition is still a decent game and worth a playthrough, just make sure that you're ready for a marathon.

Thursday - April 02, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Revenue Recognition Explained

by Aries100, 15:05

Mark Darrah tried yesterday, on Twitter, to explain Revenue Recognition.

2a. until I deliver the thing I promised, I have the cash but I can't recognize the revenue in my financial statements. 

Conal Pierce from Bioware posted this information in this thread at Bioware forums, created by DragonAgeLegend. Conal Pierce explained that:

This series of tweets from Mark Darrah provides some insight into why we can't always be as open with our community as they might like. As a publicly traded company, there are often some very specific have-a-government-official-come-kick-down-your-door reasons why you can't say certain things at certain times in a certain way. 

I'm not sure I do get the whole revenue recognition thing? maybe some of you do?

Wednesday - April 01, 2015

DA:Inquisition - More Jaws Of Hakkon Reviews

by Couchpotato, 05:22

I found a few more reviews for DA:Inquisition Jaws Of Hakkon DLC this week.

HardcoreGamer - 4/5

Jaws of Hakkon is an enjoyable but unessential addition to Inquisition, great for players looking to prolong their game or for an excuse to dive back into Thedas. Those hoping for more content that directly influences the main story, or in-depth interactions with companions, however, may be disappointed. It’s great to see the Inquisition story being expanded so relatively soon after release, and hopefully Jaws of Hakkon is first in the line of solid DLC for the game.

Gamereactor - 7/10

What you won't get is an experience that is wildly different from that of the main game - Jaws of Hakkon caters to players who want more open world activities and who would like to dig a little deeper into the lore of the world. And who wouldn't want to dig deeper into the brilliant lore of Dragon Age?

IGN - 7.5/10

Jaws of Hakkon is certainly a worthwhile addition to Inquisition’s enormous map, although not an entirely consequential one. While there’s a real charm to the DLC thanks to its gorgeous environments and a light tone backed by intensely challenging combat, I hope the next installment offers an ever-so-slightly chunkier hunk of flesh to sink my teeth into.

As a bonus I have news about mods, and the Franchise having no end planned.

"Yeah I don’t know about “cranking out as long as they keep selling”. EVENTUALLY these things just get fatigued and need to rest until people are prepared to carry that torch again. By the same token, there’s a cycle to entertainment – if you’d told me 10 years ago that there would be a healthy resurgence of isometric RPGs (Pillars of Eternity, more Baludur’s Gate, and more), I’d have said you were crazy! But here we are, and I’m glad I was wrong."

"Frostbite presents many technical hurdles. We would like to explore mod-capability in the future, but given the number of games that use this engine, it is a very long and involved discussion."

Monday - March 30, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jaws Of Hakkon DLC Review

by Couchpotato, 05:46

Gamespot published a new review for DA:Inquisition's latest DLC called Jaws Of Hakkon.

Though I wish that Jaws of Hakkon was less bloated, and though I miss the cinematic flair of the rest of Dragon Age: Inquisition, I know that in a month I'll have forgotten these quibbles. Instead, I'll remember my time spent in Frostback Basin fondly. I'll remember the sharp wit of Svarah Sun-Hair, the leader of the local Avvar clan. I'll remember the holy symbols that blur the line between competing faiths. I'll remember the mist and the mountains and the sun's light through the trees. I'll remember confronting legendary foes, and the time I got to spend with some of my favorite characters in video games.

Sunday - March 29, 2015

DA:Inquisition - New Q&A @ Kotaku

by Couchpotato, 05:58

Kotaku asked a few BioWare developers some querstions in a new Q&A.

Welcome to Kotaku Asks, a weekly feature where we invite guests from the world of gaming to come answer burning questions from Kotaku readers. (If you think you'd be a good guest or have any requests for future guests, e-mail me.)

Today we've got BioWare studio GM Aaryn Flynn, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw, and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah. They all worked on Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was released last November to rave reviews. Their most recent release, the DLC Jaws of Hakkon, came out earlier this week for Xbox One and PC (but there's no word on a PS4 release just yet, which has been controversial). All three are longtime BioWare employees and work out of the studio's offices in Edmonton, Canada.

Friday - March 27, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jaws Of Hakkon Reviews

by Couchpotato, 05:09

I found four new reviews today for the just released Jaws Of Hakkon DLC.

Softpedia - 8.5/10

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon is a good sign for the long-term evolution of the most recent role-playing game from BioWare and Electronic Arts, and it will be interesting to see whether the same pace and level of quality can be maintained in the future.

Eurogamer - No Score

Returning to Skyhold after playing the DLC I feel like it was an adventure worth taking, if not one that has particularly changed my Dragon Age experience in any meaningful way. And I think that this is perhaps the biggest problem - and maybe what fans saying this is simply "more of the same" might really mean.

Metro -  No Score

There’s around five or six hours of story gameplay here, and double that if you want to collect every last shard, so for £12 it’s not the worst value for money we’ve ever seen. But although the production values are just as good as the main game at no point does this ever feel remotely essential or necessary. Although by the standards of most other DLC that still makes it better than average.

Geeks Dont Lie - No Score

If you loved Inquisition and want more of the same – Jaws of Hakkon is for you. Don’t expect any major plot revelations, or to be given any answers to any questions that may have arisen from the main campaign. While I still think the DLC could have been a little bit cheaper, the best way to get an idea of what this DLC has to offer for you is to base it on how long it took you to complete any of the other Inquisition areas. Short answer – if you’re a massive fan, then buy it. If you’re on the fence, wait for a sale to buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday - March 26, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jaws Of Hakkon Interview

by Couchpotato, 04:47

PC Gamer interviewed  BioWare Producer Chris Pickford about the just released DLC Jaws of Hakkon, and the developers plan for the future of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What were your goals when planning out this first DLC? Presumably it's been in the works for a while.

We started this during the certification period of Inquisition. What we really wanted to do was marry the size of our exploration areas with the complexity of our plot areas—to try and get a 'critical path' plot style, which has 2000+ of dialogue, and marry that with our exploration areas which offer a huge amount of space.

With Jaws of Hakkon, what we've tried to do is thread the critical path narrative, the cutscenes and ambient storytelling through a large vertical space. Somewhere where you can climb up trees and go into the depths as well—but when you go through the plotline it's got cinematics and high-quality character moments as well.

Based on the interview more small DLC like Jaws of Hakkon is the future plan.

Is this template, an expansion that costs this much and includes this much stuff—is that the pattern going forward for singleplayer Inquisition DLC?

This is our first look at it. In this day and age in the games industry there's no such thing as a template—at least in terms of a BioWare experience. We've seen that with Mass Effect. There are different types of content and, honestly, it's a very long complicated and difficult process to figure that out.

At this point we've tried to merge the critical path, the exploration experience and the dungeon experience into one coherent, long quest. We're hoping that fans enjoy that, but obviously what we're looking for now is feedback.

Wednesday - March 25, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jaws Of Hakkon Released

by Couchpotato, 03:34

If you read my news-bit from yesterday then the following is not really new as BioWare has released the Jaws Of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here is the new trailer.


First Singleplayer DLC Opens up New Story and Region with Powerful Foes, Legendary Armour and Weapons on Xbox One and PC First

GUILDFORD, UK – March 24, 2015 – BioWare™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) studio, today announced brand-new downloadable content (DLC) that expands the singleplayer experience for Dragon Age: Inquisition, winner of over 100 Game of the Year awards . Now available for digital download, the Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC adds an exciting new story arc to the campaign and expands on its already vast world with a new region of Thedas to explore. Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon is available first on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Origin™ for £11.99.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon will reveal the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted. The new content expands the land of Thedas with a massive new playable area covered in mountains and lush forests, where danger lurks in the shadowy undergrowth. As players explore the vertical landscape and dense wilderness fighting off vicious enemies, they will collect legendary armour and weapons before unearthing an ancient secret that could destroy the world.

“We are humbled by the game’s reception so far but are not done with the world of Thedas just yet,” said Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director, BioWare. “We hope the new DLC speaks to our dedication of growing Inquisition with meaningful and exciting new content for our fans, new and old.”

Tuesday - March 24, 2015

DA:Inquisition - New DLC & Patch 6

by Couchpotato, 03:39

BioWare announced a new DLC for DA:Inquisition on Twitter Today. The New DLC is called Jaws of Hakkon, and it will be released tomorrow for the consoles, and PC.

You can view some leaked screenshots thanks to GameBanshee for finding them. They also releasd Patch six today on Origin so here is the new changelog.

Patch 6 for Dragon Age: Inquisition improves overall game stability, implements a number of bug fixes, and introduces some multiplayer improvements. The Katari multiplayer kit now has more HP and generates guard on hit.

PC-specific: PC users will see improvements in mouse look toggle, and we’ve added binding support for mice with more than two buttons.

Tuesday - March 17, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Wins SXSW Gaming Award

by Couchpotato, 03:14

BioWare has won another Game of the Year Award from SXSW 2015.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival is taking place in Austin, Texas this weekend, and last night it hosted the second annual SXSW Gaming Awards, where Dragon Age: Inquisition won another Game of the Year award.

Saturday - March 14, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Interview @ Eurogamer

by Couchpotato, 04:39

Eurogamer has a article style interview with Dragon Age's Creative Director Mike Laidlaw from EGX Rezzed 2015 t talk about shards, side-quests and DLC for DA:Inquisition.

Now, in a new interview with Eurogamer held at EGX Rezzed 2015, Dragon Age's creative director Mike Laidlaw has responded to these criticisms - and even hinted at what players should expect from the game's much-anticipated upcoming DLC.

Inquisition saw BioWare use DICE's Frostbite engine for the first time.

"It's hard to understate how validating the critical response has been to the team," Laidlaw begins, explaining the challenges BioWare had needed to face. "We had a bit of a misstep with Dragon Age 2, we were moving to a new engine, we had to contend with five platforms... There were a lot of hurdles, but seeing people respond to it has been one of the best feelings."

The game's Metacritic average sits on 89, but there's a hint of disappointment in Laidlaw's voice when I ask how this compares to expectations.

"You're always hoping for the 90. It's the gold number in the Metacritic world. But the scale of reviewing has spread out some - I used to see back in the day that anything lower than 80 per cent was basically unheard of. So we've seen the numbers come down. Sites are evaluating the game fairly.

"We're not at the point where we thought the game was a perfect gem," he continues. "A lot of RPGs are not - they are big and unwieldy. But seeing it in the 90 range makes me quite pleased."

So read the following link for the full informative interview.

Tuesday - March 10, 2015

DA:Inquisition - From Pencil to Render

by Couchpotato, 03:58

BioWare continues to release new videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and this time we get a look at how the artists, writers, and designers worked to create the characters.


Iteration, iteration, iteration! Artists, writers, and designers all work together to create the characters you’ll meet in Thedas. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes and show you how the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition are built, from the early concept stages to the final versions seen in-game.

Tuesday - March 03, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Patch 5 Notes Posted

by Couchpotato, 04:54

BioWare has posted the new patch notes for Patch #5 on the company's Blog. In-case you all forgot they are also doing another Beta test for patch six this month.

The upcoming Patch 5 for Dragon Age: Inquisition contains a number of improvements to gameplay and stability, as well as some new features. We’ve added party storage to the Undercroft at Skyhold and the ability to adjust the size of subtitles.

Below you will find a full list of changes and additions for all systems.

PC Specific: While we’ve added the ability to toggle mouse look, this feature is still under development and does not act optimally under all conditions. We are continuing to work on this feature to improve it for future releases.

For patch notes in other languages, click here.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition 1.06

  • Fixed an issue that allowed characters to take damage while using the Counterstrike ability.
  • Updated abilities to function correctly with front armor rating.
  • Fixed the Charging Bull ability so that AI-controlled characters no longer overshoot their target.
  • Removed the initial barrier that spellbinders receive when spawned.
  • Added an option to control the font size of subtitles.
  • Improved archer AI so that they choose to enter melee combat less often.
  • Fixed the save game card image for elf mages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain operations to disappear from the war table without direct player interaction.
  • Fixed a crash after use of a Tactician’s Renewal amulet in Skyhold.
  • Fixed a conversation where Leliana references being with the Warden to face the Archdemon when she was set to have died in the imported Dragon Age Keep world state.
  • Fixed a case where movement audio was muted after a level transition.
  • Fixed a case where music unintentionally played after a level transition.
  • Fixed a loot exploit.
  • Fixed a case where the Quarry Quandry quest could be prevented from being completed.
  • Added party storage to the Undercroft in Skyhold.
  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed the True Grit perk to apply to all party members.
  • Fixed the issue where Qunari Inquisitors were able to equip the Inquisition Battlemage armor.
  • Fixed an exploit where certain abilities could be used multiple times before the cooldown was started.
  • Fixed an exploit with Explosive Shot where indirect hits were not causing the ability to cool down and reduce stamina.
  • Fixed cases of the new-item icon appearing on old items after salvaging in multiplayer.

Saturday - February 28, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Beta Patch Six Signups

by Couchpotato, 06:01

Thrasher sent me news that BioWare is once again looking for Beta Testers.

Due to the success of our patch 5 beta program, we decided to continue it for patch 6. Sign up here:

Friday - February 27, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Creating the Visual FX Video

by Couchpotato, 05:19

BioWare continues to release more videos this month for DA:Inquisition.


Whether you’re closing a Fade rift or raining down meteors on your enemies, you’re seeing Dragon Age: Inquisition’s visual FX at work. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes and show you how the game’s special effects enhance the player experience.

Monday - February 23, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Tactical View Tips Video

by Couchpotato, 05:08

BioWare released another video for DA:Inquisition this time about Tactical View Tips.


Don’t get overwhelmed by demons and Venatori. Learn more about how tactical camera can help you pause the action and uncover enemy weaknesses. We’ll show you tips for controlling the battlefield and give you the advantage over even the toughest of adversaries.

Thursday - February 19, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Beta Patch 5 released

by Couchpotato, 04:39

Trasher reminded me today the new Beta Patch 5 for DA:Inquisition was released.

Sign ups for the PC Patch 5 Beta program are now closed. If you have successfully entered the program, please go here. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your entitlement to take effect. If you're having trouble accessing the private beta forum, try logging out and logging in again, clearing your cache, and restarting your web browser.

Wednesday - February 18, 2015

DA:Inquisition - 8 Things It Could Do Better

by Couchpotato, 04:42

GamesRadar calls DA: Inquisition a good game, but thinks it can do some things better. So they published a new list this week with 8 things the game could improve on.

Saturday - February 14, 2015

DA:Inquisition - New Patch & Video

by Couchpotato, 05:50

Bioware posted new information about the next PC patch, and a new Beta program.

At BioWare, we’re always looking for new ways to empower our players. Whether in person or online, we firmly believe in collecting feedback and working with our community to ensure we’re addressing issues important to both new and experienced players.

For Dragon Age: Inquisition, we’ve developed a faster and more compressed patch schedule than any prior BioWare game. However, due to the nature of the certification process, it can often still take weeks after developing a fix to release it on different platforms. Because of this, we continue to explore new ways to foster better communication between our players and developers.

Enter the Patch 5 beta program.

We want to open up our upcoming Patch 5 to a select group of PC players via signup in a closed, developer-like environment. This not only allows us to more quickly identify and respond to future issues, but gives our developers a great, new way to work directly with our players.

Patch 5 will be the biggest patch we’ve released to date, and it addresses a number of key concerns for our community.

They also releasd a new video about Creating the World of DA:Inquisition.


Using the Frostbite 3 engine to build Dragon Age: Inquisition opened up new possibilities for the team to explore. In this installment of our Behind the Scenes series, Lucy James sits down with Lead Environment Artist Ben McGrath to learn how the team at BioWare Edmonton brought the world of Thedas to life.

Wednesday - February 11, 2015

DA:Inquisition - EA “Very Excited” for Long Term

by Couchpotato, 04:46

Gamingbolt has some new information from EA & Bioware this week for DA:Inquisition.

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition has been a strong success for the company, mopping up most Game of the Year awards (including our own) for 2014. It also recently won Game of the Year at the DICE Awards and EA CFO Blake Jorgenson says the company is excited for the future.

“Longer-term, we’re very excited. BioWare, they just won Game of the Year at the DICE Awards. We’re very excited about the success of that team and what we can do with that team. I think there’s a huge opportunity for [Dragon Age].”

There won’t be any Dragon Age in 2015 so don’t worry about the publisher fast-tracking a sequel like Dragon Age 2 again. The key was in retaining what made Bioware’s games a success while still breaking new ground as producer Mike Darrah told GameSpot.

“I think really it’s both a return to form, a return to what BioWare did in its roots: exploration, story-telling, character development. Us starting to explore new areas [being] deeper, open-world gameplay. I think just that combination is what really resonated with people.”

Now bring on the usual comments everyone.Tongue out

Sunday - February 08, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Wins Game of the Year Award

by Aries100, 14:15

Bioware just took home another game of the year ward at this year's D.I.C.E awards.

While Shadow of Mordor scored 8 of the 9 awards it was up for, it was Dragon Age: Inquisition that shocked the crowd and took home "Game of the Year," beating the likes of Far Cry 4, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Bioware also took home the "Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year" honor as well.

Saturday - February 07, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Survival in Thedas

by Couchpotato, 05:45

Bioware posted a new video interview today for DA:Inquisition about Survival in Thedas.


Before adventuring deep into the world of Thedas, learn about class selection perks, balancing your party, cross-class combos, and more straight from the developers at BioWare Edmonton.

Tuesday - February 03, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - RPG Codex Review

by Aries100, 20:46

RPG Codex has reviewed this game.  Here's a quote about the plot in the game: 

Much like Dragon Age: Origins, Inquisition has various plotlines that culminate in a far-reaching "global" decision. To favor one faction out of two, to pick the ruler of a kingdom, and so on. However, what the game lacks is a climax which redeems all of these choices in a satisfying manner...........Inquisition has something of an equivalent to the Battle of Denerim, but it does not feel as satisfying. The problem sometimes boils down to the choices themselves, where every nuanced option you are given has consequences which can be and are portrayed in the same manner. Choosing one sovereign or faction out of many hardly feels significant when the actual impact on the game, or on the realm, is made up of the same actors wearing the same clothes no matter what you choose.

I think you all know the combat in DA: Inquisition. Here's RPG Codex's take on it:

 For example, Baldur's Gate 2 had those elaborate magical battles everyone talks about. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the best thing I can come up with is that one time when I had to manage three cool downs simultaneously.How does one explain all of this? Well, Inquisition's combat is the result of something BioWare has been trying to do for years: to offer a compromise between two imagined audiences. The "hardcore" lover of party-based RPGs, and a casual buyer who's supposedly only interested in action games. It does so by delivering both experiences in one, which is why each camera mode has a different set of controls. And the result is exactly like flicking Arcanum's turn-based and real-time combat switch: terrible.

A quote from the Delterius's conclusion:

Delterius: What more can be said? Combat is mindless, exploration is tedious and what could otherwise be an enjoyable story is gated behind them...... But the truth is that Inquisition is nothing more than an exercise in treating players with a great deal of condescension. I can sympathize with the notion of simplifying a series in order to attract a wider audience but by God, I can't in good faith recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition even as a casual experience. It just isn't fun.

Friday - January 30, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Making RPGs The BioWare Way

by Couchpotato, 04:51

Bioware released a new video today for DA:Inquisition about how they makes RPGs.


Want to learn about how we make games like Dragon Age: Inquisition? We reveal our secrets for making an RPG the BioWare way.

Thursday - January 29, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Best 5 DLC Ideas

by Couchpotato, 04:49

Nick Scibetta of Gamecrate posted five ideas for new DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now a warning the article does contain spoilers if you haven't finished the game.

We’re big fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition here at GameCrate. It was our Game of the Year and we’ve written about it extensively, covering topics from ways the game’s multiplayer can be improved to reasons Sera is the best character in the game.

Bioware has said Inquisition won’t have any DLC party members, so back in December we offered our suggestions for what we do want to see from the game’s inevitable DLC, including more companion-focused content and, most importantly of all, more dwarf stuff.

The GameCrate audience responded eagerly to the topic, offering plenty of suggestions of their own in the comments. Some of the suggestions were so good we felt they deserved to be featured in an article of their own, so let’s take a look at the best Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC ideas, as suggested by GameCrate readers.

Wednesday - January 28, 2015

DA:Inquisition - In Praise Of Long Games

by Couchpotato, 05:22

Frobes has a new article from Contributor Dave Thier who praises DA:Inquisition for its huge open world, and game length. I agree with him but what about all of you?

The game has been criticized for being too long, but I think that the length is exactly what makes this game so successful. Dragon Age is a silly game in a lot of ways. The villain is basically a stick figure with an angry face painted on it. Neither the world nor the characters are as engaging as other recent fantasy epics like Skyrim or Divinity: Original Sin, or Bioware’s other major franchise, Mass Effect. The combat is fine, mostly, but far from exceptional. It does what it needs to do in a workmanlike and competent fashion. But it’s this sprawling, unmanageable structure that gives it the feeling of completeness, lulling you into that rare spot where you actually feel like you can live in a different world. You come to know the characters not like you would your closest friends, but like you would your co-workers: the intimacy that comes with just sort of being there, all the time.

Tuesday - January 27, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Wins Award for Portrayal of LGBT characters

by Aries100, 22:07

Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition has won yet another award. The game won GLAAD's Special Recognition Award for its portrayal of LGBT characters:

GLAAD cites Dragon Age: Inquisition's "many complex and unique LGBT characters prominently integrated throughout the game" as the reason for its inclusion in the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, according to a statement released yesterday.
The Special Recognition Award is reserved for "outstanding media projects for which there is not a competitive category." Video games do not have their own category in GLAAD's annual awards. 

GLAAD is a media advocacy organization.

Thanks to k1rage at the Bioware DAI forums for finding this.


DA:Inquisition - Tavern Songs Giveaway

by Couchpotato, 06:24

Bioware is allowing anyone to download the tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on the games website until February 9, 2015. I actually enjoyed some of them.

Even an Inquisitor needs some downtime for relaxing once in a while. If you've indulged in the opportunity at Skyhold's tavern to enjoy a break from the demons and Venatori, chances are you've heard some of the bard's lovely songs. Although bards do perform to entertain travelers, they also serve a greater purpose: to carry the tales of triumph and tragedy across the land.

We've received many inquiries from our fans asking where they can get these songs, and we're thrilled that you're enjoying them as much as we do. As our way of saying thank you for being the awesome community that you are, we're excited to announce that for the next two weeks, you can download these songs from a desktop computer free of charge!

Friday - January 23, 2015

DA:Inquisition - The Menus @ Gamasutra

by Couchpotato, 00:37

Gamasutra has a guest post by one of their community members named David Canela who talks about the game menus Bioware used in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I'm currently about 75 hours into DA:I. It's a great game, the characters, the interaction with them and interesting, non-obvious choices being my favourite parts. However, I've found myself wondering about some User Interface aspects and how they might be improved. Obviously, a lot of work has gone into the UI and it's always easier to critique the work of others than to build a coherent system for such a complex game from the ground up. Keeping this humbly in mind, let's have a look at some of the game's menus, how they're accessed and alternative ways of how they could be structured.

Tuesday - January 20, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PC Patch 3 Notes

by Couchpotato, 04:58

Bioware released the PC patch notes for the next update to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the upcoming Patch 3 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our primary focus was on fixing bugs, particularly ones that blocked progression or hampered the player experience.

Based on feedback from our players, we tweaked the banter system to be less random in order to prevent extra-long periods of silence. We fixed quest blockers in the personal quests of Dorian and Sera as well as a spawning issue in Solas’s personal quest (I won’t elaborate to avoid light spoilers).

We targeted several issues in multiplayer, fixing the case that caused keys to not drop, as well as fixing issues with the Reaver’s rampage ability. There were also some balance changes, including tweaks to the Demon Commander and the Strength of Spirits ability to make it more useful.

We added some much-requested features, including key binding that allows walking for PC and push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match summary and armor upgrade menus. We also added a new multiplayer Destruction route, and players can now challenge themselves in the fiery Elven Ruins.

You can find a comprehensive list of the upcoming fixes in Patch 3 for PC below. We’ll release more information on patches for consoles in the future, so stay tuned for more updates.

We continue to listen to feedback from our players, and we thank everyone for working with us to create an even better Dragon Age experience.

Sunday - January 18, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:36

Time for another short news roundup for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Th first item of interest is form Game Informer who has more stats from players about gender this time.

Following yesterday’s information about dragon murder, BioWare has shared new details about player choices in the game. This time out, we find out how many of you chose male inquisitors versus female heroes.

68 percent of Inquisitors were created as males. Every platform on which the game appears (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC) tend toward male characters. However, the largest percentage of female Inquisitors is on PC, with about 40 percent.

Next Forbes Contributor Paul Tassi talks about why the game isn't GOTY material.

Every major gaming outlet recently wrapped up the year with a top ten or so list of best games, ultimately culminating in a coveted Game of the Year award. The game running away with the most high honors? That would be Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, the high fantasy epic which aimed to reverse ill-feelings fans had toward the series after the lackluster Dragon Age II.

Its plan worked, it seems, judging by the accolades. Dragon Age was GOTY for practically every major gaming outlet: IGN, Game Informer, Polygon, EGM, The Escapist, and the newly christened video game awards show, The Game Awards. I just don’t see it.

And for last Bioware posted a new Twitter post about a new patch.

The next patch is close. Once we have it locked we will have more details. Not locked yet. I realize this isn't a very satisfying answer.

Friday - January 16, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Jeff Vogel Reviews the Game

by Couchpotato, 04:55

Indie developer Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software took the time out of his busy schedule  to peen his thought on Dragon Age: Inquisition with a new post on his blog.

I have long been vocal about my love for the Dragon Age series, so, of course, I can't let Dragon Age: Inquisition (DA:I) pass without going on about it a lot. I've only played through the main storyline once, but, since that's like 800 hours of play, I've been at it long enough to have some opinions.

I'm also writing this to try to draw eyeballs towards my new RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. Pushing my own game by saying nice things about someone else's is probably a bad idea, but I've always been terrible at marketing.

I really do love the game. (Some people have accused me of trying to get a job at Bioware for saying things like that, which is not true and kind of weird. But whatever.) It does well all the things Dragon Age should do well. It does a lot better at things it's done poorly in the past. It's huge and a hoot.

I estimate that you, the reader, have a 50% chance of being angry at me now.

Thursday - January 15, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Bioware Shares Dragon Stats

by Couchpotato, 06:11

Game Informer shared the news that Bioware released a new info-graph with information on how many Dragons gamers killed in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So if you're intrested here is the image.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a story of love and loss and demons. There are also dragons, and you have killed quite a few of them.

Earlier today, BioWare shared some stats and tips related to the dragons of Thedas. As of earlier today, 2,602,377 of the enormous winged beasts have fallen before your Inquisitors.

Of all of them, the Fereldan Frostback seems to be your favorite target. The Highland Ravager though, has proved the most elusive.

Over half of the dragons killed have been in Orlesian territory. And BioWare suggests that you enlist the help of Frederic to find the Abyssal High Dragon.

Tuesday - January 13, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Tips for Better Crafting

by Couchpotato, 04:56

The Dragon Age: Inquisition website has posted 11 Tips for Better Crafting, I found it very informative especially for gamers that have no clue how to craft items.

After several hours of playing, you've likely collected nugskin, royal elfroot, and maybe even some Fade-touched obsidian. So, what do you do with it all? Congratulations, you're ready to begin crafting!

With so many different recipes, schematics, and materials available to you in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there's no shortage of helpful items to be had. With just a basic understanding of how Inquisition's crafting system works, you'll be creating spectacular gear in no time.

So many different possibilities to invest your resources in! Will you create a new weapon? Maybe some upgrades to your armor? How about improving one of your potions? To help get you started crafting your next masterpiece, we've asked lead gameplay designer Yaron Jakobs for some tips to success.

Source: GameBanshee

Saturday - January 10, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Fan Reverses Audio & Finds Secret

by Couchpotato, 03:29

According to IGN a fan of Dragon Age: Inquisition has found a secret in the audio files of the game. The story mostly deals with what is said a the Temple of Mythal.

Now time for a short warning as the article will contain spoilers.

A Dragon Age: Inquisition fan has reversed the audio from a certain scene, and in doing so, changed what fans think they know about Dragon Age lore.

Before we go any further, this article contains massive end-game spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Reddit user sashimi_taco, who goes by the name Geek Remix on her YouTube channel, has created a video of the Inquisitor at the Temple of Mythal. During the scene where players are offered a choice, incoherent whispers can be heard echoing around the player. As it turns out, these incoherent whispers aren’t incoherent; they’re actually reversed to sound incoherent.

Wednesday - January 07, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Lore & Gameplay @ Gamemoir

by Couchpotato, 01:00

Nick D. of Gamemoir posted a new article with his opinion that the lore of Dragon Age: Inquisition gets in the way game-play. Here is a short snippet of the article.

Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t a bad game. Actually, it’s my favourite in the series. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t problems. Runaway lore was one such problem. I understand that, especially as a fantasy game, you need to establish the world and make it seem real. However, Inquisition went about this in the worst possible way. Think of lore like any bit of written communication. A short, concise statement that leaves the reader satisfied is going to gather a lot more invested readers than over-the-top verbosity with very little to say. Inquisition clearly favoured the latter approach.

DA:Inquisition - Audio Interview @ Joystick

by Couchpotato, 00:49

Anthony John Agnello of Joystick did a new audio interview this week with BioWare's Creative Director Mike Laidlaw to chat about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello) chats with BioWare Creative Director Mike Laidlaw about Dragon Age: Inquisition. They discuss the influence that From Software's Dark Souls series had on Laidlaw when crafting the developer's latest RPG.

Tuesday - January 06, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Game of the Year @ Polygon

by Aries100, 21:10

Polygon has awarded Dragon Age: Inquisition their 2014 Game of The Year Award. 

A good video game accompanies you, even when you are far away from whatever device you're using to play it. It creates a fictional ambience, a perfume that floats around you for weeks on end. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one such game. It is an alternative dreamscape of power, treachery, combat, exploration, magic and love. It is a sufficiently convincing universe of otherness that consumed my time when I was playing, and my attention when I was not.

Monday - January 05, 2015

DA:Inquisition - 15 Things To Like About the Game

by Couchpotato, 04:24

A small gaming website by the name of implayin posted fifteen things they like about playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some of them are spoilers so beware.

I’ve racked up over 25 hours of game play so far in Dragon Age Inquisition, and yet, I feel as if I  haven’t accomplished much at all in regards to the story. Although I have saved a buffalo and found a lost ram, which I guess is nice. And that isn’t exactly a bad thing either (the amount of quests, not acting on behalf of Thedas RSPCA), otherwise I would of put the controller down at hour 5, not 20 hours later and still going strong.

That’s the beauty of Inquisition for me. It’s that I can mess about exploring the world, finding new rifts to close, not to mention the vast amount of side quests available, with every new area throwing more into your ‘to do’ adventure satchel.

So even though I haven’t completed the game, or in fact be past half way, I wanted to share the top 15 things I’ve enjoyed, that either you yourself may have loved (or hated for that matter) or for those who have not had the chance to play it, share in the experience.

Sunday - January 04, 2015

DA:Inquisition - No Story DLC Planned Yet

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Creative Director Mike Laidlaw answered a question on twitter where a fan asked if they had any plans for new story-based DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

'We haven't announced anything besides ongoing support for multiplayer."

So for now be content with online events, and free Multi-player DLC.

Saturday - January 03, 2015

DA:Inquisition - Gaider on the Female Perspective

by Aries100, 18:49

David Gaider, Lead Writer for Bioware's DAI, has a rather interesting post on his tumblr site discussing an earlier version of a plot involving Leliana. (spoilers ahead, so you've been warned). Gaider taks about a demon named Envy has taken Leliana's form:

 and Leliana is there asking odd questions and testing the player's responses.One of these things had Envy-Leliana attempting to seduce you. It was creepy and weird, and one of the places where the player was allowed to go, "Woah! This definitely isn't right!" But the player also had the opportunity to accept. There were going to be severe consequences for accepting, but regardless of that the thing that was pointed out was how the creepiness of the situation went beyond the demon-seduction itself and more how it seemed to be a sexual violation of Leliana by-proxy. 

I do not normal make comments on news bit, but I can't see how this can bee seen as a
"sexual violation of Leliana by proxy". Do you?  

Friday - January 02, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - David Gaider Q&A

by Couchpotato, 05:16

Lead Writer of BioWare David Gaider answered a few questions for Dragon Age: Inquisition on his webpage. They mostly deal with the games writing.

Here is a short sample of the various questions asked.

Just curious, of all the fan theories that you've seen, have any (at least partially) correctly guessed the direction of any future stories/plots/etc.? If you can't talk about it, I understand.

There’s so many of them that, like a shotgun, at least some of them have to hit the mark (to a point). I’m not going to say which, of course, but there’s a couple I’ve read where I was like “oh, that’s pretty close…not too bad…aww, and here you go right off the rails. Tsk.” Fan speculation is fun.

Thank you for making such a fun game! I was wondering - did you guys make DA:I with DLC ideas already in mind? Or does work on that kind of thing only start now?

We have plans for what comes next — we always have plans — though usually, once we reach that point, things have changed sufficiently that we need to adjust course. The Big Picture generally stays the same, but the details change a lot…the overall story of Inquisition doesn’t much resemble how it first started out, for instance, even though the major beats of it (and how they lead into the future) stayed consistent.

Wednesday - December 31, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Another Game of The Year Award

by Couchpotato, 05:56

Venture Beat has awarded DA:Inquisition another Game of The Year Award. So I guess congratulations Bioware as this makes I don't know how many awards.

Here are the details form the website.

For its many compelling moments, its depth of choice and consequence, its welcome and colorful personalities, and its willingness to let you experience a fantastical world on the brink of calamity on your own terms, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the GamesBeat 2014 Game of the Year.

Sunday - December 28, 2014

DA:Inquisition - 6 Places To Revisit

by Couchpotato, 05:38

Bioware has anew update on the DA:I webage about 6 places to revisit in the game.

You may have noticed that the open world of Thedas is pretty large. In fact, there’s even a chance that some of you reading this have yet to leave the Hinterlands. Although the Hinterlands is indeed a massive area with lots to do, you might be surprised to discover that it’s not even the largest location in the game!

Perhaps you’ve completed Dragon Age: Inquisition and think you’ve explored all these areas from top to bottom… but have you? We sat down with the level design teams and asked them to share stories behind their creation. Do you know why they call it the Hissing Wastes? Do you know which level was inspired by the Canyonlands of southern Utah? Did you find the hermit’s hut? We’ve got the answers to these questions and more!

Friday - December 26, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Modding Tools

by Aubrielle, 20:46

We found out a few weeks ago that DA:I had been cracked for modding.  What we didn't know is what kind of tools would be available.  It looks like kits are starting to surface.


As stated on the Nexus Mods page, DAI Tools' goal is to make a Skyrim-alike creation kit, so anyone can modify the assets in Inquisition.

DAI Tools has been available since December 19, with the most recent update being a special Christmas present. That, or just one that happened to be on Christmas Day, who knows?

At the time of writing all you can mod is some Skyhold outfit colours, but the fact you can do this shows a promising start for a game a lot of assumed would just remain unmodded.

No word as of yet if EA is sharpening its ban-hammer, or even if it's something that needs to be sharpened. But I for one would hope everything's just left alone - let the tinkerers tinker!

More information.

Source: PC Gamer

Wednesday - December 24, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Removal of Heal @ GamaSutra

by Aries100, 12:59

Christopher Gile at GamaSutra has penned an editorial about the removal of heal spells from this game.  He likes this it seems:

You aren't just traveling though areas leaving nothing but dead bodies in your wake, you are setting up camps and areas of protection for the locals. Personally I like how this changes the game, but I get how others might not like it. It is more punishing of mistakes (that doesn't necessarily mean harder) as you no longer have a sustainable way to erase those mistakes, and beyond the fact that this makes the game feel differently there are is also valid concerns about if this system is balanced correctly/fairly, I mean just because a system COULD be good/better doesn't mean it IS good/better. I quite like it though. I feel like it creates a more interesting battles and makes exploration a bit more exciting. I like how it feels like your mistakes matter now and can't be undone.

Do you agree with Christopher Gile?

Thanks to Dreamer at the Bioware DAI forums for finding this.

Monday - December 22, 2014

DA:Inquisition - RPG Game of the Year @ RPS

by Aries100, 23:20

Adam and Alec at Rock, Paper, Shotgun talk about why they think that Dragon Age: 
Inquisition is the best rpg game of 201
4.   Adam explains that: 

The characters, quests and combat aren't the heart of the game - the world is.There's so much to do that some of the quests, dialogue sequences and locations aren't as solid as others. With this much to see and do, I'm not bothered by the occasionally uneven terrain. There are sequences that I thought were highlights that other people rolled their eyes at, and parts that I greeted with a shrug that other people found touching, amusing or exciting.

Alec has this to say:

And, of course, no-one does RPG characters like BioWare does RPG characters. There are more bores on the team than I'd like, but The Iron Bull's a star, Sera brings both pomposity-pricking and increasing humanity, Dorian is a fine Errol Flynn and Solas is so fascinatingly odd. And refreshingly, reassuringly Welsh. Just don't make me look at his face.Something has been lost as the scope and scale expanded, yes - but what scope and scale.

Do you agree with Adam and Alec?

Thanks to wolfhowwl at the Bioware DAI forum for finding this.


Saturday - December 20, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Game of the Year Nominee

by Couchpotato, 05:49

IGN's next video this week talks about how DA:Inquisition is one of their Game of the Year Nominees. Anyway here is the short video from their YouTube channel.


The IGN crew breaks down why they chose the epic RPG as one of 2014's Game of The Year Nominee.

Thursday - December 18, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New MP DLC & Upgrade

by Couchpotato, 05:00

Bioware announced on the Dragon Age: Inquisition website a new MP DLC called Destruction is now available for free to all buyers of the game.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition - Destruction adds new paths to existing destinations. The conflicts raging throughout the world have upset the balance of nature. Wild creatures now roam the battlefield, introducing chaos as they attack both friend and foe. Best of all, you can download this pack right now, totally free!

Also they are now offering the Deluxe Version pre-order DLC as a paid upgrade.

Whether you’re on your second playthrough or experiencing the world of Thedas for the first time, the Deluxe Upgrade will grant you cool bonuses to empower your Inquisition! This upgrade is ideal for players who purchased the Standard Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Here’s what you’ll get for the low price of $9.99

  • Skyhold Throne – Every ruler should sit in a place of high honor, but as the Inquisitor you will have the greatest throne of all, fashioned from an ancient dragon skull.
  • Red Hart Halla – Navigate the perilous, living world atop this great-horned beast.
  • Bog Unicorn – Once belonging to an evil marauder, this unique mount has returned to inspire fear into those who would oppose you.
  • Bring the world of Thedas wherever you go with the digital soundtrack. Click here for instructions on how to download yours.
  • Dragon Age Multiplayer Deluxe Edition chests!

Wednesday - December 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Zero Punctuation Review

by Aries100, 21:46

Yatzhe from Zero Punctuation has reviewed this game. He likes it although he also criticises the armor and weapon crafting as well the horse mount. Apparantly, he doesn't like the visuals, but he does like the part where he gets to judge npcs.

Thanks to Yggdrasil at the DAI forums for finding this.

Tuesday - December 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Second Major Patch

by Aubrielle, 10:15

DA:I will get its second major patch today, improving some of the most notorious bugs, and will include a fix for PC controls.  Those that like good things will like it.

BioWare will release the second major patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition on December 9, but it won't be the last. According to a post on the BioWare website, the second patch will address stability, gameplay and multiplayer issues ranging random crashes, an eerie lack of party banter, AI glitches and improved Mantle performance, among other things.

The patch has a series of PC specific fixes including unspecified PC control tweaks, but these areas will be further addressed in a planned third patch. "After Patch 2 goes out, our next priority is to improve the PC mouse/keyboard controls further. We’re investigating how to expand on PC usability and functionality to address specific requests from the community," the post reads

Here are the general notes provided by BioWare:

Stability – Various crashes, freezes, audio/voice glitches, and many stability improvements.

Gameplay – Conversations, quests, plot states, combat, UI, camera, controls, follower/enemy AI and path finding, exploits, radar, and search.

Multiplayer – In addition to some of the gameplay improvements listed above, multiplayer fixes also cover areas such as animations, game mode bugs, stat reporting, and stability/crash fixes.

PC – Numerous control & UI fixes, fixes to some hitching, improved Mantle performance, graphical glitches.

The studio also promised new features and content will roll out in the coming months, both to the single player and online components.

Original article.

Patch notes.

Source: PC Gamer

Sunday - December 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gaider, Laidlaw and Prinze talk for hours in a room

by Hexprone, 21:00

On December 4, David Gaider, Mike Laidlaw and Freddie Prinze Jr. gave a talk at the NYU Game Center about the development of DA:I. The entire talk is temporarily hosted online here. It's two hours long, but if you want to plunge into it, know that the host runs his mouth for ten minutes before letting the guest speakers talk at all. You may want to jump to 12:30 or so, when Laidlaw begins:

Nothing is certain--that's a big part of the DA world. A lot of things are tied to faith and [the idea] that history is mutable. These are things that Dave [Gaider] set up really early. In the first DA game, the very first line ever spoken is "The Chantry teaches us that..." and it goes from there. That's one of the key watchwords: history is not necessarily true. We don't have a source telling us it how it all went down--you always have the idea of perspective [...]

And Laidlaw says that what some have called an MMO-style grind is inspired not by online games but by a very old-school favorite.

Laidlaw highlighted the team’s goal of allowing “activity-based gameplay” [hideous suit-ish phrase] in which players can progress towards large goals through a variety of different means. Whether a player wants to fight a dragon or improve their home base, they will be rewarded with things like Power and Influence...

As a model, Laidlaw pointed to Sid Meier’s Pirates! [in which anything] from sailing to sword-fighting to dancing with a governor’s daughter all help to further your overall goals as a pirate.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Cracked By Modders

by Aubrielle, 10:38

Will we get DA:I mods after all?  It's looking more likely, since the game has recently been cracked by modders.  Bring on the Sims hairstyles; I'm done with helmet head.

If you're a fan of game modifications, then you should be excited to hear that Dragon Age: Inquisition was recently cracked by a group of modders. While this is generally seen as the natural evolution of RPGs on PC, it's always good to have that segment of time after a game's launch where everyone focuses on the actual game, rather than modifications.

More information.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Wins Game of the Year at TGAS

by Aubrielle, 10:20

Dragon Age: Inquisition, possibly this year's most controversial RPG, takes Game of the Year at this year's The Game Awards.


More information.

Source: GameBanshee

Tuesday - December 02, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review Roundup # 5

by Abharsair, 20:56

Not amazingly, reviews for Dragon Age: Inquistion are still pouring in from the smaller, more obscure sites.

Gamengage gives it an 8.5/10 and has the following to say:

Dragon Age: Inquisition is strangely addicting. Yep it’s a little surprising to be saying after the miserable failure that was Dragon Age 2. It was widely anticipated that Dragon Age: Inquisition was a bit of a tossup when it came to the expected quality. I went into the game with an open mind and I am grateful that I did. Without worrying about the creators and publishers of Dragon Age: Inquisition I was able to actually enjoy the game as it was intended. didn't enjoy it quite as much and gave it a 6.5/10.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a frustrating game. I often found myself scratching and clawing through boring, MMO-like content for enough power points to progress to the next major plot event. However, the fact that I was willing to slog through it at all shows just how good this game can be when it hits its stride. The dichotomy between the narrative parts and all that shoddy fetchquesting is a shame because when it hits those high notes, Inquisition is an absolutely beautiful experience.

The Koalition however calls it "Savior of the Industry" and finds only tacked-on multiplayer and a bug, which locks up the game during conversations, to be critique-worthy. The final score is 95/100.

There is more that can be said about this game but it really is one of those titles that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Granted that RPGs aren’t for everyone but fans of the genre will find little to complain about here. Bioware have truly gone out of their way to deliver one of the most deeply satisfying titles out there. A game of this scope is rare and having it released in a year where nearly every major title disappointed makes it stand out even more. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the title that the game industry needed.

Unfortunately, the size of these areas is also Inquisition's greatest problem. The majority of the quests in these areas are of the "go here and get this" variety, which offer little in the way of interesting story or character bits. In fact, the overall structure of these areas feels very much like an MMORPG, and not in a good way. Inquisition seems big for the sake of being big, stuffed with fetchquest after fetchquest solely for the purpose of increasing gameplay length. - See more at:

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Exploring Hidden Places

by Aries100, 17:50

Bioware released a twitch stream called Exploring Hidden Places. Spoilers aplenty, so view
at your own risk. However, the most interesting news was that there are 3 patches in the works, the first one seems to be coming in a short while according to Cameron Lee in the Twitch Stream.

Thanks to ForgottenWarrior at the DAI forums for finding this. 

Source: BioWare

Saturday - November 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Angry Joe Review

by Aries100, 19:24

Angry Joe has made a video review of this game. His final verdict is 9/10 with a Must Own comment beneath. However, he gives the pc version 8/10 and says that Bioware and EA needs to fix the pc version with a patch. He played for 60 hours and could easily have played for 60 hours more. He is also thinking of playing again just to explore the alternate paths in the game.  You can watch the video review here.

Thanks to OrdanUrr at the Bioware DAI forums.


Thursday - November 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - sulky, uncommunicative companions investigated

by Hexprone, 17:56

I knew something was wrong! Multiple outlets are reporting that, if Inquisition seemed to have a lot less banter and charm than past Bioware games, that's a bug, not a change in tone.

That bit where Solas winds Sera up about her unexplored innate magical ability because she messed with his things? Mad bants - the kind some people are missing out on in Dragon Age: Inquisition because of a bug.

Some people have ploughed hours upon hours into the fantasy adventure only to be frustrated at the lack of chat between party members as they explore. There are pages of reports - on the EA Answers HQ support forum - of people only encountering a handful of occasions of banter in upwards of 10, 15, 20 hours of play, and longer.

BioWare has acknowledged the problem and is asking for 60+ hour game-saves, in which the player experienced the problem, for research purposes.

The causes aren't known but there's a workaround of sorts that has met some success.

Here's the partial workaround, courtesy of helpful user Maljester on the EA forums. Basically you mess with the audio settings until something resets. But it doesn't help in all areas -- Maljester reports that for him, Val Royeaux remains as bare of music and talk as ever.

Enchant_m3nt on the BSN Feedback thread had success with cycling/changing the audio settings to trigger banter and fix music/combat dialogue. I'd sadly had no luck with the mount/camp rest/teleport combo, and to my absolute astonishment - Houston, we have music and banter! (For those having trouble with the glitch, try the mount/dismount-rest, or trying the audio settings cycle to trigger banter/music.)

At first I ran around in the Hinterlands for awhile, trying out mount/rest. Dorian/Sera/Bull wouldn't talk, so I change from (Home Theatre - TV), get into combat, get combat noise, and 1min later, Dorian/Sera have a banter. Stumble into more combat with correct combat noise, 1 min later, get another banter between them. Run all the way to Redcliffe Village, Dorian makes an ambient comment (I have gotten ambient comments before, though), but then everyone stopped talking. 

For those with the glitch, keep an ear out as you're playing for music and combat dialogue - if they're both working, there should be a higher probability you'll get banter to trigger, too.

Source: EuroGamer

Wednesday - November 26, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - editorial mini round-up

by Hexprone, 21:54

Unsurprisingly, the internet has many opinions about the fancy new Dragon Age game. Here's a few of them!

Philip Hargreaves at The Sixth Axis actually likes the multiplayer mode.

Originally, Inquisition’s online multiplayer started out as its own standalone game. During the development of Dragon Age II, BioWare used the Frostbite 3 engine to create codename “Blackfoot”. Although never released, the co-op dungeon-crawling experiment lives on through the series’ latest instalment.

Someone at Gamefront has already finished the game (beating all our Watchers? Dart?) and didn't love the ending.

Inquisition has a few parts that give off that “ran out of money” vibe, the most egregious of which is the final battle with [...]

And that's where I stopped reading, fearful of spoilers. Lastly, Erik Kain at Forbes fuels all our worst fears by declaring that Inquisition is a great game ... for an MMO.

For that matter, Inquisition actually feels like a very good MMO, with much better quests and stories than your average title, built around a wonderful, richly detailed world. [...] 

Now, all of this has me wondering if BioWare isn’t just warming up, if Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t just a test-bed for a Dragon Age Online. A blueprint of sorts, which we’re all beta-testing.


Tuesday - November 25, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Problem With Roleplaying Games

by Hexprone, 05:51

It's another half-hearted review of the new Dragon Age ("I quite like Dragon Age: Inquisition" he waffles) from Erik Kain writing at Forbes, but he uses this one to talk about his problems with looting and crafting in modern games in general. He gripes:

The only thing that’s really dragged the game down for me is the necessity of picking herbs and looting bags. This isn’t terrible at first, but it becomes enormously tedious after a while, simply because it’s such a big part of how you spend your time in this game.

Looting bags strikes me as pretty archaic in modern video games [...] There’s nothing good about picking up yet another basic weapon that’s not worth anything and is leagues worse than the gear you already have. [...] It’s so often less about playing a role and more about all the other stuff. 

“RPG elements” can just be code for “gamification of video games.”

"Gamification of games" is a little tail-swallow-y for me, but let's go with it for a second.

Gamification is often used in educational applications. Take some piece of work—say learning about biology or math—and have “leveling” and rewards and such for achieving certain things. [...] My daughter’s math homework is partly done online and finishing a unit rewards her with little sticker icons. When grades aren’t enough, XP will do the trick.

Gamification is inspired by video games but it’s come full circle and is used to create feedback loops in video games and genres that traditionally didn’t have “RPG elements.” Think of the leveling in Call of Duty multiplayer. It creates an addictive reward cycle as you rank up that’s not present in older shooters....

Anyway, his main point is that harvesting all that elfroot over and over is boring, which is certainly true.

Monday - November 24, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - From Dark Fantasy to High Fantasy

by Aries100, 22:58

Cimeas from Kotaku has written an opinion piece on how he feels that Bioware has turned the Dragon Age into a high fantasy in Dragon Age: Inquisition.   He argues that the the
lore in the Dragon Age universe clearly states:

...there would be no humans in Dragon Age of ethnicities which were not present in Europe in larger numbers in the late mediaeval age. As a "POC" myself, I found that to be perfectly reasonable- a game set in 4th century Africa probably shouldn't have white people in it either!In Dragon Age: Inquisition, this entire idea has been completely and absolutely removed. There are now people of all ethnicities in Thedas. As I said, I am not white myself, but this feels out of place. What's more, Bioware, unable to retcon everything about its lore, painstakingly built over the past decade, has decreed that everyone with a skin colour darker than tan (that is to say, Arab/Persian looking, Native American looking, East Asian looking, South Asian looking, Indian looking, and African looking) all have heritage from the one tiny nation in Thedas that is not light-white (Rivain), thus shoehorning all the 'POC' into one little country.

A quote from his conclusion about the world in Dragon Age: Inquistion:

A world made by developers who didn't have a backbone to stand up for what they had created, and capitulated to bizarre internet pressure to build a happy-dappy paradise where good people are good, bad people are bad, and any 'grey' moral conflict can be sorted with a quick check to which faction you signed up to. 

Sunday - November 23, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Impressions @ Giant Bomb

by Aries100, 11:18

Patrick Klepek at Giant Bombs has written about his impressions for this game.
Here's a quote about his impressions:

It only took a few minutes to get up to speed. It's entirely possible series fans are upset how action-friendly BioWare's made Inquisition, but it also means just about anyone can understand the basics by the time the first combat sequence is over....... Even though Inquisition represents the third game in the Dragon Age series, it's not the conclusion of a trilogy. There's dangling threads from the previous games, but everything hasn't been building to this event. It's simply another chapter, and one that invites newcomers as much as it rewards veterans.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Impressions @ Inc Gamers

by Aries100, 09:46

Tim McDonald from Inc Gamers has written a piece about his first impressions playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.  A quote in Bioware has marketed this game: 

But BioWare have been making all the right noises about Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’ll have a tactical camera, they say; it’s being designed primarily for PC, they say. Considering the ludicrous Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter success of several other tactical CRPGs (Project Eternity/Pillars of EternityDivinity: Original SinWasteland 2,Torment: Tides of Numenera…) it’s not entirely impossible that EA has actually taken notice of this and said “oh, go on then, make a proper CRPG.”

A quote on the options when starting the game:

Graphics aside, there are a number of other options. There are subtitles for both ambient dialogue and full conversations, and there are separate options for text and speech language (although in my version the only available language is English, so that’s kinda superfluous to me). There’s even a Friendly Fire option for that full Dragon Age: Originsexperience, but as it’s turned off by default, I’m not touching it. While I miss having to very carefully aim my abilities, if Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t designed around friendly fire then I suspect turning it on would make me very sad, very quickly.

A quote on the tactical camera:

I fucking hate the tactical camera. It is incredibly, absurdly, stupendously useless. The tactical combat itself might be fine - it's got auto-pauses, and I can select skills and click on enemies, and I can even see which other characters I've assigned to attacking that enemy and what skill they're going to use. That's pretty great. I still can't shake off the MMO feeling for some reason, and I've still got worries that the game was designed to be played in the third-person view and the tactical combat was slapped on afterwards, but there's clearly been at least some thought given to battling in this way.

Friday - November 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - HD Concept Art

by Aubrielle, 05:14

Are you a Dragon Age: Inquisition fan?  Want some new desktop backgrounds?

Dragon Age: Inquisition lead concept artist Matt Rhodes has been busy sharing a variety of highly detailed and wallpaper-worthy pieces of concept art from the game on his personal blog and ArtStation page, so if you're looking for something new to adorn your desktop with or simply want to revel in the work that goes into bringing a video game to life, you now have a definitive destination.

More information.


Source: GameBanshee

Thursday - November 20, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Bioware Aware of Community Concerns

by Aries100, 22:49

Mark Darrah has made this thread at the DAI forums to adress the concerns raised by the community after the release of this game. A patch is being worked that'll adress these

Driver support
Hitching and frame rate issues in cutscenes
Feedback on keyboard and mouse controls
General user interface optimizations for PC

We've been following these issues closely and are looking into them. Player experience is a top priority for us. Our goal is to address as many of these as possible in our upcoming patches, including some in our next patch, which is underway. We'll release further details in the coming days and will continue to monitor your concerns.

Thanks to Ansa at the DAI forums for finding this. 

Wednesday - November 19, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Dawn Will Come

by Aries100, 22:35

Ever wondered what would happen if David Gaider and a composer sat down and wrote something together; well this is what you'll get: a song called The Dawn Will Come from the DAI soundtrack. You can hear it here.

Thanks to Lux at the DAI forums for finding this. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Rumor of DRM breaking SDD drives

by Myrthos, 22:29

You might have heard the rumor by now that the Denuvo anti-tamper technology on Dragon Age: Inquisition and also Lords of the Fallen is reducing the life expectency of SSDs by performing large amounts of writes to your hard disk. There are several threads on the topic. Here is one on Reddit. The source of this information appears to be Russian.

The company itself denies these rumors and states that: "Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not constantly read or write any data to storage media" and: "Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not continuously encrypt and decrypt any data on storage media. To do so would be of no benefit in terms of security or performance".

Unless there is some actual proof that can be reproduced and/or verified, this rumor is just what it is, a rumor.


Dragon Age: Inquisition - How to Respec

by Aubrielle, 06:57

Apparently you can respec in Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Follow the link for advice that may be a tiny bit spoiler-y.

Sometimes you think a move will be sweet and it turns out to be trash. In Dragon Age Inquisition you can respec you skills so you aren’t stuck with a bad move for the entire game. Find out where you can respec in Dragon Age Inquisition here!

Thanks to N4G for the link.

More information.

Source: N4G

Tuesday - November 18, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review Roundup # 4

by Myrthos, 20:55

Here are a few more reviews for Dragon Age: Inquisition, just in case you missed the other ones. I stopped at 3, you can find the rest yourself...

KillScreen, 75/100

Inquisition is clearly balanced with the third-person perspective and real-time play in mind. So it’s a shame that the third-person is sort of a poor man’s Dragon’s Dogma with an even worse camera and no sense of grip or weight. By the middle of the game, an AI-controlled sword-and-board warrior will be almost immune to single-target damage, and you’ll let them tank everything in real time as you mop up whatever enemies the computer hasn’t already killed for you. If you want strategy, go back to Icewind Dale.

And yet I played Inquisition much more than I had to. I killed eight dragons. I reloaded conversations to see every branch. I restarted long missions when I realized I’d forgotten to bring a character who might change them. (Take an elf to the elf places.) I keep hearing the score in my head—the big stupid parts, not the subdued ones.


For all its mythical trappings, at its heart, Dragon Age: Inquisition presents us with the most intoxicating fantasy at all: That we will be loved, respected, and followed to the ends of the earth. That we will be able to make time and space for everything and everyone that matters to us. That even a world as vast as our own can be saved, if we only work together.

RPG Site, 9

If anything suffers as a result of this wide-reaching, impressively large amount of content, it's the fact that a game has a diluted focus. The potentially world-ending threat of Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't feel to have stakes as real even as the relatively enclosed story of the second game, for instance, and many of the characters don't quite shine quite as brightly as those in Bioware's other titles - in large part because they are no longer the star of the show - that title now belongs to the excellent world of Thedas and the complex, fascinating politics that dominate it. 

By offering such a breadth of content and then giving the player great freedom, Bioware greatly risks overwhelming many players - but that risky scattershot approach has, I feel, paid off here. If you're the type of player who loves that kind of freedom, you're in for an incredible treat. It's certainly the best Dragon Age has ever been.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Available Now

by Aries100, 20:08

Coming as no big surprise to anyone, this game is now available for purchase. The Dragon Age main page at Bioware has been updated with this news. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition - GameTrailer Review

by Aries100, 16:26

Gametrailers has written a review with a score of 8.8/10 for this game. You can watch the review here if you so wish.

A quote about the story:

It's surprising, then, that the broad narrative is quite predictable. An old, powerful evil has risen up, commanding a horde of demons bent on causing ruination. As a chosen one of sorts, you're in charge of building a force capable of taking on this evil and closing the demon rifts with a special mark on your hand. It's all so cliche that it's shocking how little impact it has on your enjoyment. Dragon Age: Inquisition is not a game reliant on broad strokes, but instead dozens of small stories that build a meaningful whole. These stories largely come from characters. 

A quote on how the story progresses:

What can be frustrating is how Inquisition gates progress. In order to complete the story and conduct certain side operations, you need to spend a currency known as power, which is obtained by doing tasks both large and small in various regions. As the power requirements jump higher and higher, it feels like Dragon Age: Inquisition is artificially extending the hour count. Since there's so much to do, it's not an egregious sin, but it's definitely a needless one.

Thanks to Brovikk Raspution at the DAI forums for finding this. 

Monday - November 17, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review Roundup # 3

by Aries100, 22:17

Thanks to this thread the DAI forums at the Bioware forums I've found some reviews for this game. Most of them are in English, but there is one Norwegian and two German ones as well.

Reviews in English

The Guardian - 4/5

Here's a quote about how 

Inquisition marries the spirit and scope of Origins with the flashier approach of its sequel. The first area you venture into after the linear opening is bigger than the whole of the first game - and it's crammed with things to do. Side-quests are usually presented and dispatched with minimal fuss or moral dilemma, but completing them earns you power which can be used to access new areas or standalone missions. You select these from the war table at your fortress, which is customisable right down to the choice of drapes, and the whole of Orlais and Ferelden is your playground.

The Escapist - 5/5

NZ Gamer - 10/10 

Canadian Online - 95/100 

RPS - the reviewer's calls the game his favorite release this year

The reviewer's, Adam Smith's, conclusion:

It's self-contained, despite drawing on so much history that has already been written - much of which is affected by player choices in the previous games. Those who aren't up to date with the series or have lost data can make all those choices before they begin. And everyone with the slightest interest in dungeons, dragons or dialogue should begin. With Inquisition, BioWare have handled the narrative and consequence of conversation and action with more assurance and depth than Telltale, while also constructing one of the finest and most forward-looking CRPGs ever made And I'm as delighted and surprised as anyone.

A review from Norway - no score; they call it the sequel we've deserved

Two German Reviews

PC Games Germany - 89/100 - 59/100

The review  from tells us about a game where Bioware apparently tries to have it both ways i.e. both have an open world a la Skyrim and Bioware's own story telling world. They don't like the mix and the blend of these two, hence the low score.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Definitive Guide to DA Keep

by Aubrielle, 21:17

Didn't finish either or both Dragon Age prequels?  Need a refresher or a guide to the Keep?  PC Gamer's got an article that can help.

As Phil notes in his review, Dragon Age: Inquisition's massive scope is matched by the complicated and sometimes overwhelming ways in that it interacts with pre-existing Dragon Age canon. I've been playing it too, and even with a thorough knowledge of the previous games - and having read all of the novels and comics - it takes a little work to hold Thedas' complicated history in your head all at once.

This is particularly true if you're just getting to grips with Dragon Age Keep. Rather than import saves directly from previous games, BioWare have opted to allow you to configure a world state via an online application. This helps you to resolve plot holes, ensure that every decision is registered correctly, and even change a few if you're not happy with how things went. That said, configuring Keep with a fuzzy memory of Dragon Age isn't easy. For that reason, we've put together this extensive guide to every decision it asks you to make.

Needless to say, this is going to be a long article and it will involve heavy spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and their DLC, but no spoilers for Inquisition itself. The hope is that it'll help you establish your world state just-so in time for Inquisition's release, whether that means reminding yourself about decisions you made back in 2009 or configuring a new save file based on the Warden or Champion you have in your head.

More information.

Source: PC Gamer

Sunday - November 16, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup # 5

by Aries100, 16:00

Video Game Sophistry has uploaded recruitment trailers for two characters in this game.
First up is Vivienne's recruitment trailer.  You can watch it here.
Next up is Cole's recruitment trailer.  You can watch it here. 

Thanks to EdwinLi in this thread at the DAI forums for finding Vivienne's recruitment trailer.

Thanks to EdwinLi in this thread at the DAI forums for finding Cole's recruitment trailer.

In other DAI news it seems that IGN already have some quest walkthroughs up for this game. Warning: Read at your own risk as there will be spoilers in these.

IGN's first quest walkthrough is called In Hushed Whispers

IGN's second quest walkthrough is called Champions of the Just.

Thanks to Bekkael at the DAI forums for finding this.


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Aaryn Flynn Interview

by Aubrielle, 05:05

DA:I is available to play right now?? Major Nelson shares an interview with Dragon Age: Inquisition's Aaryn Flynn about EA's Access Program, and details about the release.

Saturday - November 15, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Unavailable in India?!

by Aubrielle, 23:34

A recent press release from EA confirms that Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be releasing in India.

In a recent post on EA’s website, the company claims that the long-awaited Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be available in India. At 06:11pm GMT yesterday they released the following statement:

“In order to avoid a breach of local content laws, Electronic Arts has withdrawn Dragon Age: Inquisition from sale in India. Unfortunately, that means we’re unable to fulfill your Origin order. 

  • All affected purchases for Dragon Age: Inquisition will be refunded. This applies regardless of payment method or date of purchase.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition may still temporarily appear in your Origin library, but it will be removed before its launch date.”

Breach of local content law typically pertains to manufacturing number or percentage in host location. So, it is interesting that the game has also been lifted from all digital platforms as well as retail.

And in an update...

We have still not heard back from EA... There is a general consensus that the game was removed due to explicit sexual content and homosexuality but users have also reported that Inquisition has been cancelled in the entire region, with orders getting cancelled not just in India but in Bangladesh and other areas.


More Information.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that EA isn't releasing in India because of the issue of homosexuality in the game.  Source.

The distributor for the game, Milestone Interactive said that this refers to the game's homosexual sex scenes. Rather than face the wrath of some of India's more prudish segments of society, EA have pre-emptively decided to make the game unavailable in India, without confirming or commenting on which local laws were being breached.

Sources close to the matter who chose to remain anonymous have said that this refers to users who have taken offence to some of EA's earlier games such as Dante's Inferno. Unfortunately, the exact details of the judgement in that case are not available online but it is clear that EA is willing to avoid entering the market at all, instead of risking another court case.

Thanks to Ripper for the heads up.  :)

Source: N4G

DA:Inquisition - Pre-Loading & New Trailers

by Couchpotato, 06:00

So are you tired of all the Dragon Age: Inquisition news in the last two weeks? I hope you aren't as I have more to share today. Up first EA shares new you can now pre-load.

Starting today, those who have pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition can download and install the game early, making it available for play the second it’s available on November 18. With the world on the brink of collapse, there’s no time to waste.

Just launch Origin, click on the My Games tab, then click on the Dragon Age: Inquisition tile in your Origin Games Library. After the game finishes downloading, it will be installed automatically. That's easier than convincing a templar that not all mages are obsessed with blood magic!

Next I have two more trailers I found today for everyone to watch. The first video shares more footage, ans information on the games Tactical Camera.

The second trailer talks about Classes & Specializations.

That's all for today check back tomorrow for more news.Wink

Friday - November 14, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review Round # 2

by Aries100, 20:01

I've found some more reviews for this game:

First up is Hardcore Gamer's review 5/5

A quote from the conclusion:

Even with the staggering amount of dialogue and lore, newcomers to the franchise will have no trouble hopping right in, while old school fans will undoubtedly grin at the various call backs to past events. There’s even an enjoyable small multiplayer mode to participate in that’s entirely separated from the main campaign. Like a good hundred hour long novel that never lets up, Dragon Age: Inquisition is so engrossing you won’t be able to put it down.

Next up is Game Informer's review 9.5/10

A quote about the main story:

The only major disappointment is the central story arc. In concept, it sounds cool: The Inquisition is formed to close a demon-filled breach in the sky, unite the paralyzed power groups of Thedas, and stop an Elder One from taking over the world. However, when you actually reach those beats in the story, many of the would-be defining events feel abrupt or poorly explained. This would normally be a death knell for an RPG, but in this case, the main narrative is just one of the many stories woven into the experience.

Thanks to RussianSpy27 at the DAI forums at the Bioware forums for finding this.

Next Up is part 1 of Forbes Review No score yet

A quote about how Influence works in the game

Influence is basically the XP of the Inquisition itself. As you gain Influence you rank up the Inquisition, unlocking perks which can be used to customize the way the Inquisition works. Some unlocks can only be opened by having certain prerequisites met, such as finding specific Agents. All of this unfolds gently, meaning you won't be totally overwhelmed by the strategic elements while focusing on the more straightforward party-based campaign and questing. It's quite a lot more in-depth than anything in the previous games.

Last Up is Gamefront's review 89/100

A quote about the story:

The story presents choices that remind us that even when you're striving for good, there are myriad ways to reach the destination you have in mind. Should you execute the man who tried to kill you, slap him in chains, or put him to work? All of the decisions you make have repercussions, as certain party members or even entire factions may object to your choices. Better than either of the previous Dragon Age games, Inquisition makes you feel as if you're affecting the world with nearly every choice you make.

Thanks to Wulfram at the DAI forums at the Bioware forums for finding this. 


Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup # 4

by Aries100, 19:23

Colin Campbelle from Polygon has written an opinion piece about the writing in Dragon Age: Inquisition.  A quote about the characters:

In this game, BioWare has delivered characters who feel real. They feel real because the writing team, headed up by David Gaider, managed to write them that way. Writing is something BioWare has always done well, but here, the team has excelled, filling an expansive world with stories, ideas, words and people who, together, create an immense fictional entertainment. Put it this way: If you're going to spend a hundred hours with a bunch of people, you'd better enjoy their personalities. 

A quote about the writing:

Dragon Age: Inquisition's writing proves that game characters can be deep and complicated, that they don't need to serve as limp puppetry, badly mimicking the favored archetypes of well-meaning programmers. Writing is emerging as a key component of the great gaming experience, certainly in those games where characters are required to speak and to have personalities. Such characters go a long way towards creating a narrative that presses itself into the shape of the gaming experience, rather than floating uselessly above. 

Thanks to Cat Blade at DAI forums at the Bioware forums for finding this.

In other DAI news, Lady Insanity has made two videos with tips how to play DA:Inquisition.
The first video deals with AI and movement.   You can watch it here.
The second video deals with how to play a rogue.   You can watch it here. 

If you're unsure on how the decisions you've made in DA:O and DA2 played out,  
PC Gamer has made a very nice video showing you the choices you can make in the
Dragon Age Keep.  The video is nearly 2½ hours long and can be watched here. 

Thanks to Ace Attorney at the DAI forums at the Bioware forums for finding this.

DA:Inquisition - Character Cutscenes & Banter

by Couchpotato, 07:14

Video Game Sophistry released a bunch of new videos that contain major spoilers about various NPCs, romance plots, and party banter in Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

So here is a final waring don't watch them if you want to remain spoiler free.

Thursday - November 13, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Review & Trailer

by Aries100, 19:33 has made a somewhat spoilery review for this game. 9/10

A quote about the voiceacting:

In Ferelden, BioWare appears to have really gone to town on the vocal accents. Previous games have included juicy dollops of real-world regional parlance and tone, but it's ramped up to eleven here. There are characters that sound like they've just stepped out from Coronation Street or Eastenders, Eastern Europe, North America, Ireland... The list seems endless. Except in Orlais, where everyone inexplicably seems to have a strong French accent.

A quote about one of the quests in Orlais:

Of particular note, a lengthy section during the later stage of the game sees our hero have to survive at a masquerade ball. Staying on good terms with the judgemental social elite is paramount to acceptance at the venue, and remaining there is essential to unravel a complex plot that involves planned assassination and the usurping of a family member to the throne. There's sneaking, eavesdropping, social engineering, moral choices, and ultimately an epic showdown with swords and bleeding. Nothing like this existed in Dragon Age before, and at times it felt like Assassin's Creed Unity (which is set in France) accidentally leaked some of its creativity into BioWare's studio.

Thanks to dancing_midget at the DA: Inquisition forums for finding this review.

In other news EA Games Australia and New Zealand today released a new trailer called the Breach. You can watch it here.

As always, thanks to Hrung on the DA: Inquisition forums for finding this trailer.

DA:Inquisition - ​11 Things You Should Know

by Couchpotato, 03:25

Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku posted eleven things you need to know about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thank you Caddy for sharing the link.

Yesterday, I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. By "finished," I mean that I played the final story mission and watched the credits roll. Getting to that point took me 85 hours, but I still don't really feel done with the game.

First things first: If you're reading this, you're probably wondering if Dragon Age: Inquisition is any good. Well, is it? Yes, it is good. Fantastic, even. Is it better than Dragon Age 2? Yes, and in fact it feels like a borderline-hilarious overcorrection for every single one of that game's faults. Is it better than Dragon Age: Origins? That's probably more up for debate, but I'd say I prefer it. Short version: This game is pretty awesome. People are gonna love it.

Wednesday - November 12, 2014

DA:Inquisition - New Interview & Trailer

by Couchpotato, 01:59

Blackpanel had the chance to interview Mike Laidlaw about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As my time with Laidlaw came to end, I asked him to recall his somewhat unorthodox arrival in our fair country. Shortly after he landed, a customs officer asked him to prove his bona fides by identifying his favourite game of all time. After a brief moment of consideration, Laidlaw went with Star Control II. The official considered this to be a credible selection, which is fortunate, because it’s a long flight back to Canada. “I just hope whoever is in charge of immigration doesn’t hate Star Control,” Laidlaw mused. “That would be tasteless. That game is very good.”

If Laidlaw needed confirmation that there was still an audience out there patiently awaiting a new instalment of Dragon Age, he received it from the aforementioned customs official, who gave the series his personal seal of approval. He, along with everyone else, will be able to pick up a copy of the game for PC, as well as current and past gen consoles, when it arrives.

Bioware also released another trailer that focused on Varic this time.

Varric is a handsome and lovable dwarven rogue. He is as loyal as they come, and well-known for his stories of embellished proportion. Despite his jovial persona, few enemies live to regret crossing him. Those on Varric’s bad side are introduced to Bianca, his faithful crossbow. The threat will unite them… you will lead them.

Tuesday - November 11, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 10:46

Well the review embargo for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been lifted by Bioware, and a massive amount of sites have released their reviews  in a few hours.

Hope you all have time to read them all so here we go.

  1. MMGN 9/10
  2. Stevivor - 8/10
  3. Ausgamers - 9.2/10
  4. IGN - 8.8/10
  5. Venturebeat - 87/100
  6. Polygon - 9.5/10
  7. Gamespot - 9/10
  8. Gamecrate8.8/10
  9. Cheatcc - 3.8/5
  10. PC Gamer - 87/100
  11. Time - 4.5/5
  12. GameInformer - 9.5/10
  13. Business Financialpost - 9.5/10
  14. Joystiq - 5/5
  15. Shacknews - 9/10
  16. Destructoid8.5/10
  17. Digitalspy4/5
  18. Games Radar - 8/10
  19. Videogamer - 8/10
  20. Telegraph - 3/5

Update: I found some more reviews for the game.

  1. Softpedia - 8.5/10
  2. Gamingnexus - 9/10
  3. MMORPG - 8.6/10
  4. RPGFan - 92/100

Dragon Age: Inquisition - More Twitch Streams

by Couchpotato, 04:40

Bioware hosted a new one hour Twitch stream yesterday that shows more gameplay for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Since we missed the live event here is the archive.

You can watch the first part here, and the second part here.

Sunday - November 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Gamespot

by Aries100, 21:48

Gamespot has talked to Mike Laidlaw about the DA: Inquisition.  

A quote on how a conflict could be resolved:

In a non-spoiler example he provided, a group of refugees take up residence on a lord's land. The lord will approach the Inquisition with a request to have the refugees removed from his property. Players consulting with the diplomat will have her encourage them to talk to the local bands and find a new location for them. Speaking to the spies will reveal the option to have them removed. If the commander is asked, he will offer to help the band because he finds the lord is "a bit of a jerk." Here, Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer a variety of paths to take in decision-making, with results ultimately emphasised through consequences that may surface further down the path.

A quote on how DA: Inquisition compares to DA2 and DA:Origins:

"It's closer to Origins in overall feel. It's bigger, it's bolder. It plays slower than [Dragon Age 2]. That said, there were some things for DA2 that I felt were very powerful. The characters I felt did a better job of having their own stories or agendas. So we held on to a lot of that. We wanted to make sure they had their own arcs, whether you were romancing them or just friends. The other big thing that we kept from DA2 is that combat in general feels responsive. I think DA2 was very successful in making you feel like oh, I tagged that guy and moved in, I punched him in the face. Some people would get annoyed because they thought I was dismissing Origins, but when your character took a long time to shuffle into position it was like, 'you're a trained warrior, you can do better.'"

Thanks to JWvon Goethe on the DA: Inquisition forums for finding this.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup # 3

by Aries100, 01:01

I've found two moree previews for this game, courtesy of the DA: Inquisition thread at Obsidian.  In the thread BruceVC points to preview at The Escapist. 

Much like my experience in the first two games were encapsulated into single moments, Dragon Age: Inquisition changed all my expectations with a prompt. "You have discovered region 6 of 29." Dragon Age: Inquisition is massive and I'm suddenly eagerly awaiting its release. Earlier this week was my first time getting hands-on with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the folks at EA and BioWare gave us an extended six hour session to really delve into the world.

The Escapist pens this conclusion based on the hands-on preview:

Honestly, having not paid a ton of attention to Dragon Age: Inquisition's development this preview has really sold me on the game. It's everything I'm looking for in an RPG, an interesting story and characters, a large world to explore filled with little details, and solid combat to back it up. If the game manages to keep up the same quality as the initial few hours then I think BioWare has a masterful RPG with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the thread Lobotomy42 points to a preview from US Gamer. 

A quote about the combat:

At any time in battle, you can freeze the action and switch to an overhead view, which allows you to give specific commands to your party and watch them play out at whatever speed you'd like. The only problem, though, is your lack of options: You can only tell the characters not under your control to attack a specific enemy or defend, and... that's it. 

A quote from US Gamer's conclusion:

To be completely honest, Dragon Age never really grabbed me in the past, but during my hands-on session, I found myself getting absolutely wrapped up in exploring-which isn't always easy to do in the highly controlled atmosphere of a press event. 

Update: Bioware also released another trailer today for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Iron Bull is a powerful Qunari warrior, and leader of the Bull’s Chargers, a famous network of mercenaries. With his immense strength, and enthusiasm for crushing enemies, he provides necessary muscle to the Inquisition. The threat will unite them… you will lead them.

Saturday - November 08, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Combat Video @ Eurogamer

by Couchpotato, 05:40

Eurogamer released a new video that focuses on the combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Aoife Wilson gets cracking with the Dragon whacking in this preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition's combat mechanics. Have they hit the right balance, or is it a swing and a miss? Find out in this video preview which features brand new gameplay!

Friday - November 07, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Multiplayer Twitch Stream

by Couchpotato, 06:29

Bioware hosted a new one hour Twitch stream yesterday that showed how Multiplayer works in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Since we missed the live event here is the archive.

Thursday - November 06, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Trailer & Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:22

Well here is another trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition that focuses on Vivienne.

I also found a new audio interview On RPGamer with Executive Producer Mark Darrah.

At a preview event in San Francisco, RPGamer's Emanuel Merino got to sit down with Mark Darrah, the Executive Producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition, to learn more about Bioware's upcoming RPG.

Wednesday - November 05, 2014

DA:Inquisition - New Trailer & Interviews

by Couchpotato, 06:21

Well the PR machine for Bioware is still going strong this week as they released a new trailer about choice & consequences for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As the influential leader of the Inquisition, the weight of your decisions will be felt across the world of Thedas. Everything from the race of your Inquisitor to the dialogue choices you make in conversation has an impact on your story. How you choose to lead is up to you, but remember, in Dragon Age: Inquisition choices have consequences. Making a new ally can also lead to the creation of a new enemy.

I also found a few more interviews today. The first one is from Stevivor who talks with Creative Director at BioWare Mike Laidlaw at PAX Australia.

At PAX Australia, Stevivor's Steve Wright was lucky enough to sit down with fellow Canadian and Creative Director at BioWare, Mike Laidlaw. Together, the pair discussed the game's new Frostbite engine, character customisation, crafting and more. We drop you in mid-discussion.

The second interview is from VG 24/7 who also talked with him at PAX Australia.

I spoke to series lead designer Mike Laidlaw last Friday, the first day of PAX Australia – just before Inquisition went gold. Wrapping up a major triple-A release, globe-trotting on a promotional tour, he had little interest in the prospect of making more content for Inquisition right now.

Tuesday - November 04, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup # 2

by Aries100, 19:21

PC Gamers Tim Clark spent 5 hours playing this game.  Here's some of impressions:
(be aware of slight spoilers)

Valeera was the chosen one and her life was about to become quite a bit harder.Primarily because her hand was glowing with the same fizzing green power, which it's soon deduced is the only way to shut the smaller breaches and possibly the main rift. For her detractors, the mark only confirms that she must somehow be to blame for, well, everything. So there's your set-up: A kingdom under sudden demonic threat.

Cassandra seems to be important:

The main source of exposition and narrative drive early on comes from Cassandra Pentaghast, a Chantry Seeker who also appeared in the last game but not as a party member. Having led me on an an initial mission to shut the rift, the results of which can best be described as ‘a limited success’, she reforms the Inquisition in order to investigate who’s behind the demonic shenanigans. Cassandra is all business and a mostly quite grumpy, but I suspect will morph into the stoic, almost painfully-loyal type.

Thanks to VeSeiRA on the Bioware DA: Inquisition for finding this.

Brad Galloway from Gamecritis also spent 5 hours playing the game.  Here's some of his impressions - one them is this:

Things happen quickly, and within a short period of time, the player is chosen to be the one spearheading all efforts to prepare the land for an imminent demon invasion. To be frank, I felt like the game got rolling too soon - it felt somewhat implausible that my character would become so immediately important and be put in charge of so much, and the game throws a lot at the player right off the bat. Before I was done exploring the first area, I accidentally chose to be whisked off to the next, and upon entering this new land, I had accumulated no less than twelve new quests to be completed in the first five minutes.

Another thing he noticed:

What I loved most about the original Dragon Age was how strongly the characters were written, and how much connection there was with them based on lengthy conversations and a process of getting acquainted. None of the things I was asked to do in the first five hours of Inquisition began to even approach the kind of characterization I was hoping for. What I got was a lot of busywork fetchquests of little significance - a long checklist of things to do because... that's what gamers want, I guess?

He, Brad Galloway, also mentions that the game looks and feels like Skyrim:

After spending five hours with the game at the preview event, I was left with the impression that the Inquisition team must have been madly in love with it - The return to Thedas I played reminded me of Tamriel at every turn. - See more at:

After spending five hours with the game at the preview event, I was left with the impression that the Inquisition team must have been madly in love with it - The return to Thedas I played reminded me of Tamriel at every turn.

Thanks to bluebullets on the Bioware DA: Inquisition forums for finding this. He has made
this thread discussing if storydriven rpgs are going out business.

A video preview from Video Gamer TV can be found here.  They played the gamefor 4
hours.  They compare DA: Inquisition to DA: Origins. Apparantly, quests in this game (at least for  the first 4 hours) are not that interesting, they are typical fetch quest, which you can't turn down. They also talk about Bioware's fascination doing something new and different and in each game as well as the combat and much much more.

Thanks to levyjl1988 at the Bioware DA: Inquisition forums for finding this.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:39

Alright to start off the next roundup of news for Dragon Age: Inquisition I have two new interviews for everyone to read. So lets get stated this is going to take a while.

The first interview is from with Bioware's Mark Darrah.

Mark Darrah, executive producer on the title, explained to the challenges and opportunities of bringing the series to a new generation, why this installment has a multiplayer component, and Bioware's progressive approach to inclusivity.

The second interview is from PC Gamer who also talk to him.

As part of our extensive hands-on session with Dragon Age: Inquisition, we also got to speak with the game’s executive producer Mark Darrah. Here he discusses what lessons were learned from the second game and explains why we may be entering a new renaissance for RPGs.

Next I have a new preview from Gaming Nexus.

 This is the sort of game that you can get sucked into and lose yourself in, which I have experienced personally. Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone from not even being on my radar to holding one of the top spots for games I want to pick up this Holiday Season. If you are a fan of the series, you are definitely in for a treat when the game launches on November 18. Hell, even non-fans, like myself, are in for a treat as well.

And for last remember the game that failbetter games was working on for Bioware? It seems it will be a browser game that will work inside the Dragon Age Keep.

A while ago we revealed that we’d been collaborating with Bioware on a secret project. Terrible oaths have kept us silent. We wrote our names on a page of flesh beneath a weeping moon. But now we are released from our promises. And we intend to spill.

We are proud to reveal Dragon Age: The Last Court, a very Failbettery game set just before the forthcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. It will be playable in your browser and features the text-driven, story-rich gameplay that powers Fallen London.

In Dragon Age: The Last Court, you are the ruler of Serault: an eccentric fiefdom at the farthest ends of Orlais. As the Huntress or the Scholar you’ll guide your realm through the most crucial period in its history. Will its ancient Shame be forgiven? Or will Serault fall into obscurity?

Monday - November 03, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Trailer & Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 06:00

Bioware released a short trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition called The Breach.

The threat will unite them… you will lead them.

I also found some new screenshots of the game on DSO Gaming.

Electronic Arts and Bioware have released a new set of screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases in 18 days and promises to be better than its disappointing predecessor.

Sunday - November 02, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Video

by Couchpotato, 05:35

I found another gameplay video this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

All new Dragon Age 3 Inquisition gameplay walkthrough shows giant spiders, baby dragons, the Skyhold on the PC . Stay tuned to Open World Games for more Dragon Age Inquisition let's plays, tips, weapons, and more.

Saturday - November 01, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Has Gone Gold

by Couchpotato, 04:42

Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah posted a new update on the Bioware blog that Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold, and will be ready for it's release date.

I’m excited to announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold on all platforms! This milestone is a testament to the hard work of the developers (and their families!) who put so much into this game, and took on every challenge that was put before them. That we’ve made it this far is also an acknowledgment of tremendous support and patience from our fans: you’ve been an inspiration to us since the beginning.

Friday - October 31, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - What is the Keep?

by Couchpotato, 05:15

Bioware released a new video yesterday to go along with the Beta release of the Dragon Age Keep. It's only two minutes long so it wont take long to watch.

The Keep is your way to discover, shape, and share your Dragon Age experience. Explore plot points and story arcs from previous Dragon Age games. Crown rulers, topple foes, and forge bonds in over 300 decisions as you prepare your world for the coming Inquisition.

The Keep is a free web application, available on all platforms and browsers with HTML5 capability. No prior purchase is necessary, and the Keep is an excellent resource for players who are new to the franchise.

Sit back and watch as Brian Bloom, the voice of Varric Thethras, recounts the major moments from the previous two games. Learn about the conflicts and events leading up to Dragon Age: Inquisition as you discover the history of a world in turmoil.

Thursday - October 30, 2014

DA:I - Dragon Age Keep Released

by Couchpotato, 16:16

Bioware announces the Dragon Age Keep is now released for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As this is the last release before the Keep goes to open beta (don’t worry, there will still be more updates after this one), we stayed focused on squishing more of those pesky bugs. This is to ensure the Keep is in good shape before we let everyone in and start adding more fancy features. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Plot choices that wouldn’t stick should now stay as you set them (except in IE9 and PS4 browsers). 
  • The autosolver should no longer flag valid world states as invalid, and vice-versa. 
  • More issues with the Interactive Story Summary (ISS) have been smoothed out (eg. freezing or audio cutting out - also, subtitles have been added!). 
  • Improved functionality of the Keep for mobile and tablet devices. 
  • A 400 error (The Response content must be a string or object implementing __toString(), "boolean" given) that was preventing some from using the Keep has been resolved. 
For more information on other stuff we’re currently working on that hasn’t been fixed yet, check out our Known Issues list. If you find an issue that isn’t on that list, let us know with your feedback. 
And don’t worry about submitting feedback after we go to open beta. The Beta Feedback Tool will still be there, and you’ll be able to send us your suggestions, thoughts and bug reports as normal. Thanks for all your help so far – the Keep wouldn’t be where it is today without you!
Thank you for the link azarhal.

Wednesday - October 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Music Interview

by Couchpotato, 04:48

EA Games released a new interview for Dragon Age: Inquisition with Audio Director Michael Ken about the games soundtrack, and posted a few samples.

What were some of the inspirations behind the audio in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Early on in the project we set out to redefine the audio for the Dragon Age series. We started by reviewing the last two games and came up with a top 10 “do’s and don’ts” list. We also spent some time figuring out what sets Inquisition apart from the other two games. We decided that we wanted the game to sound very dynamic, where the audio was always moving and changing, lots of highs and lows, loud and quiet moments. 

The goal was to inform the player of the impact and worth of their actions through aural feedback when interacting with the world. By making the world believable and captivating through audio, this will help completely immerse the player as they explore the Dragon Age world.

Why does the audio in video games matter?

Audio is 50% of the experience when playing a video game. Audio provides emotion, and also helps tell the story. Audio is what immerses the player in the game. 

How does a video game soundtrack begin to take shape?

Early on in the process we start to define different aspects of audio for the game. We wanted the music for Dragon Age: Inquisition to be sweeping, thematic, and emotional. We then had to decide what the major themes for the game were, and define them emotionally. Once we have an idea of what we want, we then look for a composer who can deliver what we are looking for.

Tuesday - October 28, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Will be at PAX Australia

by Aries100, 17:48

The Bioware Blog has been updated with news that DA: Inquistion will be playable at PAX Australia this coming weekend:

"The entire BioWare team is delighted to give Australian fans the opportunity to get hands-on with Dragon AgeTM: Inquisition," said Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director at BioWare "Dragon AgeTM: Inquisition will give players more choice to explore unseen territories, lead the Inquisition through battle and make unique decisions that will define their overall experience. The level of detail built into the game is outstanding and we're excited to bring our game to PAX Australia and meet our fans."

If you're interested in whom Bioware is sending they will be sending these:

Fans will have the chance to meet special guests from BioWare Edmonton Mike Laidlaw [Creative Director], Aidan Scanlan [Assistant Director of Design] and Mark Wilson [Lead Technical Designer] who will be taking questions during the Dragon AgeTM: Inquisition Q & A from the audience and Twitter using the hashtag #DAIPAXAUS.

Thansk to Hrungr at the Bioware forums who've made this thead at the Bioware DA: Inquisition forums.

Monday - October 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Twitch Stream

by Couchpotato, 04:01

Dual Shockers has news that Bioware hosted another fifty minute Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitch Stream that shows a new area, equipment, and more.

The good folks at BioWare just held an Extra Life livestream in collaboration with Raptr, showing a whopping 50 minutes of gameplay of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We get a chance to see a brand new area, a glimpse on a large variety of equipment, combat and a lot more.

If you’re wondering, the game was played on PC, and it really looks quite great. Can’t wait to see it running on my own rig.

Friday - October 24, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:33

I found some more news this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition. So to get started here is a new preview from EGMR about the game being better than Destiny.

Dragon Age: Inquisition could well be BioWare’s apology letter for the failings of Dragon Age II and even Mass Effect 3; it looks like a strong and solid offering thus far and is honestly the only (read: the only) game that I’ve looked forward to this year. The only one. That might be because I’m a fan of BioWare games but surely there’s reason for that given how much I get accused of being tough on everything else… right? Maybe they’re a great series of games or something? Time will tell and very soon we’ll see if Inquisition stands up to the test.

Next GameranX has a new character creation miniguide from Bioware.

Bioware has shared a new Dragon Age 3: Inquisition character creation chart. It describes what you get from choosing a particular race and class.

And if you live in the US the ESRB has rated the game M-rated.

Rating Summary: This is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of a warrior battling evil forces in different dimensions. Characters use swords, axes, hammers, and magic attacks to kill fantastical creatures (e.g., demons, monsters, dwarfs) and humans in melee-style combat. Cutscenes sometimes depict characters impaled or getting their throats slit. Violent sequences are often highlighted by cries of pain, gurgling/gushing sounds, and large blood-splatter effects; blood remains on the ground in several environments. The game includes some sexual material: a female character briefly depicted in front of a man's torso (fellatio is implied); characters depicted topless or with exposed buttocks while lying in bed or after sex; some dialogue referencing sex/sexuality (e.g., “'I will bring myself sexual pleasure later, while thinking about this with great respect'” and “The way your t*ts bounce when I pin your arms and take you on the side of the bed…”). The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “a*shole” appear in dialogue.

Wednesday - October 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Inquisitor & Followers

by Couchpotato, 05:56

Bioware released another trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition this week that gives us a look at the games Inquisitor, and various followers that will join you.

What kind of hero will you be? As leader of the Inquisition, your decisions not only shape your journey, but that of your followers as well. Join us for a closer look at the Inquisitor and a trio of the Inquisition’s followers. Each character has a reason for joining the Inquisition, and each bring their unique talents to the fight. Learn more about them in our latest video.

Tuesday - October 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Twitch Streams

by Couchpotato, 05:58

Bioware hosted two new twitch streams this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The first  livestream was about the Dragon Age Keep that will be in open beta in two week’s.

The second livestream was aired earlier today, and this time they talked about the Skyhold which is the home base of the Inquisition for fifty minutes.

Monday - October 20, 2014

DA:I - Walking Tall with Miranda Raison

by Couchpotato, 06:26

Bioware posted a new video with Miranda Raison who voices Cassandra Pentaghast.

We talk with Miranda Raison, who voices Cassandra Pentaghast, about what it takes to step into the shoes of the Right Hand of the Divine. She tells us how Cassandra has changed since we last met her and what we can look forward to with her in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Friday - October 17, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Strategic Preview

by Couchpotato, 08:52

Prima Games released a new strategic preview for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Dragon Age games have never been known for their brevity. If you're looking to play Dragon Age: Inquisition, you need to be ready to sink a good 60 hours into it, and that's just for the main story. If you wish to explore everything the game has to offer, you’ll need to pour in upwards of 150 hours.

This is a game created for the older generation, the gamers who were challenged every step of the way and who didn't have infinite lives to continually die over and over again. That's not to say Dragon Age: Inquisition only gives players three lives, or punishes even the slightest mistake like Dark Souls, but this isn't a walk in the park, either.

While many assume Dragon Age: Inquisition is an open-world game like Grand Theft Auto 5 or Skyrim, that's not entirely the case. There are 10 main locations in the game, all of which offer considerably more area to cover when compared to previous games in the series. In fact, the areas are so large that mounts have been introduced to assist with travel.

Thursday - October 16, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Aaryn Flynn Interview

by Aries100, 17:25

GamesBeat has an interview with Aaaryn Flynn, the General Manager at Bioware.
He talks about framerate, PS 4 vs. Xbox One, Bioware's use of the Frostbite engine and more. Here's a quote about how the team behind DA: Inquisition experienced working with the Frostbite engine:

GamesBeat: What was that experience like - working with a new engine - for a team that tends to make such huge, expansive games? Flynn: It was fantastic. It's funny, because we didn't know what to expect. We did a bunch of research into the engine four years ago now, even before Dragon Age II shipped, as we were deciding what our technology strategy was going to be for the next five to ten years. We did that work and then we went in with both feet and said, "Well, the best way to make use of this is not only commit all of our titles to it, but then also to work with the teams directly to offer our suggestions and focus on the things that we need to do to make our games good."  With the Frostbite team handling a lot of the heavy lifting around core rendering loops and specific stuff around the platform, we focused on the RPG elements and the things we need to do to extend Frostbite to make our first RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. That was everything from updating the animation system to support quadrupeds - everything from horses to dragons - to putting pauses in the game.

Here's Flynn's take on framerates:

GamesBeat: There's been some recent - other developers have said that they have a sort of philosophical belief that 30 frames per second can be better in some situations than 60 frames per second. Do you guys hold with that, or ideally would the game be 60 in all situations?

Flynn: No, I agree with the first statement. For me, to move to 60 fps, very crudely, you're halving the amount of time you have to render anything. Something has to be given up to achieve 60. For the right game that may be the thing you have to do. A competitive, PvP-based shooter, for example, you want that smoothness to optimize the experience. You can live with lower-quality textures and simpler animations, especially because you're not rendering the player character in that case. But you might find that in a different kind of game, you want something more lush, something richer in texture detail and character detail. Maybe you need to drop down to 30 to deliver that. Again, as long as you're getting a steady framerate, as long as you're getting something that is smooth and unhindered, it falls to the kind of game and the experience you're trying to give to players.

Thanks to EntropicAngel at the Bioware DA: Inquisition forums for finding this.


Wednesday - October 15, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Hero of Thedas

by Couchpotato, 05:38

Well another day and another trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been released. This time it's a new video about the Hero of Theadas.

Demons plague the world and terrorize the people of Thedas. The faithful cling to their belief in the Inquisitor, who must lead a team of legendary warriors into battle and bring the conflict to an end before it’s too late. Every war has its heroes. What kind of leader will you be?

Tuesday - October 14, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PC Footage

by Couchpotato, 06:02

Bioware hosted a new twitch stream today using the new Keyboard & Mouse GUI. In-case any of you missed it they have archived the stream.

PC controls!!! featuring a glorious keyboard cam ^_^

Monday - October 13, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 13:16

Here is another roundup of news for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The first item of interest is a new hands-on review from idigitaltimes who calls the game boring.

EA, the publishers behind the latest entry in BioWare's RPG series Dragon Age, recently held a small press event in New York City to demonstrate some of their newest titles. One such game on display was Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was invited to play a demo featuring a large side-area, one not crucial to the main story, according to the PR rep who was on hand to answer questions. After getting past my initial wave of excitement from getting a new game in my hands, what I found was a boring and repetitive, but graphically gorgeous, hack-and-slash game.

The second article is from Polygon about the length of the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will take players between 150 and 200 hours to complete all content, according to BioWare producer Cameron Lee. Dragon Age games have always been long, meaty affairs, but the world has changed since the release of Dragon Age 2. Does BioWare think players who are a few years older and, more than likely, have more life responsibilities will come back to spend more than a full week's worth of time playing one game?

Well, yes. Lee believes that there is still a place for the long game in our current market, and Inquisition has been built with those players in mind. The customary "long game" of BioWare's stories has become something of a genre in and of itself.

"We want to give our players a real world to explore — we want to give them a BioWare story," Lee said. "A really vast, epic BioWare story. That's what we do, and it normally takes 20 to 40 hours anyway to tell the story we want to tell."

And for last thanks to GameBanshee I have two forum links from Bioware about why the game doesn't have healing from Patrick Weekes, and Lukas Kristjanson.

A few BioWare devs have taken some time off their schedules to explain Dragon Age: Inquisition's approach to healing and health management on their official forums, in an attempt to quell the discontent that is being expressed by a number of fans. Interestingly, neither of the two devs actually comes from BioWare's design department.

Sunday - October 12, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Interview

by Couchpotato, 09:13

Dual Shockers had the chance to interview Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Cameron Lee to talk about how Bioware found a balance between Origins, and Dragon Age 2.

The folks from BioWare Edmonton and EA were in town to finally let us get some hands-on time with the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's the third title in the franchise and the team behind it hopes that they've blended the best elements from their previous works to deliver the best Dragon Age experience that they can. We caught up with the game's producer, Cameron Lee, who filled us in on on how this new approach of "playing the way you want to play" will work in Inquisition. They've taken in a lot of the feedback from the community on what's worked and what hasn't worked in the past to deliver an RPG, they hope, will live up to the Dragon Age name.

Saturday - October 11, 2014

DA:I - PC UI & Gameplay Videos

by Couchpotato, 04:08

Well the day has finally come eveyone as Biowae/EA have released a new video showing off the new Mouse &Keyboard UI for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Also GameBanshee has more gameplay videos to watch if you're interested.

It's clear that Electronic Arts' PR is really starting to push Dragon Age: Inquisition now, in anticipation of its November release, as even more gameplay footage of the title has come out.

First of all, there's a Twitch stream from yesterday with creative director Mike Laidlaw and executive producer Mark Darrah playing the PlayStation 4 version of the game. During the stream, the developers showcased character creation, some combat, with and without the tactical camera, and some exploration gameplay.

Then, of course, there are a number of YouTube videos from people that have been invited to play the game by EA.

Friday - October 10, 2014

DA:I - PC Specs, Hands-on & Screenshots

by Aries100, 20:16

Bioware has revealed the pc specs for DA: Inquisition. EA's Origin has the news:

OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD six core CPU @ 3.2 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 3.0 GHz
System RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Graphics Memory: 3 GB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 11
Or, if you're playing on a slightly older setup, here are the minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 2.0 GHz
System RAM: 4 GB
Graphics CARD: AMD Radeon HD 4870, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 10

You can view the official announcement from Bioware here.

At EA's Origin you can also view some new screenshots from the PC edition of the
game as well as read about their PC hands-on experience:

We recently got a hands-on look at the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition to get a sense of everything it has to offer. And because BioWare is a developer whose roots are in PC gaming, you can bet this version of Inquisition is the real deal. It's fine-tuned for excellent mouse and keyboard play; it's got dozens of visual and interface options to tweak; and, of course, it's got 4K resolution and AMD Mantle support for the hardcore rig-building crowd. In fact, we've teamed up with BioWare to reveal the very first screenshots of the PC version, along with its HUD and system requirements, all of which you'll find below. But first, let's talk about how the game plays on PC.  During our time in The Hinterlands, we had a nasty run-in with some demons of the Fade. Using the WASD keys for movement, we charged our maul-wielding warrior into the fray, activated one of his abilities via the sleek PC action bar and smashed an enemy square in the face, incapacitating it for a short time.

Hrungr has made a thread about this at the DA: Inquisition forums.


Source: BioWare

Wednesday - October 08, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - More PC Videos

by Couchpotato, 10:31

Thanks go to Gamebanshee for posting more PC gameplay videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition this week. Just keep in mind they all use the controller GUI again.

Quite a few gameplay videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition have popped up since yesterday, and they seem to follow more or less the same pattern as the last one: they have all been filmed by YouTubers that got a chance to play the game at EA's headquarters, are sponsored by EA Ronku, and show a PC build of the game played with an Xbox controller.

DA:I - Building the Dragon Age Keep

by Couchpotato, 01:41

Bioware released another blog update today with more information on how they built the new Dragon Age Keep to import your starting world state into DA:I.

Dragon Age fans have made some tough decisions over the years – choosing who to kill, who to save, and how to shape their world. Your actions have changed Thedas, and BioWare is making it easy to bring those years of choices into the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. Instead of relying on you keeping your save files for nearly a decade, it has built a tool that will let you redesign the world to match your choices. It’s called the Dragon Age Keep, and caught up with Leah Shinkewski (Producer) and Fernando Melo (Director of Online Development) to find out what inspired the creation of this exciting tool.

Tuesday - October 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PC Gameplay

by Couchpotato, 07:22

Well a lot of you said you wanted PC footage so here you go. A Youtube user by the name of clayman90 had a chance to play a demo, and posted a new video.

I went to EA to play an Early Build of the soon to be released Dragon Age: Inquisition.Though I am not into RPGs I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Looking forward to it

To bad he is using a controller, and he calls himself a PC Gamer.Cool

DA:I - Crafting & Customization Q&A

by Couchpotato, 01:16

Bioware posted a new Q&A on the Dragon Age: Inquisition website three days ago where Creative Director Mike Laidlaw talked  about Crafting & Customization.

An introduction to crafting & customization from Mike Laidlaw:

Before we dive into your questions, let's talk about Inquisition's crafting at a high level. Our goal in allowing you to create your own armor and weapons was twofold. First, we wanted you to have a lot of opportunities to customize your look. Second, we wanted to encourage experimentation and, if things were really cooking, targeted creation.

One example we always used when describing the goals of crafting was that of the dragon hunter. We wanted you, as a player, to have the tools necessary to build armor and weapons custom-tooled toward hunting one of our massive namesakes.

To that end, we developed the concept of the schematic. A schematic determines the shape of the blade if you're crafting a sword or the shape of the core armor if you're crafting protective gear. Each schematic takes some combination of metals, leathers, and cloths, and the materials you choose to use determine the effectiveness of the gear, any bonuses built into it, and the visual appearance. A serpentstone blade, for instance, will be a dull greenish color, and onyx will be a shiny black.

Once you have a core piece of gear, you may also be able to upgrade it. If an armor can take upgrades, they will change the shape of the armor as well as add new properties, but will inherit the color scheme of the core body of the armor. Similarly, if you install a new hilt or pommel onto your sword, it will smoothly unify to match the rest of the blade's color scheme.

Oh, and you can name any gear you create, of course. Perhaps you're a Chumbawamba fan and want to call your war hammer "Nugthumper." Who are we to deny you such simple pleasures?

Sunday - October 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Artbook Leaked

by Couchpotato, 05:41

GameranX has news the artbook for Dragon Age: Inquisition was leaked, and posted some information about Morrigan. It might be considered a spoiler.

Dragon Age Inquistion is not due for release until mid-November - the 18th in North America and the 21st in Europe - however, it seems that some BioWare fans in Russia have already received copies of the associated artbook, which is due out around the same time. 

Those with the book promptly posted images from it online and while the BioWare forum thread about the leaks has been closed, some images and details about the game have been saved by Redditors

Some new information on Morrigan was also revealed, and you may want to stop reading now if you'd like to avoid spoilers. In the original game, Dragon Age: Origins, it was possible to defeat the archdemon through a ritual with Morrigan which involved either a male Warden, Alistair, or Loghain having a child with her. 

Instead of capturing the essence of the archdemon and dying, its soul instead passed to the child, who appears in Inquisition if you agreed to the ritual. Here's what the artbook, roughly translated, says about the Korchari witch and her son.

I wont post the full information so read at your own risk. We at least finally know the god baby was born, and looks like he might be in the game.

Saturday - October 04, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:39

Well time for another news roundup for Dragon Age: Inquisition. So lets get started with a new trailer from Bioware about Crafting & Customization. 

Join us for an in-depth look at the crafting and customization systems of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Personalize your Inquisition by customizing your followers’ gear and combat tactics. Collect recipes used to create powerful upgrades and potent items. Explore the world and gather ingredients to craft one-of-a-kind items!

Next I found a new roundtable Q&A on RPGamer with with EA, and BioWare.

During a roundtable discussion with EA and BioWare, RPGamer learned much more about many of the customization options available for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The team answered question about character customization in terms of appearance and skills as well as crafting and armor customization. Here's a look at some of the highlights from this discussion.

And for last gameidealist has some images and artwork from the game.

New epic artworks are now available for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The new shots show off the male and female human Inquisitor. Of course, gamers can also choose to play as a Dwarf, Elf and Qunari along with the gender option. Other companions from the party are also featured with Blackwall, Cassandra Pentaghast, Cole, Dorian, Iron Bull, Sera, Solas, Varric Tethras and Vivienne all getting the spotlight.

Friday - October 03, 2014

DA:I - The Multiplayer Has Potential

by Couchpotato, 04:47

Robert Purchese of Eurogamer posted a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and talks about how the games multiplayer has potential. Here is some of his reasoning why.

This is a first draft of cooperative multiplayer Dragon Age, and it feels like it. As revisions are made and the team tunes the formula in concert with the community, the combat and encounters could easily improve and provide the verve they're currently lacking. Underneath, the foundations and potential are there.

Thursday - October 02, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Character Creation

by Couchpotato, 02:07

Bioware released another short trailer about character creation Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Join us for a first look at the Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation tool.

Tuesday - September 30, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:03

Another day and we have more news for Dragon Age: Inquisition. To start the news-bit I have a new video from Bioware about the Dragon Age Keep.

Learn how the Dragon Age Keep works and discover some of its key features. In this presentation from PAX Prime 2014, developers Fernando Melo, Leah Shinkewski, and Justin Edmond discuss how the online platform works to get your game ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Bioware also did a new one hour Live Twitch Stream about character customization. If you missed it you can watch the recorded version of the stream here.

VGamerz also posted two new articles about the new stream. The first article is about "New Combat Features and Relationship Meters".

BioWare’s creative director Mike Laidlaw and producer Cameron Lee answered a few Dragon Age Inquisition fan questions on twitch today, unveiling a substantial amount of new content. Combat has grew and progressed into something way more engaging and intuitive. It’s already known that taking cover and jumping will be two new movement actions that will aid combat in Inquisition but there’s more. Players will also experience, for the first time in Dragon Age history, how to play with free cast. Casting skills anytime, anywhere will become a possibility

The second article is about "62 Variations and Endless Possibilities."

BioWare presented Dragon Age Inquisition’s customization system today thought a one hour twitch stream. The new system will be much more complex, detailed and complete. Even though, the body cannot be changed, the face can be altered in every imaginable way. The system is so dense that players will be able to, for example, shape and color their Inquisitor’s inner and outer iris. Inquisiton’s customization system in an open door for possibilities.

I also found some new screenshots for those interested on WorldsFactory.

Electronic Arts just released some stunning new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots, showcasing the unbridled power of Frostbite Engine when coupled with the great artists at Bioware.

Monday - September 29, 2014

DA:I - Interview & Character Creation

by Couchpotato, 06:06

Game on Daily interviewed Producer Scylla Costain in a new video from EGX 2014.

Also IncGamers has news about a new character creation reveal on Monday.

BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw and Cameron Lee will be streaming a reveal of the Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation system (plus new gameplay) on 29 September. That news comes from the Dragon Age: Inquisition site, which also lists the start time for this stream as 10am Pacific (US).

So, anybody wanting to watch some exciting Inquisition face-shaping action from the UK should start watching at 6pm. European viewers should also adapt their times accordingly. The stream will be on BioWare’s Twitch channel.

Not only will you be getting “a first look at Dragon Age: Inquisition’s deep character creation tool” but there’ll also be the chance to “customize an Inquisitor from scratch with your suggestions!” I’m trusting the internet to customise this poor victim into the sort of hideous freak-monster the Inquisition needs to save the realm.

Saturday - September 27, 2014

DA:I - New Interview & EGX Video

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Play Station Lifestyle's Mark Labbe had the chance to interview BioWare’s Cameron Lee to talk about Combat, Reaction to Gay Characters, and other topics.

PSLS: One of the other huge things is the addition of being able to romance gay characters and what not. How has the public reacted to that and how has maybe the public shaped that change?

CL: So, the reactions are always interesting – generally, they are mostly positive. Some people don’t like it, that’s fine, they can… think that way. But the vast majority of people, they think that’s a good thing. We’ve tried to represent a variety of different people, and different sexualities and gender as well. You can be a male, you can be a female, you know, you can change the way that you look, you can have different hairs, different skin tones. So, you know, you give all that type of control to a player that they are… it would seem silly to not also give a choice about their sexual orientation. But yeah, general reception has been good.

Read the link for more information as it's to long to post it here, and now here is the full presentation from EGX 2014 this week to along with the one from yesterday.

Neil Thompson, Director of Art & Animation at BioWare, invites you to discover the vast open world of Dragon Age: Inquisition through a gameplay demo and more at EGX 2014 sponsored by Virgin Media!

Friday - September 26, 2014

DA:I - Gameplay Walkthrough & Trailer

by Couchpotato, 03:53

If you watch to watch another gameplay video for Dragon Age: Inquisition then head on over to Open World Games. They have a new video from EGX 2014.

NEW! EGX 2014 Trailers: Dragon Age inquisition gameplay walkthrough EGX 2014 skyhold, boss battle, weapons, tactics, on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Stay tuned to open world games for more!

Sunday - September 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Skyhold Interview #3

by Couchpotato, 01:22

Bioware posted the third part of their new interview about the Sky Hold. This time they talk about how judgements will work in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

[DRAGON AGE]: Let's talk about the role of the Inquisitor. How much power do you have as leader?

[CAMERON LEE]: As the Inquisitor, you have an authority that spans nations, shaping events and issuing commands to your agents throughout a land in strife. Your power over the fate of thousands also has a personal side. The burden of leadership falls to you, and right or wrong, your choices will have an impact on the lives of those who cross your path.

[DA]: That brings us to the topic of judgments in the game. Can you expand a little bit on that?

[CL]: Sure. The innocent, the misguided, the foolish, and the righteous all must decide which side of the conflict they support, but if they choose poorly, they may find themselves standing before your throne awaiting judgment. This is one of the ways you can see a personal side to your enemies and understand their motivations—and just as importantly, it offers you a chance to reflect on your own decisions and actions throughout the game. 

[DA]: So, you quite literally assume the role of judge, jury, and executioner?

[CL]: Exactly. When you sit on your throne in Skyhold, your advisors will bring a prisoner to you for judgment. Your advisor will read the charges and provide additional information before you have a chance to question the prisoner yourself. Then you'll be asked to decide their fate. Your choices won't be black and white, but shades in between. Set them free, recruit them into the Inquisition, execute them yourself, make them your court jester, or even make them Tranquil are just some examples of the sentences you can pass in a judgment.

[DA]: As with any decision, there may be repercussions to deal with, right?

[CL]: I'll say this: how you judge your enemies may have an impact on your Inquisition. For example, can you live with having an evil agent join the Inquisition if they make it more effective? Other sentences may affect side quests, operations, Skyhold itself, and even your closest companions, so choose wisely.

Thursday - September 18, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Video preview @ GameInformer

by Couchpotato, 01:21

GameInformer has a new video preview for Dragon Age: Inquisition that is based on a few hours of palying a short demo from Bioware.

After gracing our cover last September, the wait for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been eating away at fans eager for their next-gen return to Thedas. Game Informer's Joe Juba and Kimberley Wallace traveled to Bioware Edmonton last year for the cover story and recently Joe returned to finally gets his hands on the game. After playing for hours and writing a large feature for the new issue of the magazine, Joe sat down with Kim to discuss how the game feels and his overall impressions of the experience.

Watch the video preview below to learn what Joe thinks of playing with the combat and exploring the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition and how it compares to previous entries.

Wednesday - September 17, 2014

DA:Inquisition - Skyhold Interview #2

by Couchpotato, 04:52

Bioware posted the second  part of their new interview about the Skyhold in DA:I.

Two weeks ago, Dragon Age fans were introduced to Skyhold—the Inquisition's base of operations—through an article from our friends at Game Informer. Following the article, we caught up with Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee to ask a few follow-up questions. In part 2 of this interview series, Cameron discusses the war table, the role of your advisors, and more!

Sunday - September 14, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Skyhold Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:12

Bioware posted the first part of a new interview about the Skyhold in DA:I.

Last week, Dragon Age fans were introduced to Skyhold—the Inquisition's base of operations—through an article from our friends at Game Informer. Following the article, we caught up with Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee to ask a few follow-up questions.

In part 1 of this interview series, Cameron discusses what Skyhold is used for, what players can do to customize it, who you can interact with there, and more!

[DRAGON AGE]: Can you give us a quick recap on what exactly Skyhold is?

[CAMERON LEE]: Skyhold is a huge fortress and the seat of your power as the leader of the Inquisition. From there, you decide the fate of nations, direct your agents throughout Thedas, pass judgment on your enemies, and decide how you will personally take action against the Elder One.

[DA]: Does Skyhold's appearance change over the course of the game?

[CL]: As you progress, you'll notice some parts of Skyhold expanding and becoming more detailed. Murals may be painted, and trophies collected and mysterious artifacts researched by your Inquisition followers. All of this and more has a physical impact on Skyhold.

[DA]: What areas of Skyhold can players customize?

[CL]: Skyhold can be customized to reflect what sort of Inquisition you're leading. You choose what to do with major parts of the castle such as towers and the courtyard as well as decorations like statues, windows, drapes, furniture, and even the heraldry your Inquisition forces will take into the world.

Wednesday - September 10, 2014

DA:I - First RPG on the Frostbite Engine

by Couchpotato, 03:11

Jacques Lebrun the Technical Director at Bioware posted a new guest post on the Frostbite webpage about how BioWare created their First RPG with it.

As I write this, the Dragon Age team is only a couple of months away from putting the finishing touches on Inquisition, so it’s appropriate to look back at the long and arduous journey of getting to this point. Shortly after the launch of Dragon Age II, with a new generation of gaming on the horizon, we knew we needed to stretch our ambition and deliver a game well beyond anything BioWare had done before, which meant a major shift in technology and in the way we develop our games.

Friday - September 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Skyhold Information

by Aries100, 22:02

Game Informer has new info on Skyhold, the castle which will be our base and home
in DA: Inquisition.
  They've talked to Mike Laidlaw and Cameron Lee about

how the unique functions the castle serves, and how Skyhold gives players a greater sense of the Inquisition's power and progress.

Apparantly our home isn't exactly up to code when we first set eyes on it:

"When you first reach Skyhold, it's not in good shape," Laidlaw says. "There are holes in the roofs, it's wrecked, you can't even go to the entire castle because they haven't cleared out the rubble yet."

However, you can choose the way the castle interior will look like:

This isn’t The Sims, where you fuss over every detail of your dream home. The layout of Skyhold is generally standard, but the Inquisitor makes decision regarding the décor and other elements of the renovation process. For example, if a tower needs to be rebuilt, you can decide if it is outfitted to accommodate mages or Templars, depending on your allegiance. Or, if your character is a Dalish elf, you can furnish the castle with Dalish woodcarving.

Here's a rather interesing quote about the resources you'll need to keep an eye on:

When it comes to expanding your Inquisition, you need to track three different resources. The first is influence, which is effectively like your Inquisition's XP, and it grows as you adventure and complete tasks. When the Inquisition reaches a new level, you can spend points on global upgrades like the ability to carry more potions or the chance to harvest extra crafting materials. The second resource is power. While influence constantly grows, power is more of a currency that you earn and spend down. Power is used to advance the main story, but also to unlock optional areas at the war table. The third resource is time. The Inquisitor doesn't handle every problem personally, so special missions called operations (also unlocked with power) allow you to send agents to finish them in real time. After a set amount of time passes (some operations can take a full day or more), the mission is complete and you get your reward.

Thanks to Fiery Phoenix at the  Bioware DA:I forums.


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Another Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:34

Well here are two more news articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition this week. The first article is a new interview with Mike Laidlaw at Gamingbolt.

Leonid Melikhov: Tell us from a top level what has changed in Inquisition? How is it different from Dragon Age 2 and yet has the same feel and vibe as Dragon Age Origins?

Mike Laidlaw: Well, that’s a good question. There are really two big things that have shifted. We’re really trying to do “best of” for the Dragon Age feeling, because we talked about this as making it the defining Dragon Age experience. That means pulling in the tactical camera from Origins which was only good on PC.

Putting it on all 5 platforms, which was a fundamental decision from day one, and being able to retain our focus on that has really worked for Dragon Age which makes it kind of unique and stand out. Focusing on the party, party dynamics and interaction, both when you’re engaging in dialogue and when you engage in combat. You’ve got four characters direct under control the way you go.

Those are the things that I think are really critical to keeping it feeling it like Dragon Age, but our opportunity was when we moved to Frostbite, the new engine. It was like “oh wow, we need to retool a lot of stuff” but it was an engine that was used to make jet fighters fight over the top of tanks, fight over top of guys and we were like “well we could do big spaces right?” We could actually go back to exploration and in Origins I think we wanted that feeling but the engine could never quite match it.

With Inquisition, we’re letting you set a few of your own objectives to pursue your own goals and basically be able to crest the bridge and go “hey, what’s that thing down there? I wanna find out..” and that sense of discovery is just so much better.

The second article is from Gamemoir about the hate for Bioware after releasing the list of romancable npc's in the game. They actually make a good point.

In the end though it really should not matter what was done or how the game is; extreme hate and anger is never helpful nor justified.  It certainly sucks that you will not be able to romance your favorite character with a male qunari in Dragon Age and its no fun that your favorite sniper rifle no longer shoots as fast.  The way you played or want to play the game has been changed its not what you wanted it to be.  Being upset at that is okay and it is certainly okay to let BioWare or Treyarch or DICE or whoever that you are upset.  But you if you just scream at them “you suck! go die in a fire!” they will not listen.  That message is just meaningless and does not help them understand why you are upset so it will be ignored.  Now if you tell them “I disagree with this latest thing because of x and y” well then they might.

At the very least its worth having respect for them as a fellow person who is just trying to do the best they can at their job.  And after all, while you may not like how the game turned out, you would not have it at all without them.  That is worth something at least.

Thursday - September 04, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roudnup

by Couchpotato, 06:08

Alright time foe more article , and videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition. So lets get started with a new video from Pax Prime 2014 with Outside Xbox.

Morrigan returns for Dragon Age: Inquisition and although the Witch of the Wilds is not a playable party member, she is important and, according to producer Cameron Lee, less of an 'ice queen' this time around. For this and other Dragon Age: Inquisition titbits such as the new-look Fade, undead horse mounts and Mass Effect's Samantha Traynor doing the voice of a female Qunari Inquisitor.

Next Mike Laidlaw released the whole list of romanceable NPC's for the the game on the forums, and as usual the whole internet is in a up-roar over the choices.

Here are our “core” romance options. They are available to players of any race, and fulfill our first design goal of providing multiple options to everyone:

  • Cassandra is interested in male characters.
  • Blackwall is interested in female characters.
  • Josephine is interested in both male and female characters
  • Iron Bull is interested in both male and female characters
  • Sera is interested in female characters.
  • Dorian is interested in male characters.

Two “additional” romance options were added to the game as a result of the extra development time DA:I received. They are more limited in scope, largely for reasons directly related to their story arcs, but are otherwise the equal of the other options:

  • Cullen is interested in female elves and female humans.
  • Solas is interested in female elves only.

This means that of our core cast, Varric, Vivienne, Cole, and Leliana are not romance options. While we know this may disappoint some fans who were interested in them, we don’t believe that they lose out, as each character engages in their own meaningful story.

Wednesday - September 03, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Preview

by Couchpotato, 03:16

Adam Cook of GodisaGeek has put together a new video preview for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and posted another video from Gamescom 2014 from last month.

At gamescom this year, Calvin got a lengthy hands on with the shiny, new-gen Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hear him talk to Adam about his hour with the game.

Calvin interviews Bioware's Aaryn Flynn and gets all the details on Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Tuesday - September 02, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:53

Lady Insanity was at Pax Prime this week, and posted three new videos. The first video is a preview of the new Dragon Age Keep from Bioware that imports game data.

Welcome to the latest version of Dragon Age Keep! A guide that helps you choose the decisions you made in Dragon Age: Origins and 2, and re-experience your decisions.

This will be the same presentation that PAX attendees will see, but Bioware wanted to make sure that YOU get to see it as well. Thanks again to Bioware!

Her second video is a conversation with Bioware from Pax Prime 2014.

We give our feedback and they share some light into the development of Keep and things moving forward.

And her final video is about the new Co-op multi-player mode.

Reading the descriptions for the 6 announced characters (out of 12) for Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer. Seen from the Tarot cards handed out during PAX Prime 2014.

Monday - September 01, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PC Gamer Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:38

PC Gamer interviewd Producer Scylla Costa about the games co-op multiplayer mode.

Sunday - August 31, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:35

GamerHubTV has a new video interview with BioWare Developer Cameron Lee.

BioWare developer Cameron Lee discusses the latest details about Dragon Age Inquisition in this exclusive gameplay preview interview from Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Next Bioware posted a new video FAQ about the new Dragon Age Keep.

Narrated By Fernando Melo, Director of Online Development at BioWare Edmonton.



Saturday - August 30, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Wired Interview #2

by Aries100, 21:02

Kantr at the DA: I forums points us towards the scond part of the Wired interview where they talk to Mark Darrah and Mike Laidlaw. This time they discuss how the DA:I will make sure the stort from the other gamers carries over to the next gen consoles. They also discuss how the reception of DA2 has changed they way the team decided to make DA:Inquisition.

The reaction to Dragon Age 2 was perhaps not what you would have wanted. What have you learned from or responded to most from that.

MD: Criticisms of weight is one. Weight is a big, huge thing we've changed. Now you're not swinging a six foot foam mallet, you're swinging six feet of steel when you're a two handed warrior.

ML: It has a lot more impact. We've tried to keep the pacing and responsiveness of the second game, but some things are deliberately a bit slower. Being able to cast a fireball and have it go bang, but then having your enemies run away from the area of effect before it hits -- that all works really well. Talent trees were very well received from DA2, whereas in the original it was like "here are four dots and you can buy rank four after rank three". People were bored by that.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - First look at the PC UI

by Aries100, 19:14

Hrungr on the DA:Inquisition's forums point to new tweet from Mark Darrah where he reveals how the PC UI will look in this game. You can see the PC UI here - you'll need to scroll down a bit.

And from Hungr's post about this in the DA:I forums over at Bioware, here some quotes about the PC UI tweeted from Mark Darrah.

Mike Laidlaw @Mike_Laidlaw 

PC question 1: 8 Ability slots?

A: Yes, per character. Changeable between combat.


Mike Laidlaw @Mike_Laidlaw 

PC Question 2: What is that TAB thing?

A2: Highlight stuff in the world.


Mike Laidlaw @Mike_Laidlaw

PC Question 3: Why 8?

A: 32 abilities (along with passives/upgrades) across the party provides a broad spectrum of tactical options.


Mike Laidlaw @Mike_Laidlaw 

Ability count clarity: DAI is about roles, planning ahead and making tactical decisions. Potions, ability choice, gear, party composition.

Friday - August 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Wired

by Aries100, 19:42

Wired Magazine has done a two part interview with Bioware about DA: Inquisition.
In the first part of the two part interview Wired talks with both Mark Darrah and Mike Laidlaw. After some talk about the new generation for consoles and how large the game is, here's a rather surprising twist - about the lore in the game:

Inquisition is the third main game now, and you have millennia of history in the Dragon Age world. How do you keep that straight amongst yourselves, particularly when story paths can branch off?
ML: We hired a crime reporter. We actually did. One of our editors is someone we brought on initially as a contractor and then hired full-time because he's fantastic. He is a research specialist and was a crime reporter with the Edmonton newspaper. He's very dedicated and very thorough -- crime isn't something you want to mis-report -- and what he'd do is comb through everything in Origins, everything in the novels, everything in Dawn of the Seeker, the comics, all the different products. We've developed this internal wiki that tracks the states of all the characters. There are various fields for the characters: Dead, Alive, and Quantum, for characters like Alistair who may or may not be alive depending on player choice. Within the entry, it explicitly says "If Dead: This. If Alive: This". So we have that as our internal reference, and while the fans maintain a really good one, they can't put notes about what's coming, so we have to have our own.

According to Wired the next part of the interview will feature design decisions.

Thanks to Kantr at the DA: Inquisitions forums.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ PC Gamer

by Aries100, 19:19

Wolfhowwl from the Bioware forums points to PC Gamer which has a preview of DA: Inquisition.  Here's a quote about characters:

There are nine potential companions, but despite the effort they took to design, voice, and write, you can skip meeting or recruiting most of them entirely, and they can be dismissed at any time. Inquisition's combat system finally gives equal favor to its real-time and pausable approaches to fighting.

And a quote about the Dales Highlands:

The intro to the Dales is incredibly light. An arcane, malicious blizzard has grasped the area's rough, typically-thawed cliffs, icing the river that nearby Sarhnia depends on for food and trade. What I notice throughout this area, and appreciate, is the lack of heavy-handed exposition about who, what, where, and why: the theme of the Highlands, as I discover simply by fighting through it, is driving out an invader and advancing the frontline.

A quote on Inquisition perks:

Also nestled into the War Table (but separated from operations) are Inquisition perks, which draw on influence that you gain from exploring Thedas and completing quests. (If power is "Inquisition gold," as Darrah puts it, influence is Inquisition XP, effectively.) There are four perk types: Forces, Secrets, Connections, and simply ‘Inquisition', the first three of which are tied to those previously mentioned advisors. A Forces perk might increase your potion capacity by four; a Secrets perk might increase the XP you earn from picking up codex entries; one Connections perk grants better merchant offers on rare items. Skyhold changes as a reflection of which perks you favor, although I wasn't told how.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Another Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:10

Here is another a few more articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition this week. So let's start with PC Gamer with some information about the Co-op multiplayer.

Support will include ME3-style chests, which will players unlock new characters and items, and will be available through in-game currency or microtransactions. In addition, Bioware are planning the free release of updates and levels. All of which sounds extremely similar to Mass Effect 3, which was supported with new content for a decent amount of time. If Dragon Age: Inquisition can get new stuff for longer, it'll be a healthy boost for what sounds like a promising mode

 The next article is from Gamezone about the games micro-transactions.

While BioWare has announced that the RPG will host a multitude of free and appealing add-ons such as such as additional characters and periodic new multiplayer adventures, it will also offer the dreaded in-game purchase. In this instance it’s geared towards buying Platinum, the game’s currency, which can be used to buy essentially anything for MP but does not effect the single-player mode.

Cheat Code Central also talks about the micro-transaction uproar.

The internet is in an uproar. The ramble rousing has commenced. Can you hear the people sing? Sorry, they aren't singing. Rather, they're tweeting in frustration over Dragon Age: Inquisition. Apparently, people forgot that, despite being developed by BioWare, Dragon Age: Inquisition is an EA game. And EA, being ever so money hungry, likes to shove microtransactions into every possible game. See where I'm going with this?

In case you haven't, let's spell it out. Dragon Age: Inquisition has microtransactions. They tie into the game's cooperative, online multiplayer mode. Let me elaborate. These microtransactions are optional, as everything in the multiplayer mode can be earned via hard work, elbow grease, and dungeon grinding. The items that could be purchased with "platinum" could be bought with gold coins as well. Also, the online multiplayer itself is completely optional, and doesn't touch the main game.

Thursday - August 28, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:19

Here is another roundup of news for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Lets get started with a new video from video that gives us a glimpse of the Co-op action in multiplayer.

Join us for a first look at Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer. Become an agent of the Inquisition and face your enemies in 4-player co-op adventures.

After wacthing the video Gameinfomer has a A Step-By-Step Guide To Multiplayer.

During a visit to BioWare’s Edmonton studio, I got a chance to play the newly announced multiplayer mode for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The company has talked extensively about what the game’s single-player campaign entails, but this new co-op mode will be uncharted territory for some Dragon Age fans – especially those who did not play Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer.

Thankfully, there’s no reason to be intimidated; Inquisition’s approach to co-op is accessible and easy to understand. This step-by-step guide gives you an idea what to expect from your introductory hours of multiplayer, and how that experience can evolve over time.

Next Ausgamers has a new hands-on preview based on an early demo.

After what felt like 10 minutes, it was time for the next group to come in, and I found myself eager to have more time with Inquisition. While I rage quit on Dragon Age II’s corridor-like external locales, my time with Inquisition cast the right kind of magic over me to restore faith in the franchise and show that the BioWare promises are on track for an engaging action-RPG experience.

And for last a new article that talks about the game being Bioware’s most ambitious, and dangerous game yet from Gamingtrend.

Though Dragon Age: Inquisition may spell the most ambitious game the company has created to date, it also marks the dawn of a new age.  Fresh hardware has hit the market and has had a full year to mature.  PCs are more powerful and cheaper than they ever have been, with large amounts of memory available to both platforms.  Dragon Age II spent less than two years in development which clearly hurt the end result, but Inquisition has had nearly double that time to bake.  Dragon Age Keep shows a hefty amount of effort in taking into account the decisions of the past, but we can only hope that the ending sums up it nicely. I, for one, am not worried though.  While the good Doctors may be gone, the age of Laidlaw, Darrah, and others have just begun.

I think the site was paid off just read the last part.Cool

Wednesday - August 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:58

MSN Games has an interview with BioWare who talks about the Frostbite engine, and the terrible ending of the Mass Effect series. So here is a small sample.

"It's changed a lot," Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee told GamesFIX. "One of the most important aspects that's changed is that there's a broader expectation of what gamers want."

It takes only ten minutes with Inquisition to understand Lee's mentality: there's so much to take in for a game set in an open, sprawling game world, and it's clear that BioWare is creating it's most ambitious game yet.

That ambition is fuelled by a game engine - by definition, a game "engine" is a a framework that makes the game run - that has become known by gamers as the engine for first-person shooters. It's the first time "Frostbite", an award-winning technical architecture that allows for truly spectacular virtual environments, has been used for this type of game.

"In order to do something with what we're doing with Inquisition, the scope of it, the depth of it, it wouldn't have been possible on the previous engine," Lee explains. Having multiple open areas that let you explore these different environments and themes, not to mention the destruction that the game experience dictates, just wouldn't have been possible without Frostbite.

"We've spent a bit of time building upon the core Frostbite engine, which was obviously made as a shooter engine, so we've had to build a lot of stuff."

And it seems IGN has confirmed Dragon Age: Inquisition will have also have Multiplayer. It seems the game will allow Co-op play, and be all about the loot.

Cooperative multiplayer is coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the four-player adventure isn’t as close to Mass Effect 3’s online mode as you might expect. Both share qualities, particularly in their economies, but in almost every instance, Inquisition’s levels, characters, and economy are significantly deeper.

Saturday - August 23, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview & QA

by Couchpotato, 06:15

AusGamers interviewed Producer Cameron Lee to talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

AusGamers: I find that games nowadays rarely seem to be single genre. So, every shooter you’re looking at nowadays has RPG mechanics, as a given. But when you go over to the RPG world, it’s a bit more difficult to find those obvious links to other genres, I mean, outside of the idea of an action-RPG. What sort of other genres or games specifically outside of the RPG realm are you looking to, and how will we see that evidenced in Inquisition?

Cameron: Great question, and putting me on the spot when I’m really tired.

AusGamers: You’re welcome.

Cameron: Influence comes in from all kinds of places. It could be movies: our art director is a big fan of Japanese movies and Renaissance art, so you get influence everywhere, and that’s just from the art side of things. From a game-design point of view, they could be, I’m trying to think, like operations at the war table, there are many games that have done this concept of, I have people working for me and I’m going to use this UI to order them to do things. And so when you look at that and you go, okay, well we have this big organisation that we lead, how do we lead them? And then how do we make it immersive, how do we make it part of the game world? Then you start thinking about, okay, what if you really were a commander and you had a war table, you could imagine, generals would have in medieval times, and then what would that mean? Okay, I can now order my people out, and then you start linking it back into other systems that you have, and that’s really where the iteration and the development comes from. So, for example, as a leader of the Inquisition, you can judge people. You have a throne, right? And you can sit on the throne and you can judge people, and a number of those judgements can actually lead to you making people serve you as an agent, so you judge them and say, ‘I’m not going to cut your head off, but you’re going to come work for me now.’ So they become agents, and by getting agents, you speed up or enhance some of the operations you can do at the war table, so all of these things link together in that way. We look at this influence in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, you’ll be sitting there at night playing a game, or sitting there in bed and go, ‘Shit, that was really cool fun,’ and then you start to follow it through and it takes on a life of its own now.

Bioware also posted a new combat Q&A on the games website. Unfortunately the questions are random, and I'm short on time so just read the link.

Friday - August 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Keep Questionnaire

by Couchpotato, 05:47

Eurogamer has a new article with some leaked images, and information about the new Dragon Age Keep that helps players shape the game world.

Images from the Dragon Age Keep beta have emerged online, and they reveal a detailed questionnaire designed to determine the state of the world in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The images, which popped up on Imgur and were spotted by Reddit (via VG247), contain spoilers for both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. The questionnaire is pretty detailed, and digs into much of the major decisions made during the first two games in BioWare's fantasy role-playing series.

Thursday - August 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Details & Screens

by Couchpotato, 06:19

Behind Games has some new details and screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition there will be 4 different Races: Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Qunari.

Dwarves are short, stocky, and most spend their entire lives underground. Those living in exile on the surface are commonly merchants or smugglers. Because dwarves have no connection to the Fade, they cannot be mages, but receive a 25% bonus to Magic Defense.

Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish. Elves receive a bonus of 25% to Ranged Defense.

The Qunari are a race of horned giants who follow a strict religious text known as the Qun. Those who have abandoned its principles are known as Tal-Vashoth and often work as mercenaries. Qunari characters get a bonus of 50 to Health.

Humans are the most numerous and powerful race in Thedas. They are also the most divided politically and seem to thirst for conflict. Human characters receive a bonus ability point at the start of the game.

In addition here is some new details about the three classes:


Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional. When they turn that mental focus onto the field of war, they can be truly terrifying opponents. Rains of fire, walls of ice, or even the ability to heal allies make up a mage’s toolkit. Most employ considerable skills rendering foes not only weakened, but also vulnerable to physical attacks, setting up opportunities for their teammates to exploit.


Armed with bows, daggers, and any number of dirty tricks, the rogue’s primary focus is damage: tearing foes down one at a time with systematic efficiency. Rogues commonly use a mixture of stealth and mobility to reach positions of advantage, be it a sniper’s perch away from enemy blades or behind an unsuspecting mage. Deadly and resourceful, rogues can tip the balance of any strategic assault.


Battle-hardened and masters of close combat, warriors are pivotal to any group entering battle. As front-line fighters, they absorb the brunt of opponent attacks, steal enemy focus, and create an opening for deadly ranged assaults from other classes. While some warriors prefer visceral, sweeping damage, many are silverite-clad bulwarks, weathering any blows they don’t deflect with their shields.

Wednesday - August 20, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:39

IGN has a new fourteen mintue gameplay demo video from Gamescoms last week.

BioWare stops by the IGN booth with a brand new demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition, live from Gamescom.

They also have a new article about the games improved relationship system.

Sex and relationships typically suck in video games. Relationships are about sustainability, commitment, and building something meaningful, but when it comes to romantic relationships in interactive stories, getting laid is typically the endgame.

Not always, though, and that's something BioWare is learning from when it comes to improving relationships romantic, and platonic in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I also found a new interview with with producer Cameron Lee on MMGN from Gamescom about how Frostbite changed Bioware's approach to development.

MMGN: How have fan expectations changed for the genre? Do you find yourself trying to appease a different audience now than you were with the first Dragon Age?

Cameron Lee: Wow. It’s changed a lot. One of the most important aspects that’s changed is that there’s a broader expectation of what gamers want. Some players want really niche aspects of RPGs, some want action orientated RPGs, some want customisation. What we’ve definitely seen is the scope of what someone wants is very different compared to the days of the Gold Box series. It’s like, ‘Just give me an RPG!’ and we knew what they wanted. I think that these days, RPG means different things for different people.

MMGN: Bioware has been vocal saying this is the biggest Dragon Age yet. Has working with the Frostbite engine permitted you the flexibility to enhance the scope in the way you have?

Cameron Lee: Definitely. In order to do something with what we’re doing with Inquisition, the scope of it, the depth of it, it wouldn't have been possible on the previous engine. Like the Eclipse Engine, and Unreal and stuff like that.

Sunday - August 17, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Writing Villains

by Aries100, 10:53

The Bioware Blog for DA: Inquisition has been updated with an interview where the Bioware writers explain what it takes to write villains. The interview is with David Gaider, Sylvia Feketekuty and Lukas Kristjanson. David Gaider answers the first question:

[DRAGON AGE]: Before we begin, who is your favorite villain from the previous Dragon Age games, and why?
[DAVID GAIDER]: I'd say Loghain in Dragon Age: Origins, primarily because I couldn't blame him for feeling as he did. Was he paranoid and ultimately wrong? Yes, but I could imagine myself stepping into his shoes and taking some of the same actions he did... which is a little frightening.

A quote about evil characters:

[DA]: In your opinion, what makes an evil character truly memorable?
[SF]: A good dynamic foil. A viewpoint that fascinates, even if it's self-serving or covering an agenda. (There's a reason everyone remembers the cuckoo-clock speech from The Third Man.) The antagonists who stay with me typically change a story's protagonists when they clash, whether by forcing them to adapt or by irreversibly altering their entire worldview.

A quote about how Bioware creates characters:

[LK]: You need to be able to do both because it really depends on when you join a project. If you're in early enough, you can craft the character along with the role, but a lot of times the role and/or plot is necessarily defined already. I prefer knowing where they need to fit because then I know the pieces I have to work with. A lesson from growing up with LEGO: limitations breed creative solutions. The freedom to make stuff up also comes with the uncertainty of what will need to be cut. In either case, I can't do anything without keeping the needs of the overall game in mind.


Friday - August 15, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 06:10

Here are a few more screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition with a few in-game characters, and locations from Gamescom at Game Idealist.

The newest screenshots from Dragon Age: Inquisition are now available at Gamescom. The new set displays some characters (Cole, Varric and Vivienne) along with locations (Breach, Fade, Hinterlands, Red Cliff and War Table).

I'm to lazy to upload them to our site instead.Wink

Wednesday - August 13, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - GamesCom Trailer

by Aries100, 17:15

Bioware has revealed a new trailer for this game at GamesCom 2014. Entitled The Enemy of Thedas it reveals many things which you learn about here.  For good measure, a quote:

Darkness descends over the world of Thedas. Tales of an Elder One emerge from whisper. The legendary heroes of the Inquisition must stand together when its power and faith fall under attack.

In this thread, started by KC_Prototype, at the Bioware forums, you'll learn, via Mike Laidlaw's tweet, that Hawke is back.

Thanks to Dargon Affected at the Bioware forums, you can view how Bioware presented
DA: Inquisition at the EA GamesCom Press Conference. 
Aaryn Flynn, general manager of Bioware, present the video telling us about Skyhold, customization of the Inquisitor, new missions, the tactical camera and much more.

DA FAN at the Bioware forums has made a thread in which you discuss the trailer,
the tweets and other updates regarding this game from GamesCom 2014.

Tuesday - August 12, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ GamesTM

by Couchpotato, 05:26

GamesTM has a new interview with Producer Cameron Lee to talk about how Bioware is learning from past mistakes for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age 2 was a very different beast to Origins, and Inquisition looks closer to the original, but what key things have been brought from both games?

We started out by looking at how players used and what they liked about Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. We also look at what the market’s doing too because it’s been so long since those games; when you’re planning a game that takes three or four years to make you have to look ahead and try to predict what might happen.

We did look long and hard at everything, not just at what the core fans want but also what other fans who don’t necessarily talk to us on the forums or on Twitter and we can gauge a lot of their reactions through the telemetry data that we get.

Releasing in November, there is a small alarm bell ringing that it hasn’t been widely available to play. Even at E3, so close to launch, it was a presentation only. To allay the doubts and concerns of DA fans out there, what’s the thinking behind that decision?

It’s a really simple answer, it’s really hard to convey the context of the RPG, characters, story and concepts if people just get their hands on it and play it for five minutes. They’re missing the context, so that’s why we did it this way.

What we’ll probably do next year is an open theatre style booth – or the next time we do a Dragon Age game – so that people can see it in action but that’s really all it is. We have been doing behind-closed-doors for people to get a feel for it, but that’s a more intimate one-to-one experience with someone talking you through it.

Sunday - August 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video & Pre-Orders

by Couchpotato, 08:05

Bioware released a new video from the San Diego Comic-Con last month.

We took a tour on down to San Diego for Comic-Con to show off demos of Dragon Age: Inquisition and reveal new information about the next Mass Effect. Take a gander at the new Mako and learn how we created such realistic dragon fights.

Also a site called guide4games has more information about pre-orders.

EA and BioWare have announced the Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Collector’s Editions with the price of $170. The game will be available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014 in America and November 21, 2014 in Europe. The firms have introduced two expansive collector’s edition, Inquisitor Edition and Deluxe Edition.

Saturday - August 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Twitter Updates

by Couchpotato, 07:17

Only SP rounded up a few more details for Dragon Age: Inquisition based on some new tweets from the games developers this week.

According to Laidlaw, there will be no swimming in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a feature that every open world game really should have to be honest. It’s sort of surprising to see how many open world games simply do not have the ability to swim. As of right now, there’s no plan to even patch it in.

A feature that players immediately noticed following the recently released combat video for Dragon Age: Inquisition was that archers did not seem to have a quiver for their arrows, a feature that has been in Dragon Age since Origins. Laidlaw has confirmed that the minor detail has been added in.

Another important reveal made by Laidlaw lets us know that players will be able to fully complete Dragon Age: Inquisition before ending the main storyline.

Lastly, in regards to character customization, you will not be able to change the physical features of your companions, but you can customize their weapons and armor to your liking, according to the official Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitter account.

Wednesday - August 06, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Creatures & Features

by Couchpotato, 06:35

Bioware released another trailer this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition where Producer Cameron Lee talks about the games new creatures, and features.

Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee talks through some of the brand new characters, creatures, features and abilities in the third instalment of the epic role-playing series.

Tuesday - August 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:20

Bioware has released another video on their blog with Alix Wilton Regan who is one of the voices of the Inquisitor, and she discusses her role in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I also found a new post on the Bioware forums from a member called ViSeiRa who posted information from the PC Gamer UK September Issue.


  • Red Lyrium is an anti-magic substance... an opposite force to normal (blue) Lyrium.
  • Tactics are in (automated AI settings as described by the writer) and apparently you can set how much mana a mage companion can keep in reserve and at which HP threshold would a companion use a heath potion.. so looks like more grained control over tactics.
  • After clearing parts of an area you can set up camps in that area, they give you access to scouts and you gain power, the resource you spend on operations.
  • Certain parts of a map can be locked until you clear other ones.
  • You can mark certain areas as operation points on the map so that you can deal with them when you return to your base of operations, Skyhold.
  • You manage your operations through the war table in Skyhold, and by doing so you get resources like gold and loot or agents, some of the operations are tied to the main plot like an operation involving the chantry in Val Royeux.
  • Some operations are resolved instantly and some require you to pick an advisor (Cullen, Leliana or Josephine) to resolve them, they're unavailable while conducting the operation.
  • There's a new resources besides power (which you spend on operations) which is called influence.
  • Influence gives you inquisition perks, those are divided into four types: Forces, Secrets, Connections and "Inquisition".
  • The first three perks are tied to the advisors. A Forces perk might increase your potion capacity by four; a Secrets perk might increase the XP you earn from picking up codex entries; one Connections perk grants better merchant offers on rare items.
  • Skyhold changes as a reflection of which perks you favour (doesn't elaborate more on how) though it won't be related to decorations since you do that manually from a menu. You can change everything from the windows, throne, banner, and heraldry to the drapes.
  • Dragon fights are all scripted and they have their own personalities.
  • Dragons have a main health bar and a health bar for each limb, you can't deal massive amounts of damage to it without dealing with its limbs first.

Wednesday - July 30, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 17:52

RPGSite had the chance to interview Mike Laidlaw to ask him some more questions about Dragon Age: Inquisition as it gets closer to release in a few months.

RPG Site: Dragon Age II had a mixed response. To my eye, it felt like it critically did a lot better than it fared with the fans - many critics with no particularly strong feelings about the first game found it a solid title, but fans of the original game were disappointed. How do you approach a sequel with a fanbase that, in theory, is split? What do you change?

Mike Laidlaw: Well... the wild card for the whole thing is really the move to Frostbite, right? So, we're on a whole new engine, we're changing tech. When that happens, you basically have to rebuild all of your systems from the ground up. Frostbite is an amazing engine for visuals, but it is definitely not an RPG engine out of the box by any means.

As such, we had an enormous engineering challenge in front of us. It was a challenge, but it was also a very good opportunity to sit back and look at everything. To say, "Okay, what do we consider to be the defining characteristics of the Dragon Age experience?" Obviously, feedback for Dragon Age II was incorporated into that. But that aside, I think that's more about understanding what makes Dragon Age unique, what makes it stand out, rather than what did or didn't work in the previous game. 

For me personally, if I had to boil it down to a single concept, it's the party. It's not just you; you're not a solo adventurer - you are part of a team. Teamwork in gameplay is a part of that. The fact that we have a bunch of rich characters is a part of that. The fact that the follows are probably the most beloved part of Dragon Age is a part of that. It all really comes back to the party.

As such, when we sat down to look at it... we then need to examine how we make our unique features stand out even more. That realization led to some really key decisions. It's through that core understanding that we decided that, yes, although it's challenging, we were going to do a tactical camera, being able to control the whole party, the party hopefully players love, with a full overview at any time for the whole game. That really started the whole discussion because all of our ability designs needed to work both tactically and in real time. 

Next Game Informer talk about the return of Leliana.

For the most part, Leliana has been peaceful and upbeat, devoting her life to religion and striving for redemption from her checkered past. However, she has had time to change and grow since we last saw her, and BioWare has been building her up as an agent of the Divine (the head of the Chantry). Here are some interesting issues and characteristics we think the red-headed bard will bring.

And for last Game Idealist has news on a new expensive strategy guide that includes DLC, and other goodies. The catch here is it will cost you $119.99.

Dragon Age Inquisition is getting a super expensive collector’s edition strategy guide, according to Amazon. The Dragon Age Inquisition: Prima Official Inquisitor Edition has a regular price of $119.99, twice as much as the videogame. Amazon currently has the item on sale even though the price tag could change at any time. You can find the current amount, along with other details, right now with this Amazon link.

Update: Bioware also announced the delay of the Dragon Age Keep.

With the recent announcement of a new release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition, we’d also like to provide an update on the Dragon Age Keep .

To coincide with the November 18, 2014, launch of Inquisition, we will also be moving the Keep’s launch date. Accordingly, we’ll be extending our beta program, meaning there’s still plenty of time to get involved with the Keep.

For those unfamiliar with the Keep, it’s a companion Web experience that allows you to customize your story choices across the Dragon Age franchise. This ensures that regardless of what platform you play on, you’ll always have your Thedas the way you made it.

Tuesday - July 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Combat Video

by Couchpotato, 20:27

Bioware released another gameplay trailer this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition that gives us an in-depth look at the games combat system.

Join us for an in-depth look at the multi-faceted combat system of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Learn how to command the battle with a demonstration of both real-time action and the strategic tactical camera.

Friday - July 25, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 15:30

I managed to roundup a few more articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition. All three deal with the new delay for thirty days announced by Bioware this week.

Technology Tell - Dragon Age: Inquisition delay is Okay

While the Dragon Age: Inquisition delay is definitely a bummer, and makes my impatient nerve tingle, game delays are usually for the best. It would be nice if a developer could overestimate how long a game will take them to make, and end up with earlier release dates than planned. But release dates are just one of those things. When you’re dealing with something as detail-oriented as building a game, last minute things can come up.

Cheat Code Central - Delay was to be Expected

November 18, 2014 is positively barren. Sure, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be up against Far Cry 4 and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, but better to face competition from only two games during one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year, than be one of eight major releases in a seven day span.

The point is, the Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't a huge surprise, and it's really nothing to get worked up over. True, we have to wait 30 days more, but we should think of it this way: October and November 2014 are going to be two of the busiest months in gaming, with multiple games coming out one after another. We'll all be so busy, the time will fly by.

And the last one is more about EA , but talks about the delay also.

Gimme Gimme GamesBattlefield, Dragon Age delays show a changed EA

Something happened this week that I don’t think many of us cynical gamers thought would happen. EA delayed not one but two major holiday releases, even pushing a Battlefield title until after the holiday season.

Dragon Age Inquisition was delayed from mid-October until November 18th and Battlefield Hardline was moved from October 21st until sometime between January and March 2015. EA has a history of rushing games out to hit shelves by the holidays, with Battlfield 4 being the most recent example.

Over 9 months later, Battlfield 4 is still full of bugs across consoles and PC. Some have been fixed while others have lingered since release and new problems have popped up since then. Its things like this that make EA one of the most hated companies in the US, they’re lack of concern for putting out a quality product on day one versus capitalizing on a busy shopping season.

Tuesday - July 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 15:40

DSO Gaming has new screenshot for Dragon Age: Inquisition from Bioware.

Electronic Arts and Bioware have just released a new screenshot for their upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. This new image shows one of the game’s beautiful environments that players will get to explore. Dragon Age: Inquisition is powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine and is currently planned for an October 10th release. Enjoy!

Next The Examiner has news the game might have Co-Op added to it.

Considering that Dragon Age has never included multiplayer support added with the fact that the Bioware had never discussed the topic for Dragon Age: Inquisition does make it seems slightly odd that they would be unwilling to deny such a feature given that fans will ultimately find out when the game launches in less than three months time. Perhaps the developer simply doesn’t want to upset gamers who love to play co-op titles by confirming that there will be no such addition to Inquisition, but those players would likely already be uninterested in a Dragon Age game.

To make the matter seem even more suspicious, Bioware also told fans to ‘keep an eye’ on the developer’s official social networking accounts to future updates on the topic of co-op. Again, if the game was going to continue the franchise’s tradition of being a singleplayer-only title, why wouldn’t the developer simply confirm that Dragon Age: Inquisition won’t have multiplayer elements? By not discussing such a major element about the game this close to launch, Bioware either wants to create an air of mystery around their upcoming release or the developer does indeed have something hidden up their sleeves.

And I saved the best for last since I know most of you will like it. A site called Jump to Gamer has a list of all things Bioware has done to kill the series.

In conclusion, it seems that BioWare are happy running the Dragon Age series into the ground, and themselves with it. Rather than list to their fans and learn from their past mistakes they are more than happy to keep steam rolling ahead. Their staff are doing everything they can to appease all groups to recoup the the fans they lost with the release of Dragon Age 2, even at the expense of using racial slurs. Will Dragon Age Inquisition spell the end of BioWare and the series? Who knows, but I for one believe that it will be a financial failure for them even if the major review companies list it as the best RPG of the decade as they did with its predecessor. No words are needed when professional critics award a game 10/10 yet the user meta-critic score is below 5. BioWare are making the same mistakes they’ve made before and this time they are coming to light before the release of the game, we need only wait until October 7th to see how many fans BioWare really have lost.

Update: It seems the game is now delayed again. Executive Producer Mark Darrah of Dragon Age: Inquisition had this to say on the games blog.

I’m writing to let you know that Dragon Age: Inquisition has a new release date of November 18, 2014 in North America (November 21st in EU). We appreciate the enormous support we’ve received from all of you to get to this point, and while this extra few weeks may not seem like a lot, I know the game you’ll play will be all the better for it.

Since we began working on Dragon Age: Inquisition almost four years ago, our goal was to create the best Dragon Age experience ever. It was that goal that motivated many of our decisions: moving to Frostbite, bringing race choice and customization back, improving tactical camera, building a team of characters whose relationships evolve based on your actions, and most importantly, crafting an epic, nation-spanning story that both draws upon past games and takes you to many new places in the realm of Thedas.

I’m privileged to be a part of a team that has been working very hard to surpass every measure they’ve set for themselves. That has meant completing huge amounts of game content, fixing bugs both big and small, and improving the overall experience. This last bit of time is about polishing the experience we want you to see. Ensuring that our open spaces are as engaging as possible. Strengthening the emotional impact of the Hero's choices. And ensuring the experience you get is the best it can be in the platform you choose to play on. 

Sunday - July 20, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Next Gen Difference

by Couchpotato, 14:23

Onlysp posted a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition that compares the graphics to all past games in the series. Of course we all know the Frostbite engine wins.

The Next Gen Difference: Dragon Age: Origins, 2 and Inquisition Compared

We here at OnlySP are incredibly excited for the upcoming onslaught of games coming this October. A lot of those games include sequels that are bridging the gap from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One. So, we decided that we would take a look at the difference certain details between those games, from the last generation to the current gen.

This is The Next Generation Difference.

For our first Next Gen Difference article, we decided to focus on BioWare’s epic fantasy RPG series Dragon Age. Dragon Age: Origins was released in 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC while Dragon Age 2 was released in March 2011. The next game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in October of this year. We’re going to take a look at elements of the game and compare them to each other. While some of the differences should be plain to see, it’s always good to focus on the minor details too.

Thursday - July 17, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - a collector without game...

by The_dagon, 16:52

The Inquisitor’s Edition will retail at $169.99 USD containing :

  • Highly detailed exclusive Inquisitor Collector's Edition case produced by TriForce, approximately 8.5” x 13.5” x 14.5”
    • The case is wrapped in faux reptile skin and has the mark of the Inquisitor stamped on top in gold foil, with an interior fitted with imprinted red silk
  • Cloth map of Thedas drawn to scale, approximately 22” x 32”
  • 72 card Major and Minor Arcana tarot card deck with custom artwork depicting mythology from Dragon Age lore
  • Inquisitor full scale, six piece, lock tool set
  • One set of four full-scale map markers, each approximately3.5” x 3.5” x 4”
  • Inquisitor's badge
  • Quill and inkpot
  • 40-page Inquisitor's journal
  • Orlesian coins
  • Limited-edition SteelBook™ case to house your copy of the game

European customers could have feared a direct conversion : 1 $ = 1 €, but seems it's worse.

The french Inquisitor Edition has been confirmed to be sold only €99.99, and will contain every goodies, including the steel case for the DVD...

...but french/(European?) customers just have to buy the game apart, (or try to steal it using the lockpicks provided in the box :-) ) as there won't be any game in the collector's box...

Nice idea...

Source: EA

Monday - July 14, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - GaymerX Interview

by Aries100, 19:38

Lady Insanity has put up an interview on her Tumblr she did with David Gaider at GaymerX 2014.  Maria Caliban has made a thread about this interview at the DA: Inquisition's forums.  She mentions highlights from the interview.

Here are some of them:

All human Inquisitors are nobles from the Free March. We don't start out as a leader.
The Red Templars can be automatons if the lyrium has overwhelmed the mind, but some are more intelligent.
Blood magic is still morally ambiguous, not just pure evil.
Red lyrium is not 'more powerful' than blue lyrium. It's something different.
A hedge mage can never be a proper mage.
A sarabaas is a form of hedge mage; can't do regular spell casting, they mostly just blow things up.
There are Circles in Rivani as well.
In Nevarra, for each person who dies, a spirit is invited into their body. This maintains a 'balance' between life and death. In older cemeteries, there are undead just wandering around.
Tevinter interbreed in order to create perfect mages. Nobles must always present themselves as perfect mages and any deviancy is looked down on. Families maintain their public self image.
The Tevinter consider themselves a meritocracy as even those born into slavery might become a mage, earn their freedom, and climb the social ladder. Elves within Tevinter tend to see this as evidence they have more opportunity there.
David is thinking of writing a new novel.

Source: BioWare

Sunday - July 13, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 13:19

PC Gamer is the next site this week to releases a preview of a short gameplay demo from Bioware. So without wasting any more time here is a small sample.

For a game with a “dragon” in the title, battles against those creatures need to be a spectacle. Thankfully, the one I fought was promising. As I approached the dragon down a valley, he flew above and bombed me with giant fireballs that sent debris flying, and streams of fire that were some of the best effects of that type I’ve seen. I spent most of the battle dodging his attacks and firing spells and arrows at him in real-time without overthinking it, and paused the action occasionally to take advantage of Inquisition's new ability target specific body parts in order to hobble his rear legs, for example.

No demo would give us a thorough understanding of Inquisition's story, but I’m intrigued by what I saw of its approach to storytelling. In addition to its colorful mythology, diverse cast of characters, and the dialogue options that are staples of BioWare RPGs, Lee told me that my decisions will have a physical effect on the world. He said I’ll be able to build bridges that lead to new areas, drain massive lakes to reveal dungeons and destroy the fragile economy of a nearby fishing village, and other radical impacts I could have on the landscape and population.

Saturday - July 12, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 06:11

I managed to roundup a few more articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition today, and seems more will follow this week. The first article is a new impression from the Examiner.

Recently, we had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what BioWare has been doing with Dragon Age: Inquisition. What we had the opportunity to see gameplay that lasted a little over 20 minutes or so, and we are pleased to say that we were not disappointed at all, in fact, we were hooked by what we saw.

Next IGN talks about how crafting will work in the game.

At a hands-on demo last week, I got the chance to ask what kind of customization options were available. As it turns out, Dragon Age: Inquisition is Bioware's most customizable game to date, with over 200 abilities, spells and upgrades to choose from in order to shape each individual member of the Inquisition as you see fit.

Then we have two more previews among the many others this year.

Game Revolution

At E3 2014, I attended the same Dragon Age: Inquisition that forged the preview from our fellow writer Jessica Vazquez, and as we watched the female Qunari mage on screen fire magical blasts at swooping dragons (swooping is still bad), we both had the same thought: Why isn't this hands-on? All the 30-minute presentation accomplished was whetting our collective appetite for cleansing the continent of Thedas of overzealous templars and sacrilegious blood mages. Luckily, I wouldn't have to wait too long, as BioWare graciously allowed for a hands-on opportunity of the exact E3 demo behind closed doors.


Inquisition may finally help unite Dragon Age’s tactical and visceral fighters. Nothing separates the removed, strategic combat style from the up-close, tunnel-vision style, and combat overall is better for it. The player can now maximize both approaches on a whim with full control over the camera and a clean display. BioWare isn’t just giving gamers the best of both styles but also the capability to fuse them into one.

Friday - July 11, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Trailer #2

by Aries100, 18:05

From VG247 comes news that Bioware and EA has released parrt two of the demo shown at E3 2014.

In the second part [.......], Laidlaw walks you through a rescue mission and the confrontation of "a dangerous adversary," highlighting story development.

You can view the second part here.

You can find a thread about this video started by Hungr on the Bioware DA forums here.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Developer Interview

by Couchpotato, 04:52

Ausgamers has a new developer interview with Producer Cameron Lee to talk about game difficulty, crafting, and More for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

AusGamers: With the larger scale of the world, how much of it is interactive? Are there a lot more side-quests?

Cameron Lee: What we’ve done with the story of Dragon Age Inquisition, it covers two nations -- Ferelden and Orlais -- and that’s thousands and thousands of kilometres of world, so the story is that broad and sweeping. We can’t make that amount of space -- thousands of kilometres -- so what we’ve done is we’ve taken the best parts, or the parts that make the most sense to the story, and we’ve made these massive open areas.

I couldn’t actually tell you… I don’t know how big it is in terms of the square kilometres, but that part of the demo that you saw -- the Hinterlands -- that’s definitely bigger than all of Dragon Age: Origins. You can go anywhere that you can see -- there’s complete freedom there. There’s all kinds of caves that you can explore into straight away; there’s villages, two different villages in that area, and there’s multiple other castles and outposts, and bandit camps and stuff like that.

AusGamers: Talking about the tactical mode you have, where obviously you can stop time and play like that, do you worry that that’s then going to create a potentially cheap way to play? The demo was very immersive, particularly watching the dragon being slain, that was awesome; then they showed me the tactical view of other encounters -- the one where they were putting the warrior at that bottleneck -- where it looked like you could almost figure out a winning strategy, set it up and walk away while it plays out.

Cameron: Possibly, but I think if they can do that, then more power to them if that’s how they want to play. The way we’ve looked at the tactical view and the action side of it, is that everyone is different in terms of how much pressure they can take in the action combat. You sound like you would be able to handle a lot of action, with shit flying everywhere and being kind of crazy; other players have a lower tolerance for that kind of stuff.

So the pause and play -- the tactical view -- you can fire it at any point, and what it does, is it removes time as a variable. So you can go ‘boom’ I can take a breather, pressure is lowered, and if that’s the type of player that they are, they can then maneuver things around. It’s really up to the player to decide how much they want to use it and how little.

The higher difficulties that you can play the game in, you’ll probably want to use it, because it’s so hard; you’ll get slaughtered. But the tactics, you can set them up, but the variable is always… even if you try to find one fantastic tactic that is going to work, the enemies are pretty smart, and they’ve got a lot of abilities that can screw with you, so they will react to the tactics that you put down. They’re going to then counter-tactic, so they might break you.

Often when we play that demo, and we put Iron Bull into that chokepoint, you’ll see some of the enemies start to try and move around. There’s actually another ramp, and you’ll see that some of them actually end up getting to the top, because you put Bull there to defend the spot. That’s an example of the AI being a little bit smarter.

AusGamers: For the PC fans out there, are you guys going to have mod support in this game at all?

Cameron: We’ve thought about it and talked about it, but we’re still kind of talking about it. I guess at this point, I can’t really go into much more detail than that.

Thursday - July 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Trailer

by Couchpotato, 04:44

Bioware released a new gameplay trailer with Creative Director Mike Laidlaw who talks about the E3 dragon fight gameplay from the games demo.

Join creative director Mike Laidlaw as he walks you through part one of the award winning Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 gameplay demo. In part one, explore the largest Dragon Age world ever created and lead your followers in a battle against a High Dragon.

I also found two new articles from twinfinite from a recent Q&A. You can read the first article here, and the second one here.

Today, a Q&A session was held with Mark Darrah (executive producer), Mike Laidlaw (lead designer), and Cameron Lee (producer) about Dragon Age: Inquisition where so many questions were answered that my brain hurts.

Wednesday - July 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - In-depth at E3

by Couchpotato, 10:26

Stevivor has posted a new article that takes a look at all the information from E3 last month, and gives their opinion on Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In-depth at E3: Dragon Age: Inquisition

You wouldn’t know Dragon Age: Inquisition is a cross-gen title by looking at it, and that's because it looks spectacular. Okay, maybe some of the characters faces are a little rough and some more time needs to be spent on moustache physics, but overall the world that BioWare has created is very impressive. Huge mountain ranges littered with massive trees stretch on an on and the detail doesn’t stop there. The smoke effects are some of the best I’ve ever seen and the steam rising from the ground really brings Inquisition to life.

Inquisition feels a little like an MMO and looks to have been inspired by some of the gameplay ideas associated with the genre. In battle each class has to work together focusing on their role to get the best results. You can switch between controlling any of the characters mid battle. It’s kind of like micromanaging a small raid and makes strategy increasingly important as the battles become more difficult.

Tuesday - July 08, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Meet Cullen

by Couchpotato, 09:51

Bioware has updated their official website again with information about Cullen the knight templar from the last two previous Dragon Age games.

[DRAGON AGE]: What can you tell us about Cullen?

[BRIANNE BATTYE]: Cullen spent more than half of his life in service to the templars. He's gone through a lot over that time. He survived what happened to the Circle Tower in Dragon Age: Origins, then watched Kirkwall fall to chaos in Dragon Age II. In Inquisition, the sky's torn open, demons are running loose, there's war… things aren't exactly looking up.

[DA]: Cullen made a pretty big decision at the end of Dragon Age II. How has his life changed since he sided against Knight-Commander Meredith?

[BB]: Meredith was Cullen's commanding officer; he wanted to trust her. But standing against her paved the way for him to help form what would become the Inquisition. The templars failed to protect their charges and the people of Kirkwall. The Order has not lived up to its ideal, and though it wasn't easy for him, Cullen now recognizes that. It's something he's still processing, but he's looking to move forward and fight for something he can believe in. The whole world's falling apart, and Cullen won't sit by and watch that happen. He wants to be part of a solution. If that means serving the Inquisition instead of the Order, then that's what he's going to do.

Saturday - July 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - On Critics of Dorian

by Couchpotato, 05:11

Seems David Gaider has once again responded to critics of the recently revealed Dragon Age: Inquisition character Dorian being gay. Keep the comments civil please.

Bioware’s lead writer David Gaider has harsh words for people complaining about Dragon Age: Inquisition character Dorian being gay.

First off, Gaider goes off on one site’s coverage from a community interview. While a fan just had a question about Dorian’s sexuality, an unnamed site has apparently changed it completely to ‘Bioware made a press release to announce it’, as if this was done for publicity.

Then Gaider points out that Dorian isn’t just defined by his sexuality, much like any other Dragon Age or Bioware character is not. As he points out, if that is all you care about from him, that is entirely from you.

Finally, Gaider points out that Dorian is not even the first gay character he has ever written. Sera is the first Dragon Age character to be gay, and outside of that universe, Bioware has already had characters like Cortez, Traynor, and Juhani.

I would add in that as a matter of agency and character customization, when Bioware added the option to play female Shepard in Mass Effect, but leaving much of the storyline (including Shepard’s attraction to women) intact, I would argue that that, as well, amounted to Gaider creating a gay character.

As a final salvo, when asked about EA catering to the LGBT for profit, Gaider points out the hypocrisy of this argument. Is catering to straight white guys any better than this? If we have to take that argument and make those assumptions about developers at all, I would say no. You can read Gaider's original tweets below.

Thanks go to gameranx for compiling the replies.

Thursday - July 03, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Meet Leliana

by Aries100, 22:35

Bioware has updated their official webiste with information about Leliana who once again play a role in a DA game. Here's a snip from the description:

She has many names. Most know her as "Sister Nightingale" or "the Left Hand of the Divine." To the rare friend, she is Leliana. They say she found faith amid darkness, and that her devotion to the Maker is matched only by her devotion to Divine Justinia V, a woman who is both mentor and savior. Those who have earned her loyalty know her as a steadfast ally.

Source: IGN

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Updates

by Couchpotato, 04:51

OnlySp has rounded up a few more Twitter, and forum posts this time from the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition Mark Darrah.

According to Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition, most of the buildings will be enter-able in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Twitter user asking the question compared the game to Skyrim in terms of entering buildings and if Dragon Age would be similar.

On the Dragon Age: Inquisition forums, we’ve also learned some new details about the character development in Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is actually a very interesting read. Matt Rhodes explained in the forums that in a lot of games, if you strip down the character to its base model, most will look quite similar from one another. According to Rhodes, that won’t be the case in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can read his full response just below.

"For those who are interested, we have been very calculated when it comes to engineering our characters imperfections. The development process has a built in erosion mechanism: many stakeholders in many review meetings tend to trim away a characters humanizing flaws and oddities, leaving little more than “pretty” and “safe” . Strip and shave most game characters today and you’d be hard pressed to tell most of them apart. We’ve worked very hard on Inquisition to safeguard our characters from this erosion process. We want to give them more identity than just their clothes, hairstyle and makeup. It’s our hope that after you’ve spent some time with them, our character’s will be as inseparable from their quirks, flaws and oddities as your own friends and family are from theirs."


Tuesday - July 01, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Twitter Updates

by Couchpotato, 02:57

OnlySp rounded up a few Twitter posts from Creative Director Mike Laidlaw.

The creative director for Dragon Age: Inquisition has once again dropped a few small details about the game while answering fan questions on Twitter. One of the topics, might be a bit surprising for an EA game.

According to Laidlaw, there will be no DLC characters for Dragon Age: Inquisition, with every follower being “included in the game” at launch. This was a very controversial thing that surrounded Mass Effect 3 and its launch with DLC characters, which obviously didn’t sit very well with fans of the series. Especially considering how important each character was in the Mass Effect series.

Responding to another question about mounts, we learn that there will be other ridable creatures in the game besides horses. Unfortunately, dragons will not be one of them, nor will there be any mountable flying creatures according to Laidlaw.

Finally, Laidlaw also talked about the difficulty of Dragon Age: Inquisition, noting that the game is a bit more challenging than Dragon Age II with the “normal” setting get a slight bump in difficulty. According to Laidlaw, the rest of the difficulty settings will work just as they have with previous entries.

Sunday - June 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dorian The Redeemer

by Aries100, 15:06

Bioware have updated their character profile page with info on Dorian. Here's a quote about Dorian:

Being from a proud bloodline of the Tevinter Imperium has its advantages: Dorian was born with a flair for magic that made him the envy of his peers. He is charming and confident, his wit as sharp as any blade, and if some suggest his manner cocky, it could be attributed to being a powerful mage in a land where mages rule. Indeed, Dorian would be the pride of his family-if he didn't oppose everything his homeland has come to stand for.

Here's a thread at the DA:I's forums in which the character Dorian - The Redeemer is discussed.




Sunday - June 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Interview

by Aries100, 21:23

Angry Joe has done a video interview with Cameron Lee at E3.    It seems that the main campaign is 50+ hours and that we'll be able to wander for many hours in the open world of DA:I - if we so choose.

Thanks to Morrigan at the Bioware DA:I forums for the link.

Saturday - June 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:16

PlayStation Access talks to Bioware in a new video interview about how your choices will shape the game world as you play Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Hollie talks to the guys at Bioware about epic fantasy RPG Dragon Age:
Inquisition - about new characters, the huge new world, and how your
actions will shape it.

Thursday - June 19, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Interview

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Got Game has a new video interview with Community Manager Jessica Merizan.

Jessica Merizan Community Manager at BioWare gives us our first look at Dragon Age: Inquisition. Whether you are looking for story or open world battles you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday - June 17, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Map Size Details

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Gamingbolt has posted a short article about the map sizes for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age Inquisition was showcased in full glory at last week’s E3. We have no doubts that it was one one of the best games showcased at E3 besides the likes of Witcher 3 and Sunset Overdrive. GamingBolt got the chance to speak with Mike Laidlaw from Bioware who is the creative director of the game and among the various topics we discussed, we got to know how big the map will be in Inquisition.

Not only does Dragon Age Inquisition looks absolutely gorgeous but its map size is absolutely massive. But is it bigger than the one we found in Origins and Dragon Age 2 combined? The entire region from Dragon Age Origins will fit into a single level of Inquisition. Now that is massive.

“You can take the whole of [Dragon Age] Origins and the level we are demonstrating today and it will fit, all of it. The game is a multi-regional open world, it’s not like one big space. But if you travel you will come across places which are full of demons or may be a desert. They all have a distinct feel. So ye, if you can fit one game in one of the levels, we can fit of two of them with no problem in Inquisition,” Mike Laidlaw said to GamingBolt.

Sunday - June 15, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Interview

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PC Gamer has a new video interview for Dragon Age: Inquisition that talks about the world, party, and how BioWare's biggest Dragon Age Will play on the PC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was one of our favorite things at E3. After checking out EA's lengthy gameplay demo on the floor, I inquired with Dragon Age's Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, about how party members will influence story decisions, how Inquisition plays on PC, and a few other things I was curious about.

Saturday - June 14, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - More E3 News

by Couchpotato, 05:41

With E3 over there still seems to be more information released for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sp up first I have two new previews of the game.

Hardcore Gamer

The preview alpha showed us a promising step forward in bringing Dragon Age to a new generation. With a tremendous focus on player choice and consequence, the classic fundamentals of Bioware RPG’s appear to be tighter than ever, while still providing a fluid and dynamic story. With so many progressive gameplay elements that heighten player influence, in addition to leading a team of warriors, making the story your own remains a strong focus for Dragon Age. Laidlaw closed out the preview by saying that Dragon Age: Inquisition “represents the next generation of Bioware RPGs.”


BioWare has really played to their considerable strengths and polished up the rough patches from previous games. Team chemistry and loyalty, marvelous story-telling, and tough choices are coming together to make another BioWare hit.

And it seems Bioware released another trailer about the games characters.

Thursday - June 12, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:24

Well it's time for the third news roundup this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm going to keep it short this time and post the links to various articles of the game from E3.

Venturebeat - "How to kill a dragon in BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition"

While training dragons is what all of the kids are into these days, developer BioWare is still asking its fans to slay the beasts. To do that in the studio’s next big game, you’re going to use all of the tools available to you.

PC Gamer - "Devs Talk Factions, Dragons, and a 50-hour Story Arc"

After our double-dose of Dragon Age: Inquisition videos yesterday, we were already pretty amped up for the huge open-world take on the Dragon Age mythos. Today, executive producer Mark Darrah and creative director Mike Laidlaw joined the E3 streaming broadcast to talk more about the game’s story, crafting systems, and squad-control mechanics.

Gameranx - "40 Major Endings and Most Romances of Any Dragon Age Game"

It has also recently been confirmed by creative director Mike Laidlaw that the game will have more romances than any other BioWare game. Mass Effect 3 had 10 romance options while there are 12 characters apart from the inquisitor in the image above, each one possibly being a love interest.

The romance options revealed so far include the Iron Bull (who'll romance anyone he's reasonably sure he won't break), Cullen, Cassandra, and Sera - who is only available to female inquisitors. 

And for last IGN has a new gameplay video demo from E3.

Wednesday - June 11, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:30

Well here are a few more news items of interest for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Up first I found a new video interview on GamerHub TV from E3 2014.

BioWare previews Dragon Age Inquisition at E3 2014 in this exclusive gameplay preview interview.

Next I have a new preview from Video Gamer who is confused by the E3 demo.

To this day I think Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best RPGs in the history of games. The sequel, however, didn’t strike the same chord. It wasn’t a bad follow-up – far from it – but the change in lead character and lack of influence from the first title meant in many ways it felt like a brand new experience. If you had never even heard of Dragon Age, II could’ve easily been your starting point. Because of this, Inquisition is suffering from the successor's hangover.

And for last here are some new screenshots on Dual Shockers.

Electronic Arts and BioWare just released a large batch of new Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots to complement the trailer and gameplay released today.

The screenies show a few character, and a wide variety of environments, giving us a nice glimpse on the power of Frostbite Engine applied to a fantasy world.

Tuesday - June 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sneak Peek

by Couchpotato, 01:46

The Sun News Network paid a visit to BioWare's Edmonton studio to get a sneak peek at the development of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here is a small sample of the article.

It’s a highly collaborative atmosphere in the room, says Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah, as designers call out issues which are then assigned to project leads who work to make sure the demonstration is close to flawless by the time it’s shown live on stage to the hundreds of video game journalists in Los Angeles, and thousands more fans watching online.

​“You’re trying to get everything perfect so it shows as well as it can. One of the things that we found is it’s actually quite difficult to show a role-playing game in that kind of setting,” says Darrah. “You kind of really want some time with it to let the story pull you in and sort of ‘live’ with it.”

BioWare’s presentation during publisher Electronic Arts’ press conference on June 9 will be crucial for the team as they showcase Inquisition’s still under wraps narrative, a strong hallmark of the best-selling franchise.

“This is the first time we’re really going to deeply show one of the critical paths in the story, showing you the consequences of what’s going on in the world,” Darrah says, adding “it’s time for dragons to come out in all their glory at E3.”

Scheduled to hit shelves on October 7, Dragon Age: Inquisition returns players to the fantasy realm of Thedas just as peace talks between the warring mages and templars are rocked by a cataclysmic event. The player is cast as the leader of the Inquisition, a team of fierce warriors that seeks to restore order to the land.

Creative Director Mike Laidlaw says the E3 showing will allow BioWare to hone in on relationships in the game as “there’s a real appeal to feeling like there’s this team that kind of has your back but often doesn’t have your back very well...”

“That’s one of the core things we’re exploring in Inquisition. What’s it like to be the leader? There’s a lot of emphasis on you deploying troops and giving orders and listening to advisers, so feeling more like a commander who’s making a call.”

Don't forget to view the new game trailer on our site, and from other members.

Monday - June 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - E3 Coverage

by Aries100, 21:24

Chewin at the Bioware forums, in this thread points to a new E3 trailer for DA: Inquisition. You can watch the trailer here. 

Also, from E3, Spike TV, has this footage featuring Aaryn Flynn taking about DA: Inquisition. Gameplay seems to be shown from about 3:22:09 and ends at about 3:26:26 .


Source: BioWare

Saturday - June 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Meet the Lovely Sera

by Couchpotato, 04:37

Bioware anouced they will be revealing another NPC called Sera for Dragon Age: Inquisition next week at E3. Here is a new screenshot of Sera.


Wednesday - June 04, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Screenshots

by Myrthos, 17:44

We have uploaded 21 new screenshots for Dragon Age Inquisition for Western Approach, Therinfal Redoubt, Winter Palace and The Fade. Just click on one of the images to go to our gallery.

Western Approach Therinfal Redoubt
Winter Palace
 The Fade

Friday - May 30, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Cassandras Return

by Couchpotato, 01:39

Game Informer has a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition that talks about the return of Cassandra the seeker of the Chantry from Dragon Age II.

We don't know a great deal about Cassandra. In Dragon Age II, we only knew that she was a seeker of the Chantry. We also watched her interrogate Varric about Hawke, believing Hawke may hold the key to preventing the impending war. From her interactions with Varric, it was already apparent that she's strong-willed and that she's devoted to protecting Thedas. In Dawn of the Seeker, she struggled with not letting her fury overtake her, at times being a bit reckless in her pursuit of the truth.

Dragon Age: Inquisition should give us more answers as to why she was so adamant to find out more about Hawke. When we sat down with lead writer David Gaider for our cover story visit, he let on that there was more to her role than was initially apparent.  "She wasn't just investigating; there was more behind what she was doing," he said. "You find that out as the Inquisition comes around."

I'm not only excited to see what Cassandra will add to the overall story, but I also want to find about more about her as a person. I have a feeling she's more than just the disciplined, no-nonsense woman we've seen.

Tuesday - May 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Now Entering Alpha

by Couchpotato, 01:05

A quick Tweet by Bioware's Executive Producer Mark Darrah has news that Dragon Age: Inquisition has now entered the Alpha stage. 

We have declared Alpha! A major milestone for Dragon Age! Next up, E3

Friday - May 23, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ X-ONE

by Couchpotato, 05:50

The official XBox One magazine shared a few tid-bits from a new interview they did with Bioware about Dragon Age: Inquisition being their most customisable game.

BioWare has a great reputation for putting the player in control of their own story and character design in its games thanks to the successes in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Now with Inquisition though, BioWare claims it’s taking things to a new level.

“Inquisition gives players more customization than any Dragon Age game we’ve ever done.” Dragon Age producer Cameron Lee insisted to us. “In fact it’s the most customizable game ever created by BioWare.”

Hawke in Dragon Age II was a fairly defined character, a point of contention for some fans who wanted more. BioWare has looked to address this head on.

“Along with choosing race, gender, class and specialization you have more freedom to pick the types of weapons and armor your hero and party members take into battle as well as their abilities and stats,” Lee explained. “Additionally in Inquisition you can craft, modify and enchant your own weapons and armor, this includes choosing from a large number of materials and colors so you can make your characters look exactly how you want.”

What’s more you can also make changes to the appearance of your party members. “Companions are just as customizable as your character with the exception of their face and body,” Lee confirmed.

Thursday - May 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PAX East Panel

by Couchpotato, 01:16

I managed to find a new video for Dragon Age: Inquisition that has the full Full PAX East 2014 Panel from Bioware. The previous one I posted in the forums was cut in half.

This is a nearly full video of the Dragon Age: Inquisition -- The Open World of Thedas panel I attended during PAX East 2014 on Sunday, April 13. There are a couple of breaks in the video, but they are not as bad as the last one. I came prepared!And, yes, that is I who asked the first three questions.

Tuesday - May 20, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Halamshiral

by Couchpotato, 05:56

Bioware released another screenshot on Twitter this time for an area called Halamshiral. I also included a brief description of the city from the screenshot.

Halamshiral is a city in Orlais and the former capital of the Dales. It is situated in the eastern part of the country south of the Waking Sea and close to the border with Ferelden.

Halamshiral was built by the elves at the end of The Long Walk in the Ancient Age, its name meaning "the end of the journey" in the elven language. It was built just off the Imperial Highway so that elves from all corners of the world could find it easily by simply following the Highway. The city was under elven control for nearly 400 years.

During the Exalted March against the Dales the city was conquered by Orlais.

Sunday - May 18, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Location

by Couchpotato, 05:20

Bioware released a new screenshot of the Adamant Fortress on Twitter.

Tuesday - May 13, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Collector's Edition

by Aries100, 20:02

In this thread at the Bioware forum, ElitePineCcne tells us that there will be a DA:I
Collector's Edition. A quote about what's in the Collector's Edition:

Cloth map of Thedas drawn to scale measuring approximately 14" x 17"
72 card Major and Minor Arcana tarot card deck with custom artwork depicting mythology and mysticism from Dragon Age lore.
Inquisitor full scale six tool lock pick set
One set of four full scale map markers each approximately measuring 3.5" x 2.5" x 3"
Inquisitor's Badge
Inquisitor Badge
Quill and Inkpot
40-page Inquisitor's Journal
Orlesian Coins
Limited edition SteelBook case

You can also check out the pre-order links for USA, UK and Canada.
No info on the rest of Europe, though.

Saturday - May 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 08:12

It's time for yet again another round of various articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition. They just don't stop so without further delay here they are.

The first article is from EGMR who writes about how developers can learn alot from Bioware's Dragon Age Saga. Here is a small sample of their opinion.

Most recently, we were shown the multi-dimensional, deep and engaging world of A Song of Ice and Fire, through the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, and the book for those like me who read them. In it, while there are clear-cut evils and a few obvious pure goods, a lot of it is murky middle, with various Houses showing that they are mostly just in it for themselves, and seen from their perspective, a lot of their actions are completely justifiable.

Dragon Age takes that sort of thing just a step further. In Dragon Age II specifically, the Qunari and the highborn of Kirkwall must learn to cooperate. The Chantry and Templars are fighting in a battle for control with the Circle. Templars are getting greedy with their addiction, while mages are effectively being enslaved. Meanwhile, the Maleficarum is making a play for power as well. The resulting chaos is a smorgasbord of fuckery and we are left with the cliffhanger ending of all cliffhanger endings; basically, the world is gone to shit. Now what?

Unfortunately, we might never get to see that play out with Dragon Age: Inquisition seeming to go in a slightly different direction, but with all these factions still more or less in existence, plus the possibility of more, it could lead for some very interesting situations in Inquisition. I can at least say that not even the almighty Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls franchises boast this level of intricacy with its various factions and races. Who is right and who is wrong, and who are you siding with?

Up next Gameranx previews all the lovely DLC you get if you pre-order the game.

BioWare and EA Games have put up new images of the additional bonus content you’ll get for picking up the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition directly from its Origin service. These items include the Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal, Armor, and Armored Mount.

And for last I have some new screenshots from Lightning Gaming News.

A bunch of new screenshots have leaked from Dragon Age: Inquisition showing off one of the locations in the game – Emprise Du Lion, reportedly situated in the highlands of Dale. The images, which include depict a Dragon, Red Lyrium crystals and a fort/castle, mark the latest in a steady stream of media from BioWare’s action RPG over the past few weeks, with most of these illustrating various locations new to the series. The snow-covered locale  in the images below marks a nice contrast to the Exalted Plains and Dales’ Forest.

Thursday - May 08, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Here are a few more links for a variety of topics for Dragon Age: Inquisition I managed to roundup today. So go ahead and debate as you all usually do.

The first article is from VG 24/7 with a wishlist/interview for the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s latest trailer set out a grand stall for BioWare’s latest, but can it win over those disillusioned by the second game? Dave Cook reckons that it can, and then some.

Next Game Informer talks about the return of Varric.

Ever since I spotted Varric in the first Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, I’ve been excited for his return to Thedas. His jokes, tall tales, and loyalty made him my favorite party member in Dragon Age II. Sure, the rogue might be prone to embellishing the truth, but you know that he has your back. Bringing him back is a smart move on BioWare’s part, since his story has so much room to develop. We’ve seen the comedic side to Varric, but there have been hints at a hidden depth and a darker past. 

The article is followed by another one on Gameranx where they share details from the recent issue of Game Informer about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

BioWare recently offered more details about its upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition to GameInformer in their latest issue, detailing the state of the world and how the player arrives at the central role in the story. The magazine issue also contains a number of new screenshots showcasing the game's visuals.

And for last OnlySP has news you can pre-order the game for 20% off.

The third installment of the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, makes its debut on October 7th. It’s got the standard $59.99 price tag for all Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. However, if you’re looking to pre-order on PC it’s possible to drop that dollar ammount $12 with a coupon code at the PC digital retailer Green Man Gaming.

Note: The coupon code discount will only run through May 9th at 9am Pacific.

Wednesday - May 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Redeeming the Series

by Couchpotato, 06:52

Hardcore Gamer has posted a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition where they wonder if the new game will redeem the whole series. Here is a sample of it below.

The most disappointing thing about Dragon Age II was that almost all of its many problems could be traced directly back to the ridiculously short development cycle. Dragon Age Origins was released on November 3, 2009 and Dragon Age II was released on March 8, 2011. That puts the development time for Dragon Age II at a mere 16 months, far less than what most grand and expansive role playing games take in development. This is a lesson that certainly seems to have been learned, with Dragon Age Inquisition set for a October 2014 release date which puts the development time at three and a half years. With a clear stance from the development team that they are taking all the Dragon Age II feedback to heart and enough time in development to give the game the care it deserves, I find myself very optimistic about Dragon Age Inquisition. I am trying to remain cautious after Dragon Age II, but everything that has been shown so far makes me think this game will in fact redeem the series.

Monday - May 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Concerns for Romances

by Couchpotato, 06:33

Well it seems the man you all love to hate David Gaider has another post on his Tumblr blog where he talks about the romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

On Concerns Regarding DAI Romances

I’ve been rather heads-down at work as of late, so I’ll admit to not being quite abreast of discussions in the fandom as I sometimes am (even though, at the best of times, I generally only get wind of such things well after they’ve occurred).

So after the excited burbling following the trailer release and subsequent announcements, it was a bit of a surprise to hear of concerns regarding Inquisition’s romance system. I didn’t think we’d actually broached the topic yet, but some comments were made in a recent interview that have been subject to speculation and some alarm. Naturally it’s not something everyone’s interested in for Inquisition, but some people are very interested and also invested in what we’re going to do.

I don’t normally do this, but since I answered a couple of questions on the BioWare forums on the subject—and have had it pointed out to me numerous times that the Tumblr crowd is not always privy to the goings-on of our forums—I’ll repost my answers here. Until we can discuss the matter at length (which will eventually come, even if it feels like it will be never be soon enough), it’s really the most I can do. If you have other questions, feel free to message me…just understand that my blog is not really intended as an “Inquisition information center”, and the questions I can answer regarding things which haven’t yet been revealed is very limited.

I hope it helps, and look forward to the whirlwind of information and speculation (as well as excitement, on our part as well as yours) to come over the next, oh, six months or so.

Saturday - May 03, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Content Complete

by Couchpotato, 00:29

David Gaider has a new post on his blog that mentions Dragon Age: Inquisition is close to Alpha, and goes into detail about what he calls "Content Complete".

We’re on the road to Alpha, also known as “Content Complete”. So there’s still new content being created, but at this point it’s more about dealing with the content we have and getting it all to work. This is also the stage where most of the big cuts happen, since we can still create new content to deal with those cuts (as in “change the writing to accomodate a change in the story flow”). Once we hit Alpha, cuts are generally things that are simply excised in their entirety, without any ability to really work around them for the sake of logic or flow.

The writing team is mostly out of the pool insofar as voiced dialogue goes, so the last of it can go through the pipeline and get edited, recorded and localized before being passed on to the cinematics people. At this point we’re mostly working on what we call “non-VO text” …the codex entries, item and talent descriptions, GUI text. Pretty much anything that needs words.

Still, we have to handle all bugs that come our way, and be responsive to any cuts that are occurring. This is a pretty stressful time for everyone. Every cut feels like it’s reducing the overall quality of the game, until there are so many of them you feel like you’re producing a piece of crap—until you remind yourself that every game goes through this, and the alternative is shipping late or not at all.

It’s not a process that any fan will truly understand. They’re usually oblivious to what’s going on, harping on what color the sails should be while the hull is rapidly leaking water. Which is a strange dissonance from our perspective, let me tell you.

Thursday - May 01, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Game Jar

by Couchpotato, 03:16

The Game Jar has posted a new article where they share their opinion on what Dragon Age: Inquisition needs to take from Dragon Age II.

With the internet understandably hyped for Dragon Age: Inquisition, thanks to an awesome looking trailer recently, I thought now would be a good time to make a confession; I enjoyed Dragon Age II more than I did Dragon Age: Origins.

I’m well aware it’s not a popular opinion, and I’m fully prepared to be told I’m wrong, but the truth of the matter is I finished Dragon Age II, and even started a second playthrough, whereas Origins lost me fairly early on in the game with little desire to return. For what its worth, I don’t believe I gave Origins the time it deserved – it lost me in that boring and badly designed set of levels where you enter The Fade; an area I wish I’d never stepped into and which made me lose all motivation to ever load up my save. That said, there was something about Dragon Age: Origins that never truly clicked with me in any of my times playing it.

Dragon Age: Origins was an RPG experience true to its, for lack of a better word, origins. It had a large vast world, tons of quests, and was very reminiscent of Bioware’s other tried-and-tested fantasy games. Dragon Age II, on the other hand, was a fine example of the changes after EA’s Bioware take over; watering down RPGs in favour of a more action orientated, and cinematic experience. That probably doesn’t help sell Dragon Age II, and on paper Origins is probably be the better game. But, there’s a lot I feel Dragon Age II did better than it’s predecessor and I wanted to discuss two factors Bioware need to carry over to Inquisition.

Friday - April 25, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Ausgamers

by Couchpotato, 04:58

Ausgamers interviewed Producer Cameron Lee to chat, and ask a few questions about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Below is a sample of the chat.

Warning: It has been brought to my attention you should skip the first answer as it may be a spoiler about how the Inquisition is formed in the game.

AusGamers: Is there anything in Dragon Age Inquisition that is going to just blow fans of the Dragon Age games away? Anything they just don't know about yet?

Cameron: That's a hard question to answer. Some parts of the plot will be just breathtaking. I look back at DA:O and I look back at DA2 and I look at what we've got here and it's just ridiculous. The quality of the story and of your story and the breadth of the story, and then there's things being represented and realised in cinematics and visuals that are just stunning. It's just amazing right, so I think that will be breathtaking for them, but they're probably going to expect that. It's the next generation, and you want this stuff to look beautiful and people to feel like people and the voice acting to be brilliant and the music to be great, and all those things will be true. I think people will be surprised when they fight a dragon, that's definitely different.

The Inquisition is a big part of what I think is going to be a big part of what people will find surprising as well. Your ability to impact the world directly and physically through people is more than anything I've seen in a game. When I look at contemporary competitors, similar RPGs, you have these big worlds and these big massive environments and NPCs that walk around, and some of them are emergent AI and some of them aren't but it's a static world for the most part.

I can make decisions or I can take actions in these games and a lot of the time people don't notice or they don't care, you certainly can't have a physical impact on the world. But I think we're looking at the next generation of RPGs starting with Inquisition, and this is going to be one of these things and I think people are going to want to have an actual impact on the world, so you're no longer on the static stage, you're on a stage which changes on multiple facets based on what you as a player do. So I think players of Inquisition will be surprised at that because I don't think anyone's really gotten to that point yet--even though I think it's something that all games are going to want to do at some point if they're in our sort of space.

Thursday - April 24, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 04:24

Here is a new batch of Dragon Age: Inquisition interviews with more information the games from various Bioware staff. Enjoy or not it's up to you.

Kotaku - "BioWare Returns To Its Roots With The Next Dragon Age On October 7th"

Last week, I got a chance to talk to Mike Laidlaw, creative director on Dragon Age: Inquisition, and he told me a little bit more about the game's story—it might sound a bit familiar for those of you that have played a BioWare game before.

"The Inquisitor stands out from just anybody [in the world of Dragon Age] in large part because the Inquisitor has undergone a magical a result of being at an explosion," Laidlaw said. The Inquisitor survives the blast and receives a magical etching of sort, much like Shepard survives the beacon in Mass Effect 1. The big question is, what purpose does the mark serve?

CVG - "Dragon Age: Inquisition Tips the Scales"

Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee was optimistic when we talked about what the upcoming PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One game will do to bring BioWare dialogue wheeling into the future.

He told CVG how players will shape the Inquisition and in turn the world, how it will balance a strong narrative thread with more room to explore than ever before, and what weary fans hoping for a "return to form" means for BioWare.

He also addressed whether players can expect to romance a certain crossbow-wielding dwarf, but you'll have to read on to find out about that (potential) love connection.

Gamespot - "Balancing Freedom and Story"

There are certain things we've come to expect from BioWare games. Things like an emphasis on fleshed-out characters and on structured narratives that you can impact to some degree with the choices you make. With Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare is aiming to maintain these design hallmarks while also placing you in a vast open world and giving you control of a much larger force than you've ever helmed before in a BioWare game. I recently spoke to executive producer Mark Darrah about how Inquisition will set itself apart from earlier Dragon Age games while still giving us the things we associate with BioWare.

Wednesday - April 23, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:13

After the announcement and release of the new trailer yesterday a few sites released new articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here are two of them I managed to link today.

Spawnfirst - "Dragon Age: Inquisition is Not the End of The Series"

The Dragon Age stories have thrilled us for many years now; with their compelling plot lines, unforgettable companions, and their tough-to-beat monsters, it’s no doubt Dragon Age: Inquisition will be amazing, if not better than the previous ones. But, there have been speculations that Inquisition will be the very last of the Dragon Age games. I’m here to ease your minds and tell you that it isn’t true, whether or not that is a bad thing is something we’ll find out together.

IGN - "How Dragon Age Inquisition Improves Dragon Combat"

Dragon Age Inquisition will completely change the way its players fight dragons when it releases later this year.

“When I’m attacking a dragon, I’m not just hitting all of it,” producer Cameron Lee told IGN. “I’m hitting its leg, I’m hitting its wing, and that should matter. It should matter where I attack a dragon...that’s something we’re really trying to lean on, and when we come to E3, we’ll really be able to show it in all its glory.”

Dragon combat isn’t changed in mechanics alone -- the types of dragons you’ll take on differs considerably from previous games.

PC Gamer also interviewed Executive Producer Mark Darrah of Bioware.

PC Gamer: I was going to ask, how much you guys feel like you have to react to your fans, to what they want, and how much freedom you have to lead them in almost any regard, from the small decisions you’re making to scoping out the future of the series and everything else?

Mark Darrah: It’s a little bit of both. From a small feature perspective things like control schemes and the way that the narrative or the way that the conversation works and stuff like that, that’s where we take a lot of feedback. That’s where we’re very much, I think people have a clear understanding of what they want and what they don’t like.

The danger is most people, myself included, aren’t perfectly objective when they’re playing a game at the higher level. Henry Ford has a famous quote. If we asked people what they wanted they’d ask for a faster horse. There’s a certain amount of truth to that.

Part of our job is to go out into the wilderness to go farther beyond what the players have seen, what they’ve played and essentially light a torch so they can see what could be and then hopefully they’ll want what we’re presenting. That can be uncomfortable. That can result in concern because obviously what they’re comfortable with, what they’ve played before isn’t completely what we’re delivering.

In the case of Dragon Age: Inquisition I think there is a core there. I think there is a core Dragon Age game at its center. I think that comfort still remains, but we will be pushing you, we’re challenging you with some new things.

Tuesday - April 22, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Release Date

by Couchpotato, 19:57

Bioware sent a new press release with information Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on October 10th , and included a new trailer to go along with the news.


Pre-Order now to get bonus content to help you Lead the Inquisition this Autumn

LONDON, UK – April 22, 2014 – BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today announced that the highly-anticipated, epic role-playing game, Dragon Age™: Inquisition will be available in stores and for digital download on October 7 in North America and October 10 in Europe. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the expansive, beautiful world of Thedas is being torn apart by a massive, mysterious breach in the sky. Players must assume the role of the Inquisitor and lead a team of legendary heroes to uncover the truth behind the impending devastation.  

Discover all-new gameplay from Dragon Age: Inquisition in “The Inquisitor” trailer:

“Our goal with Dragon Age: Inquisition is to usher in the next-generation of role playing games.” said Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton and Montreal. “Players will experience the rich storylines and characters that they’ve come to expect from BioWare, in an expansive world with large open environments just begging to be explored.”

Players can pre-order* Dragon Age: Inquisition to get special bonus content. Visit the Dragon Age website for more information on editions, including the Deluxe Edition available for pre-order and the upcoming Inquisitor’s Edition.
Become a fan of Dragon Age: Inquisition on Facebook and follow us on Twitter® via

Dragon Age: Inquisition is in development at BioWare in Edmonton and will be available for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Origin™. The game has not yet been rated the ESRB and PEGI; visit and for more information.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ GamingBolt

by Couchpotato, 05:20

GamingBolt Editor Ravi Sinha| has written a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition where he wonders if the game will be more of the same, or something new.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is making the effort to be a bigger game than the second purely on the basis of criticisms and to appeal to the more open world-demanding crowd. This can be completely justified if it aids the experience and knowing Bioware, it will indeed find a way to do so. In a way, Mass Effect was a kind-of-open-world experience. You couldn’t quite go anywhere and had to complete select story missions to open up new planets and missions. So it won’t harm Inquisition if it takes a similar path as long as the gameplay justifies it.

Which brings us back to the crux of the argument: Does said gameplay make Inquisition a better game? At this point it’s hard to tell, with Bioware playing it close to the chest. We know just enough about the combat to skeptical but not enough to outright hate it. In fact, there may be tons of mechanics we’ve yet to know about that could very well make these basic slashing controls a blast.

Monday - April 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ EGMR

by Couchpotato, 05:37

EGMR has a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition that takes a look at how Bioware has done romance in past games, and writes how they can improve it in future games.

Each of these games contains romance options for the player character and some have felt organic and natural while others were cringe-inducing levels of bad. It’s been rather hit-or-miss and has served to further show that BioWare are not experts on relationships either; my problem comes in when they begin to blame others for why they have failed at properly portraying relationships.

If you’re somewhat in the dark about this then that’s fine because after recent news regarding Mass Effect 4, that is exactly BioWare’s intention just for the moment. But a few months ago, one of the studio’s lead writers came right out and asked for same-sex relationships to be accepted after what he felt was unfair treatment of Dragon Age 2 with it being referred to as ‘the gay game’ because two of the male party characters could be romanced by a male playable character in the game. While his points were absolutely valid and I wholeheartedly agree that gamers need to be more accepting of romantic situations that do not mirror their own sexualities, I think that BioWare should not presume to be entirely right about their stance either.

Saturday - April 12, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Exalted Plains

by Couchpotato, 06:31

Bioware has another update on the company's blog for Dragon Age: Inquisition with more information about the Dales’ Exalted Plains, and has two new screenshots.

Exploring the Dales’ Exalted Plains

Within the Dales, the Exalted Plains is a massive stretch of land ravaged by civil war and ripe for exploration in Dragon Age: Inquisition. As each distinct areas of the Exalted Plains has its own complex ecosystem, creating the Plains’ physical space in the game was no easy task.

“The first thing we [did] was try to portray the civil war and the impact it’s having on the environment and the people of that region,” says senior environment artist Andrew Farrell. “In these spaces, we try to provide opportunities for the Inquisition to come in and make its mark on the area. Then the people there rally around that.”

The Inquisition arrives at the Exalted Plains during a ceasefire between two armies at war. The bodies of fallen soldiers mysteriously rose from the dead and have driven the armies back to their respective castles in retreat.

As this is the Dales, one might wonder: what’s become of the Dalish elves?

“They’ve retreated into an area with more security away from all the fighting,” explains Farrell. “Of course, they’ve got a few problems of their own.”

The Crow Fens is one section of the Exalted Plains. In contrast to the sprawling hills elsewhere in the area, the Fens is claustrophobic, creating tension as you wonder what lies in wait for you around the next corner.  According to Farrell, the Fens was the perfect playground for his imagination to run wild.

Wednesday - April 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Blog Updates

by Couchpotato, 04:53

Bioware has two new updates on the company's blog for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The first post is a quick look at an area called the The Exalted Plains.

The Exalted Plains of the Dales are characterized by equal measures of beauty and strife. It was here, centuries ago, that the elven nation met its bitter end. On these fields, the holdouts of the elven army faced the forces of the human Chantry and died, defending their promised land to the last breath. This legacy of conflict has endured, and battle once again rages in the Dales.

The Exalted Plains are now a contested battleground in the Orlesian civil war, and soldiers fight and die here in vast numbers. As the boundaries of reality weaken across Thedas, the memory of injustices past and present draws the attention of restless spirits who rise to possess the dead and stalk the living across the blood-steeped earth.

The second post is about Bioware  being at Pax East 2014 with a variety of discussions about Dragon Age, and  Mass Effect. You can even get a sneak peak of the game.

We’re excited to share details about our schedule for PAX East this year! If you’ve joined us at the BioWare Base in years past, you’ll know that you can find us upstairs above the exhibit hall in room 206AB. If you haven’t joined us previously, we can’t wait to see you!

We’re holding weekend long panels about Mass Effect & Dragon Age as well as behind-the-scenes looks at game development, developer signings, plus representatives from EA University/Human Resources will be on site to discuss tips about breaking into the gaming industry! If you have a portfolio of any kind, please bring it as we have set aside time for our developers to review and discuss with you.

We’ll also be celebrating Commander Shepard’s -140th birthday, which falls on the first day of PAX so please join us for a special panel to commemorate the day!

Monday - April 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Twitter Updates

by Couchpotato, 04:29

Bioware has been busy releasing more posts on Twitter for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a few sites have rounded up the details of each one.

The first site is OnlySP who has the tweets from Mike Laidlaw about the endings.

Last week we reported on some new Dragon Age: Inquisition details revealed in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. However, there were a few pieces of information in there that weren’t totally correct and Mike Laidlaw, the Creative Director on Dragon Age: Inquisition has clarified some things via his Twitter account.

On the subject of the number of endings in the game, which was reported as 40 total, Laidlaw clarified that there are, “hundreds of minor variants, 40 major variants, and a few completely different ends.” So while OXM wasn’t completely wrong in reporting that there were 40 endings in the game, there’s really only a “few” completely different endings.

And the second site is GameranX where he replied to a few questions on Twitter.

First up, according to Laidlaw, players will be able to purchase the ability to roll in combat. Unlike Dark Souls’ roll and dodge feature, characters will have to purchase the ability to roll in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Laidlaw also reiterated the fact that Morrigan will be showing up in the game, though not as a party member. She will have a “significant role” to play in the story.

Interestingly, there will be multiple accent choices for the main character in the game. According to the developer, English voiceover will support both British and American accents.

Finally, dialogue options in Dragon Age: Inquisition will be like Dragon Age 2’s and the Mass Effect series’ dialogue wheel. There will however be “more freedom” when talking to followers, like in Dragon Age: Origins.

Sunday - March 30, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Writing Vivienne

by Couchpotato, 06:16

It seems Bioware has another update on the company's blog about Vivienne. This time writer Mary Kirby talks about writing her character into the game.

“Vivienne was fun to write because she let me play around with different ways for a character to be powerful. Any mage can destroy their enemies with fire and ice, but Vivienne can rip her opponents apart verbally, politically, socially—and make ice seem like the gentlest option. She takes great pride in her work, and her interactions with a certain unnamed Inquisition mage can be a little… explosive. In a good way. Mostly.”

Saturday - March 29, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - 40 Endings Explanation

by Couchpotato, 04:39

Executive Producer Mark Darrah has a new post on the Bioware forums that shares more information on the 40 possible endings from the OXM preview.

Hey guys,

I just want to clarify the endings in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition's endings variations come in three levels

1. Minor variations based upon choices you make in the game or previous games. There are HUNDREDS of these variations.
2. Major variations based upon larger decisions in the game. There are about forty of these
3. Completely unique endings. There are a small number of these

Thursday - March 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ OXM

by Aries100, 20:27

Jaldaris93 from the Bioware DA: Inquisition forum has made a thread about the preview for DA: Inquisition which is in the Official Xbox Magazine.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. There will be 5 regions in Dragon Age: Inquisition: Fereldan, The Free Marches, Orlais, Nevarra and the Dales:

  • 2 of the areas you can expect to visit are; a war-torn region in Orlais and an elven burial ground, known as the Emerald Graves.
  • The Emerald Graves, according to executive producer Mark Darrah, is where the Dalish Elves planted one tree for every soldier killed in the Exalted Marches.
2. Dragon Age Inquisition Companions:
  • There will be no DLC Companions: According to Creative Director Mike Laidlaw: "Because of how deeply enmeshed in the system companion characters are, we can't just add them on the fly; part of them has to be shipped on the disc...which was led to criticism that we're forcing people to pay for content they already own. It's not the case, but we've decided this time to not go that route. There will be no DLC party members."
  • Solas is an apostate and an expert on the Fade.


  • The Prologue Section (or the "Origin" section" will be the same for all players. The player's appearance, class and dialogue responses during the prologue section will fill in the details, presumably of the Inquisitor's background, and in particular inform how other characters respond to you throughout the story.


Source: BioWare

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Imperial Enchanter

by Couchpotato, 06:22

Well it's Wednesday and as promised Bioware has another update on the company's blog about Vivienne . This time they talk about how they created her character.

“Vivienne was a truly great character to build,” says senior artist Rion Swanson. “I was hooked from the very beginning when I saw the first concept.”

Swanson credits the work of BioWare’s concept artists as a key component to locking down Vivienne’s final design. In particular, he recalls a lot of back-and-forth to ensure that her character met the high-quality standards of the studio.

“In the end, I think we achieved quite a dramatic look for this strong new character,” Swanson says. “The combination of sleek and powerful shapes with the ornate gold and fine fabrics gives Vivienne a pretty unique appearance.”

With Vivienne’s work complete, what does Swanson think about setting her loose on the world of Thedas?

“Watching her move through the world with flowing fabric and using her awesome mage abilities is a real nice counterbalance to some of the other heavily armored characters in your party. Enjoy!”

Tuesday - March 25, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Introduction to Vivienne

by Couchpotato, 04:44

The Bioware Blog introduces us to Vivienne once again without all the cosplay features added from the last update. They promise more information on Wednesday.

Here is her image and brief description.

Referred to as Madame de Fer, “the Lady of Iron”, Vivienne lives up to her title. A leader among the mages and official enchanter to the Imperial court, she is renowned as a fearsome woman who achieved her position through guile and deft political maneuvering. Vivienne allows nothing to stand in the way of what she desires—not those who claim she is a social climber, not those who seek to restrict her power, not even her fellow mages who would conscript her into a rebellion with which she disagrees. Vivienne fights to restore order in a world gone mad…so long as that leaves her among those left standing.

Monday - March 24, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Info & Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 04:59

A poster on NeoGaf called Nirolak has gathered some new information from a recent preview from GameStar magazine about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Gameplay notes:

-The Inquisitor can make his/her own rifts (is it the correct word for Risse) in the fade and summon demons
-No fade puzzles (transformations) like Origins
-The Protagonist can actively jump but not climb.
-Homebase system. You will be able to customize certain rooms and buy upgrades, like a garden to grow plants for alchemy. The journalist also suspects that there will be a "map room", where you can allocate troops to open new trade routes or occupy outposts. Besides Skyhold (which is your main base), you can upgrade your other bases as well.
-Animal wildlife works differently: they interact with each other (wolves hunt deer, a dragon once picked a fight with a giant) and need time to repopulate, so if you kill all the wolves in an area, you’re gonna have to be very patient
-To advance the story, the inquisition has to have gained a certain strength, to unlock new regions
-The environment is supposed to have a big influence on battle, like we’ve seen the inquisitor slightly stumble when the ground turns muddy after rain
-(Creative Director Mike) Laidlaw says most areas are roughly three times the size of the korcari wilds from DA: O
-New enemy giants. They like Darkspawn ogres and throw rocks. [Note: They're also much larger than Darkspawn Ogres.]
-A dragon is especially vulnerable on the head.
-There won't be mod-support for DA:I

Plot notes:

-There are some plot notes here, but BioWare's writers noted that there were notable errors on this front in the Gamestar article, so I left them off.

You can also check out some new screenshots on allgamesbeta.

Sunday - March 09, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Vivienne Artwork

by Couchpotato, 04:38

The Bioware Blog has posted the next Character Kit this time sharing new information, and artwork on a new companion called Vivienne.

To Vivienne, there are no impractical clothes, only impractical people. Her magnificent attire is a sign of her station, the jewel of the high court of Orlais where wealth, power, and beauty are inextricably linked.

A thousand arrows would pierce her breast before Vivienne would don beaten steel for so base an urge as protection. If one must wear armor, then have it flatter the form. Hide it beneath fine fabrics more becoming of one’s status, for steel alone will not protect you from the barbed tongues of Orlais.

To dress for comfort or purpose is a scandal—fashion and splendor are all that matter to Vivienne. Shower yourself in gold, let only the finest silks grace your skin, and wear a king’s ransom in pearls and silver upon your feet. Leave the stained tunics and rough cloaks to the commoners and their mud farms–a proper Orlesian climbs mountains in her evening gown, standing taller at the summit in her formidable high-heeled shoes.

Download the guide here

Vivienne Front
Vivienne Back
Vivienne Head (front)
Vivienne Head (profile)
Vivienne Back (details)
Vivienne Waist
Vivienne Boot
Vivienne Hand

Thursday - March 06, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Discover the Dragon Age Video @ The Bioware Blog

by Aries100, 18:56

Cameron Lee has updated the Bioware Blog with a new video called Discover the Dragon Age. He also talks about what the video highlights:

Our new "Discover the Dragon Age" video highlights only some of the locations you can choose to visit during your adventure. Each area in the video has its own realistic ecosystem with predators, prey, factions, and opportunities to expand your Inquisition. The world's population is based on an emergent system that adjusts what you'll encounter based on how your actions tip the balance in the area. You'll see towns attacked by bandits, deer fleeing from wolves, giants feeding on bears, and countless other scenarios.

Bioware's David Hulegaard mentions it here on the Bioware DA: Inquisition forum.

There's further discussion about this new video and the blog update from Cameron Lee in this thread started by LPPrince at the Bioware DA: Inquisition forum.



Source: BioWare

Saturday - March 01, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ GR

by Couchpotato, 06:11

Game Reviews shares their opinion on whether Dragon Age: Inquisition will be another big game disaster of 2014. Please keep the comments civil.

Is Bioware to blame for the probable failure of Dragon Age Inquisition?

It’s hard not to see a recent trend with Bioware’s games. First there was the 2012 controversy over Mass Effect 3, the last twenty minutes of which some believe ruined the entire franchise, not to mention the push on Dragon Age 2, which left a lot of fans wanting.

Finally, a certain Star Wars multi-player role playing game has been a massive fail in capital letters plastered over the studio, due largely to the choice to use an archaic subscription model and thus directly compete with both Eve Online and World of Warcraft. Essentially, it’s a death sentence for an MMO game.
Game sequels in general end up in failure

Game sequels in general end up in failure

It all points to one distinct problem; someone somewhere isn’t learning. The original Mass Effect was definitely not dark and gritty; it was bright, colorful, eccentric and fun. The sequels decided to throw this out the window and instead go for a dark and gritty space shooter with chest high walls and barely any RPG aspects.

Dragon Age Origins was huge; it had a depth of story and experience to rival the Elder Scrolls series and had deep character customization. Dragon Age II, by comparison, took shortcuts to finish production early and ship, a mistake that Bioware had previously avoided by giving up Knights of the Old Republic II because LucasArts was pressuring to have them rush production. The weird thing is they went on to make Mass Effect and forge a name for themselves because of that decision, but then made the same mistake with their own franchise.

Thursday - February 27, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - In-Game Voice Contest

by Couchpotato, 04:07

Well I can see the replies for this news-bit already. It seems Bioware is hosting a contest for anyone interested in having their voice put into Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Here is a video and some information from the Company's Blog.

You have an interesting voice. There’s something in the timbre, the pitch, the rhythm and roll of your words that makes other people pause and take notice. You’ve got that golden throat, that silver tongue, that prized platopharyngeal arch—and we want to hear it.

Starting at 12:01 p.m. PST on February 25, 2014, we’re offering you a chance to Take Your Place in the Inquisition by lending your voice to a character in the next Dragon Age game.

All you have to do is download one of the following two scripts, upload your performance, and send the link to, and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

Don’t worry about accents, makeup, or props—all we want is for you to perform your preferred script in your lovely, natural speaking voice. If you want to go big, by all means, be our guest. However, be aware that your entry will be judged on the quality of the voice performance and how well it matches the style of Dragon Age.

Friday - February 21, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Two Character Models

by Couchpotato, 04:41

Dual Shockers has two new character models of Cassandra, and Varric that David Gaider shared for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age series, frequently answers fan questions about the franchise. He also occasionally tosses up some art or model work for the upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Today he posted character models for main characters Cassandra and Varric.

These are what the characters will look like in-game. What you see them wearing here isn’t permanent as players will be able to customize characters’ outfits. You can see that their outfits are very detailed. It’s a bit of a shame that higher resolution pictures of Varric weren’t uploaded but we get the gist of it and it looks good.

David is very pleased with the way Cassandra looks but isn’t so sure about Varric’s hair color. I agree with him. Why is his hair so red? He was more of a blonde in Dragon Age II. Do Dwarves make a practice of dyeing their hair or something? Very odd.

Wednesday - February 05, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Recruiting PlayTesters

by Couchpotato, 07:31

BioWare is looking for playtesters for Dragon Age: Inquisition. To apply you must live in the Vancouver area, and fill out this survey.

Please complete the following survey completely and honestly to apply to participate in our Dragon Age Inquisition playtests next week. We're looking for a variety of participants, from hardcore fans to players that have never played the series!

Please share this opportunity with interested friends in the Vancouver area. All participants we select will receive an email and/or phone call with more information. Thanks for your interest.

They also released a new screenshot of one of the environments from the pre-alpha.

If you get selected share some early impressions with the rest of us.Smile

Tuesday - February 04, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Character Kits

by Couchpotato, 01:14

A new post on the Bioware blog shares some new Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Kits. I know many of you wont care, but some of you may enjoy this news.

When I started working for the company in August 2011, I bled BioWare blue and cosplayed… whatever color that is. For me, cosplay is the closest I can get to jumping right into the game, becoming the character, and giving back to something that has given so much to me. Luckily, I work with about a zillion people in the studios who love and appreciate fan art. After talking to cosplayers at conventions, our concept artists have even started adding more pockets to characters to hide anachronistic things like cellphones and wallets. I don’t know if you creators out there are aware of how much of your work is printed and plastered around the office or on computer/television monitors. During crunch or late nights, it’s a great reminder that video games inspire people—which, in turn, inspires our developers.

So it’s with great pleasure that I announce an initiative that has been a long time in development, a project of passion for quite a few departments within BioWare. We want to give fan artists–cosplayers, illustrators, painters, writers, cake decorators, everyone–access to detailed, descriptive, high resolution character designs before the game is released. These will be distributed so you can have them available online or print them out and keep in your garage, workshop, sewing room, or creative space to reference. Our first Character Kit is Morrigan’s ball gown, a costume that I’m particularly fond of and cosplayed for PAX Prime this past year.

Thursday - January 23, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Unigamesity

by Couchpotato, 03:33

Unigamesity has an article for Dragon Age: Inquisition that talks about romancable NPC's. 

Dragon Age Inquisition will most likely come out before the end of the year but unfortunately, there are still many things to be unveiled, including the full companion list and the romance options. So far, BioWare has announced Varric and Cassandra’s return and unveiled a new female companion, Vivienne. Will they be potential romance options or will they be part of the friendship-only group? It’s a tough question but it can be easily predicted based on previous tendencies. In the last two games, parties always had eight members and four romance options, which most likely mean Inquisition will follow this trend.

Saturday - January 18, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Most Anticipated Game

by Couchpotato, 03:42

Techraptor picks Dragon Age: Inquisition to be on thier list of most anticipated games.

I still have a few lingering concerns. For one, admitting to something and promising you will improve is worlds apart from putting out an improved game. Their past record is somewhat against them and good intentions can only get them so far. Secondly, reactive game design isn’t always a good thing. Trying to give people what you think they want rather than making what you (the developer) actually want to make isn’t always the best choice. Hopefully the two fall in line, but it is often the case that trying to please people ends up with pleasing nobody.

All this aside though I still think there is good reason to be very excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition. With the features Bioware have touted, and putting the series’ history in mind, it seems clear to me that Inquisition is going to be an interesting  game. It has the potential to be something incredibly special, but it also has the potential to be a huge disaster. Whatever happens, I’m first in line with an open mind at the ready. Whether Bioware ultimately succeed or fail with this one it’s definitely going to be a game that’s going to keep people talking. Let’s just hope we find ourselves talking about how it was a glorious success rather than a glorious mess.

Saturday - January 11, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Artwork

by Couchpotato, 06:09

Gamer Headlines has some new artwork for Dragon Age: Inquisition from a few posts from Bioware on twitter.

Bioware is constantly building up hype for their upcoming powerhouse, Dragon Age Inquisition. The third installment in the Dragon Age franchise aims to right the wrongs of Dragon Age 2, and set the series back on track.

A recent twitter post highlighted some new concept art, and it looks absolutely great! From ancient elven cities, to eerie swamps and snowy peaks, it seems players will be in for a treat, at least from the perspective of diverse landscapes.

Friday - January 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Eurogamer

by Couchpotato, 04:45

Eurogamer has a new article about Dragon Age: Inquisition being one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

Fortunately, the signs are good. The game was delayed a year to autumn 2014 so that multiple playable races, among other things, could be added. 'That's what the core audience wanted,' BioWare said, and 'we've listened' - 'we know you didn't really like Dragon Age 2, so Inquisition will be more like Origins'. Party members in Inquisition are customisable, as is the historical state of the world. There's base building, a base-camp replacement that will make you "freak out", there's a tactical view, there are numerous varied environments, there are mounts, it's open-world - tick, check, tick, check and everyone should be happy.

Inquisition should also finally bring the Dragon Age series onto a visual par with the stunning sci-fi Mass Effect series, now DICE's capable Frostbite 3 engine underpins the action - and the video evidence we've seen so far backs this up. Whether developing the game for five platforms - PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 - simultaneously causes problems, we'll have to wait and see.

All of that wrapped in the kind of emotional adventure BioWare is famed for. It will be good, but can it be great?

Tuesday - January 07, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ OPSM

by Couchpotato, 03:44

The Official PlayStation Magazine has a new preview for Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

Dragon Age 2 was a misstep for Bioware, a fun but over-economical role-player let down by a shortage of areas and some weak-kneed ‘player choices’. The developer’s had plenty on its plate since then, between Mass Effect 3 and the departure of co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, meaning the likes of Dragon’s Dogma and The Witcher 3 have stolen the limelight. Inquisition now wants to get even. It does it by taking things from the top.

Monday - January 06, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Forbes

by Couchpotato, 04:34

Forbes has a new article for Dragon Age: Inquisition were they call the game a possible video game catastrophe for 2014. Now do you agree with him, or is he wrong?

I’m actually really excited for Inquisition. Everything I’ve seen about the game so far looks great. Multiple playable races are back, as is an optional top-down tactical view. The game looks gorgeous, and promises even more customization options than Origins. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s been in development for quite a while already, so we don’t have to worry about this being a rush job like Dragon Age 2.

All the hopeful signs point to a great single-player RPG; but there’s plenty of reasons to worry that this will not be the case, if only because of BioWare’s recent problems at bat.

Of course, for BioWare to salvage its good name and restore its brand, Inquisition needs to be a great game. It must be head and shoulders above anything they’ve done in years, and stand up to the competition—The Witcher 3 in particular. EA and BioWare need to hit this one out of the park. They simply can’t afford another disaster.

Friday - January 03, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ OXM

by Couchpotato, 21:35

OXM interviews Bioware about the world, combat, classes, and more for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here is a small preview of the four page interview.

This has been delayed to a late 2014 release. You've said that you'll spend the extra time adding Qunari to the playable races. How else are you making use of that time?

That's a good question. I think we'll just do more of what we were doing originally - more space, more content. The scope of what you can give to the player is really important in terms of how much they can enjoy and get into the world, so we'll be able to do more of that with the time that we have. But the other thing you use time like this for in development is just to hone and polish so much more.

Taking something from 90 to 95 per cent is just incredibly difficult and it requires a lot of time and focus and energy to do it. So this extra time will allow us to do even more of that than we would have previously, along with bringing in playable races. And playable races have broad-reaching impact on game development. It fuses and ripples along the entire story and all the side bits and pieces as well, with recordings and such as well. It's crazy. So that was a pretty big shift, especially to bring in a fourth one as well with the Qunari.

I've heard that BioWare has hired multiplayer designers for Inquisition. Do you have anything to declare on that front?

I have no idea at all in terms of hiring, but you know, the Mass Effect multiplayer stuff is really good, so we've certainly looked at options like that, but we haven't decided on anything in terms of multiplayer at this point.

It's presumably harder to make a multiplayer RPG than a multiplayer shooter, given that you've got to account for much more in the way of player customisation.

Shooters are really easy to make - well, not really easy to make, I shouldn't say that! But certainly there's a known quantity about what you want to try and create.

Thursday - December 19, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mark Darrah Bioware Blog Update - 3 New Screenshots

by Aries100, 22:12

Mark Darrah has updated the Bioware blog with news about DA: Inquisition. Bioware has been working on a holiday build for this game; a holiday build is defined as this:

Effectively, they are builds we create around the holiday break that are packaged in a way that allows the team, and other parts of BioWare, to play the game in as complete of a state as we can get it. In this case, our Holiday build is focused on these areas: 1. The main storyline completely playable from beginning to end: This allows the story to be experienced in an interactive state, and lets us get pacing and spacing right.  2. All of the gameplay systems working together: This means that you can experience the game as it is intended to be experienced, with each feature feeding into another.

You can read more here. 

Lord Raijin from the Bioware DA forums has made a thread about this in the Bioware forums.  You can view it here.

In other DA: Inquisition news Game Informer has 3 new screenshots to show us.

Challseus from the Bioware DA forums has made a thread about this.
You can view it here.


Wednesday - December 18, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Unigamesity

by Couchpotato, 21:04

Unigamesity has another article for Dragon Age: Inquisition were they list five things they think players want. That's right not a blog post this time just an opinion piece.

Now do you agree with them? Or do you want to see something different? Remember to keep on topic, and don't troll please.

Dragon Age Inquisition will come out next year and as part of next-gen, it will surely bring many surprises. Opposing the previous two games, solely dedicated to role-playing, Inquisition will introduce a new castle feature, where players will be able to manage their armies. This system can be quite ambiguous since it could be an innovation to improve role-playing, as it could be the ascendance of another genre. Nothing is for certain now but in the end, it’s all in the hands of BioWare. However, BioWare is a game developer, whose mission is to satisfy players. So, what are players looking forward in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Monday - November 18, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Unigamesity

by Couchpotato, 01:09

Unigamesity posted another article for Dragon Age: Inquisition about  Morrigan , and ponders will she be a hero or villain in the next game.

Morrigan was one of the main characters in Dragon Age Origins and she is known for being cold, apathetic and egocentric. She is a witch of the wilds just like her supposed mother, Flemeth, and she was raised far from civilization. Due to the lack of interaction and communication with other human beings, Morrigan is not able to fully empathize with most human-like actions and decisions. During Origins, Morrigan was many times the hero and the villain simultaneous, since she never offered anything without any sort of gain. Many things have happened since Morrigan was last seen in the Witch Hunt DLC and the question is: What kind of character will Morrigan be in Inquisition? Will she keep her old posture of seeking any form of profit through her actions? Or perhaps, she has changed and evolved into something else? In this article, I’ll be discussing what will probably happen with this character.

Monday - November 11, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - DigiExpo Gameplay

by Couchpotato, 01:12

BioWare was at the  DigiExpo 2013 showing off Dragon Age: Inquisition. As usual a random attendee captured the presentation with his mobile phone.

Wednesday - November 06, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ Unigamesity

by Couchpotato, 00:54

Unigamesity is back with another article about  Dragon Age: Inquisition talking about the returning characters that Bioware might bring back.

As for now, it’s too hard to predict who may or may not come back in Inquisition, since basically anyone could come back. However, when it comes to party members, I think that BioWare won’t include any more old characters because it can become strange to interact with characters that had previous relations with the players already, as Perry stated: “I think that because we have a different protagonist sometimes it came be perceived as weird if party members return.”

On the other hand, I believe that Inquisition will feature several if not many old characters, not as party members as obvious, but they’ll most likely come back. The world of Thedas is at war, the blight may be gone but the mages’ threat has become extremely dangerous with all the abominations destroying everything on their path and as so, everyone must unite to fight as one. Is there any better candidates for this task than the old DA party members? They’ve taken part in wars already, they’re very skilled and the most important, they have proved their loyalty before. Even though this would make perfect sense, I doubt it will happen, but who knows, BioWare is full of surprises and a great example of this is the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Thursday - October 31, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - 2015 Release?

by Couchpotato, 03:20

Well according to a recent earnings release EA may be pushing back the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition to 2015.

EA has cast doubt over Dragon Age: Inquisition's autumn 2014 release date, suggesting that though a release next year is "most likely", there's a possibility it could slip.

"We were highly conscious of the fact that, if Battlefield is as successful as we believe it'll be, that that sets ourselves up for a challenge next year," said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during the firm's Q2 2014 financial call last night. "But remember, we're introducing NBA this year. We're introducing UFC next year. We have Sims next year, we would most likely, possibly have Dragon Age next year."

Dragon Age: Inquisition (previously known as Dragon Age 3) has already seen a major delay, having been previously due to launch this autumn. It is currently expected to launch on current-gen consoles, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 late next year.

However, Jorgensen's comments suggest the firm may not be 100 per cent confident in the revised release date.

EA will reveal "more about our ultimate revenue and plans and title plans when we give guidance later in the year," Jorgensen adds.

Thanks go to VideoGamer for the news.

Tuesday - October 15, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Gamerzines

by Couchpotato, 00:52

Gamerzines interviews Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry about how BioWare’s storytelling process has evolved. This is the interview that most sites are using for sensationalist headlines. So give it a look without all the bias.

How does the cutscene camera system actually work? In Mass Effect, the camera cycled through pre-defined templates. Will that system be used in Inquisition or will you adopt a more hands-on approach?

It’s a bit of both because of the scale of the games and how many conversations we have to do. In our previous games we had around 10,000 lines of dialogue and around 30 hours worth of custom cinematic content. A lot of games have maybe 30 minutes to a couple of hours, so we can’t necessarily hand touch everything or build everything from scratch.

We have what we call stages which are essentially a collection of co-ordinates where you can say, ‘Okay, in this situation where one guy talks to a party of three other guys, here is where they can stand’. We give them poses and emotions and really generate a performance based on those inputs. Early in production we can start to play through that dialogue to see that people are talking and doing things, which allows us to evaluate the narrative and make rewrites and changes where needed. Once we’re at that playable state we can then go in and start to customise a performance.

For some of the scenes, that aren’t as important as others, we might leave the default camera switching back and forth and in other ones we’ll go in and hand tweak; move the camera around, move the characters around etc. You’ll see a spectrum of different quality conversations or scenes with more action in them than others.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the first titles to use DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine. What’s that like?

One of the things I’m excited about with Dragon Age: Inquisition is that we have all new tech allowing us to build a lot more reactive systems. So instead of just switching back and forth between these over the shoulder cameras, still using these stages, we can create cameras that are intelligent. They can react to what’s going on in scene, so if you’re really upsetting somebody or the relationship is taking a turn for the worse we can start to drop the camera down or pitch it up, so it feels a bit more hostile, or if you’re making all the right moves in that romance conversation, flirting back and forth, we can have the camera push in. I think it’s really cool that we have an intelligent camera at this point, so it opens up a lot more opportunities to make these scenes feel unique. We might experience the same lines, but the framing of the characters in the shot might be completely different based on what we’re doing. Previously when a character said a line they would always have the same emotion, but now we have systems depending on how you’ve been treating that person. They could say the same line, but have a stern look or a happy look based on how the conversation is going or what has come before that.

Monday - October 14, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jonathan Perry Interview: Love Scenes in DA:Inquisition

by Aries100, 23:33

Jaza from the Bioware DA: Inquistion's forum has found a short interview with Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry on Gamespot.

In it, he explains that the romance scenes will be like the ones in Mass Effect:

"I think Mass Effect's scenes were done really well and I think we will take Inquisition's scenes in that direction," Perry told GamerZines. "You might have a nude character but they are framed in such a way that parts of them are in shadow, or having characters in various states of undress."

Interestingly, Perry also said this:

Perry said creating sex scenes that feel genuine and believable will be "incredibly expensive in terms of animation fidelity."

Source: BioWare

Saturday - October 12, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Bioware Survey

by Couchpotato, 00:32

Incgamers has news that BioWare have started a new survey about the Dragon Age games, and your playing habits.

There are fairly basic questions about what platforms you own and what systems you played the last two Dragon Age games on, as well as queries on which BioWare games you’ve played and what your preferred difficulty settings are… and then they get into the meat of it with questions about how important you find various aspects in the Dragon Age games, what classes you preferred, how you composed your party, etc.

And yes, in the “level of importance” bit, players are asked if “Intimate Relationships and Romance” are Not Important, Somewhat Important, Very Important, or Extremely Important. I remain somewhat surprised that BioWare haven’t released an iOS dating game tie-in, yet.

From there we’re onto questions about the combat. Do you like pausing battles? Do you like zoomed out, overhead views? Do you like setting up custom tactics for your party members? I hope you do, because I’d much prefer Dragon Age: Inquisition to take after Dragon Age: Origins than Dragon Age II. Please tell BioWare this.

Wednesday - October 09, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ EDGE

by Couchpotato, 00:58

EDGE has posted a new preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and saying Bioware is returning to it's origins.

Fantasy worlds can often feel like static, sterile (if gaudily themed) arenas for numbers-based contact, so this physicality is intriguing, and should dovetail effectively with the tactical view, which gives players time to properly scrutinise the battlefield.

At one point a battle is swiftly ended when the player orders a party member to send a jolt of icy magic into the foundations of the rickety structure some archers are perched on.

It’s a return to the potential of the first game, then, with the tech to realise it, a strong theme of leadership, and a commitment to showing the consequences of choices. With the battle done, and the Inquisition keep saved, we head wearily back to the village of Crestwood, only to find nothing but corpses and scorched earth when we get there.

Saturday - October 05, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 00:39

PC Gamer has a new preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition about returning characters, and open world fortresses

Dragon Age has never had the same sense of direction as Mass Effect. Its sci-fi stablemate was a point-to-point race through a single narrative, escalating in scale as success translated into publisher support. Dragon Age: Origins was, in many ways, the last game from pre-EA BioWare, an oldschool fantasy RPG that grew organically over a protracted development period. Its popularity seemed to catch the studio’s new publisher off-guard, leading to a sequel that – while it retained much of its predecessor’s soul – lost all of its scope.

“We have a much greater opportunity in terms of time on this one than we did on DAII,” says producer Cameron Lee, who joined BioWare from Dead Space developers Visceral Games in early 2012. “We also have the opportunity with the engine change to rebuild everything from the ground up. We’re trying to bring across the same feel, the same vibe, and the same sort of storytelling, but DAII was more of a framed narrative – Inquisition is definitely Origins-style. Much bigger.”

‘Origins-style’ scope doesn’t mean oldschool, however: what I’ve seen of Inquisition indicates a modern game that wears its influences – and ambitions – openly. The first area I’m shown is an open-world take on Ferelden, an expanse of fields and frosty mountainsides that suggests that the success of Skyrim hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s still Dragon Age, however, and the party-of-four system and adjustable third-person perspective all reflect that. Combat is broadly similar to Dragon Age II, but the pause interface has been improved to allow for more fluid issuing of orders before time resumes. You’ll still be able to program friendly AI behaviour, but this wasn’t shown.

Saturday - September 28, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview with Jonathan Perry @ Xbox360

by Aries100, 19:04

Xbox360achievements has talked to Jonathan Perry, Cinematic Director for DA.  
Here's a quote about Fade Tears:

With these Fade tears popping up throughout the world, will closing them operate like they did in previous the Dragon Age games in which you have to actually enter the Fade and maybe close them from within?

I can't comment too much on that, because it touches on a little bit of the story. But one of the goals as The Inquisitor is to go and try to close these tears and seal them off, so there aren't all these demons spewing out into the world. The huge Fade tear in the sky and the Fade tears in the world, they certainly play a big part in the narrative of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A quote about the destructible environments, you can rebuild things as well:

One of the things that we didn't really talk about during the gameplay demo, was the opposite of destroying things: building things. There will be abilities that allow you to [rebuild scenery]. If you find a place you can't quite get up to, and you can find a shattered steps or a ladder, you'll be able to reconstruct them and gain access to that area you couldn't otherwise get to before. It's us thinking strategically about how we want you to be able to modify the environment to your advantage.

A quote on how romance works in DA:Inquisiton:

Finally, how will romancing work in the game?

Is it the same kind of deal as previous BioWare games, or can anyone romance anyone? I wouldn't say that anyone can romance anyone, but there will certainly be characters who fancy a certain type of person more than another. We haven't really been able to comment on how many of your followers will be 'romance-able' or who will be 'romance-able', but we do have a whole lot of interesting combinations. Romance is a really important part of our storytelling, and we really want to give the player a lot of options there.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ Only SP

by Couchpotato, 00:54

Only SP has a new preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition calling it a step in the right direction for fantasy RPGs.

Bioware is describing their main storyline as a campaign, which to me has a much different meaning than calling it a “main quest” etc. To me that means it’s not going to be another Skyrim where the narrative is shallow and uninteresting due to having to stuff the world with so much filler content. Some of the sidequests were more exciting in Skyrim than the main quest, to be completely honest. What Bioware seems to be doing with Inquisition is making the open world part of the game an accessory to the main storyline, and as with other open world RPG’s the main idea of the game is for the player to explore and create their own path. Inquisition allows you create your own path through the choices you make, but unlike most open world games, since the narrative drives the game forward these choices have a much bigger impact than deciding against doing a fetch quest for a random NPC in an open world.

Having the player feel like they’re playing a linear campaign in an open world would seemingly give the player the best of both worlds. You get a game with a directed narrative that is compelling and allows the player to take breaks when needed, but also drives them to finish the story. To me, having an open world feel like doing a bunch of different quests to get to one final goal is just tedious and uninteresting.

If Bioware can create a campaign in an open world setting similar to the likes of The Witcher 2, they may make a fan out of me yet.

Thursday - September 26, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ PixlBit

by Couchpotato, 00:30

PixlBit has a new article with five things they want in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age has admittedly been my least favorite Bioware series since their shift to consoles. Not that it's a bad series (well, Origins was great at least), just that I think Knights of the Old Republic delivered a similar experience while doing a much better job in a more interesting world. That said, I am still very excited for Dragon Age 3, and am really liking that Bioware is taking their time and trying to make it a really big game. So here's what I want from the game.

Now, I'm not going to go into the super obvious stuff. Things like Bioware delivering on the open world, an improved console interface without sacrificing depth (since I want the PS4 version), and getting rid of the awesome button. These are more personal things I want that don't come up quite as often.

Tuesday - September 17, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ TheGameHeadz

by Couchpotato, 01:07

TheGameHeadz has posted a new preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition asking,"What’s so Unique About the Long Questioning?"

An inquisition is defined as “a judicial or official inquiry or examination usually before a jury.” In the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, the player's character, appropriately deemed the Inquisitor, will be conducting investigations on behalf of the organization. The objective is to discover who is responsible for the event that ripped several holes in the sky that lead to the Fade, letting in demons and other unsavory creatures. The gameplay appears much larger in scale than the previous two games, showing that BioWare is employing their usual series magic to prevent Dragon Age from growing stagnant.

It's difficult to keep RPG series fresh while maintaining fan approval, just ask Square Enix. Each new Final Fantasy game garners new and vehement criticism from fans for the changes they make to the core gameplay. Final Fantasy XII was a particular subject of disapproval thanks to Square Enix throwing out the random encounter mechanic. Fortunately for Dragon Age fans, BioWare has a long history with RPG series. The Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Mass Effect series all improved under BioWare's capable development team, and I expect no less from Dragon Age. The changes announced for Dragon Age: Inquisition take the series in a new direction without forgetting its roots.

Friday - September 13, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ RPS

by Couchpotato, 00:45

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted the second part of the interview with Laidlaw this time talking about race, romance, and how time works in the game.

RPS: You can choose your race and your sex again in this one. I assume that’ll have a pretty major impact on what you see and don’t see this time around? You previously noted that the year-long delay allowed you to make some pretty big changes on this front.

Laidlaw: To some degree. Our big goal is that there’s some sort of significant impact to making that choice. I don’t think I want to spend the entire game being called a knife-ear because I chose an elf, over and over again. At that point it just becomes background noise. But at least at one or two points in the game, I want it to rear up and say, “So you chose elf! Cool! Let’s deal with that.” That, to me, is a very intriguing element of the game and it always has been.

RPS: Yeah. It’s something that genres like fantasy or sci-fi are pretty well-equipped to discuss, because you can take a fairly sticky subject and abstract it and see the effects of it. There was a lot of stuff dealing with race in DA 2. Is that still a big theme, a big thread in the game?

Laidlaw: It always has been. Again, to some degree, you being an Inquisitor overrides some of the race stuff. But yeah, the elves are still considered lower-class citizens. The dwarves are still this kind of alien culture. And if you’re on the surface, by nature you’re an outcast from the real dwarven culture, as far as they’re concerned. They have this weird internal racism.

And then on top of that, Qunari bring in a really interesting new wrinkle, in that they’re kind of the barbarian invader race. They’re a highly advanced barbarian invader race from across the sea that everyone’s terrified of, because at one poine they tried to conquer the whole darn place. They fought to a standstill and they never really were pushed back at all. So suddenly one of them is Inquisitor. It poses some interesting challenges.

RPS: You’ve mentioned that romances are going to break outside the box of traditional “BioWare romances.” They’ve been described as more “event-based.” What does that mean? Do you reach this point in the game/romance and this thing happens, next point, this thing happens?

Laidlaw: No, no, I wouldn’t say so. It’s just attempting to get away from the idea of, “Oh, +10, and here’s a gift, +5.” Getting away from that kind of raw, mechanical, insert happiness event kind of stuff. So event-based is more just a general approach.

Thursday - September 12, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ RPS

by Couchpotato, 01:13

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a new interview for Dragon Age: Inquisition that talks about combat, exploration, and choices.

RPS: You put a lot of emphasis on the scope of choices, as well. The ability to “change the world” and whatnot.

Laidlaw: Yeah. The physicality of the changes is something I’m pretty jazzed about. I think it’s neat to… It’s something we’ve never tackled before, and I think it’s very cool. It’s something the engine actually opened up as an opportunity for us.

RPS: You were discussing all the potential repercussions for choices. You were saying that it’s very possible for content to be blocked off if you make certain choices.

Laidlaw: Absolutely.

RPS: How much of the game functions that way? If a player goes through and only plays once, roughly how much will they… I don’t want to say “miss out on,” but the nature of choice being what it is, making a real impactful choice, how much could that close off?

Laidlaw: I couldn’t say at this point. I think that’s something we need to be closer to final to lock down. But our goal is that it’s a significant amount, a fifth or a quarter or so, that’s showing some degree of exclusivity. And then you can layer on top of that a certain amount of stuff that you probably just won’t find. “Oh, you didn’t go east there. Wow. Well, you missed out on the big dragon carcass or what have you.” That kind of stuff is good.

I think that our goal, more than worrying about percentages, is that when I present a choice, or when my team presents a choice, to a player, our goal with Inquisition is that we honor that choice. This goes all the way to, “What are you importing into the world?” If it’s something that we’re going to tackle at all, I want it to be significantly different.

Similarly, if you make a choice where it’s, “Well, you’re going to have to side with one of these two groups,” or “Either that guy’s gonna die or that guy’s gonna die,” or anything that’s on that level, I would hate for a character to just say “Thanks!” and you’re done. Instead, we want it to have more depth than that. More than worrying about the numbers, it’s about a philosophy. It’s something we’re really working really hard on, to make sure that we either honor the choice or get rid of it. Sometimes you simply have to, because the ramifications are too big. But more often than not it’s just finding a good and interesting and satisfying way to say, “Yeah, that matters. I see how.”

Wednesday - September 11, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ OXM

by Couchpotato, 01:34

OXM writes about five ways BioWare's series has changed for the better in this new preview for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I used to be quite worried about Dragon Age: Inquisition - right up until around about, oh, two weeks ago. With naught but a handful of concept artworks, some oddly hazy, dreary screens and an enigmatic trailer to its name, BioWare's latest effort seemed rather lacking in oomph alongside the ruggedly handsome Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in particular.

I'm still a bit worried about Inquisition, it must be said. That gameplay reveal has laid a fair few unquiet spectres to rest, but the visuals can't hold a candle to CD Projekt's efforts. Still, what I've seen suggests that the new Dragon Age has what it takes to banish the divisive Dragon Age 2 from memory, at the very least. You've hopefully read our first look preview - here are five highlights I feel deserve a little more, er, highlighting.

Sunday - September 08, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview Roundup #4

by Couchpotato, 00:33

I have a few more previews this week for Dragon Age: Inquisition. So without wasting your time here is the fourth roundup.


I went into PAX worried about the prospects of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I've come out impressed with what Bioware can do when they have the time and resources to craft a great RPG. Now, not only am I looking forward to next-gen Dragon Age, but I'm also supremely psyched about Bioware carrying some of this knowledge into the Mass Effect series. Some may have felt that the studio lost its way, but I'm hoping Dragon Age: Inquisition is the start of Bioware taking back its RPG crown. 

Geek Insider

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be taking a far more tactical approach to combat that its predecessors did. It will be more focus on preparation, planning, and creating an effective team. You will have to think ahead of fights in order to ensure you come out on top of combat encounters. Combat in general will be slowed down from the more action-oriented gameplay of Dragon Age 2. While it won’t be quite as slow as the combat in the original game, you will still have time to pause and think about situations before taking action.


While many of the changes made in Dragon Age 2 felt like cutbacks rather than refinements to Origins’ core concepts, Dragon Age: Inquisition looks to be building on the mechanics of both. It will have stiff competition from the likes of The Witcher 3 when both games launch next year but that just makes it all the more exciting a time to be a fan of the RPG.

Saturday - September 07, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ CVG

by Couchpotato, 01:26

CVG has a new preview among the many others released in the last two weeks. The point of their preview is to say Dragon Age Inquisition goes after Skyrim.

After Mass Effect 3 Ending-gate, Star Wars: The Old Republic's free-to-play flip flop, and a poorly received Dragon Age 2, 2013's Bioware is a very different beast. But if the last few years have charted a dip for the studio, then Dragon Age: Inquisition is a roaring return to form.

With a development cycle that, by the time of Inquisition's Autumn 2014 release on both current-gen and next-gen systems, will double that of 2011's last instalment, the studio has learned the benefits of taking its time. Inquisition's heart still beats to Bioware's pulse, based around intelligent player choice, dialogue trees and party systems, but the intervening years have seen drastic change.

"It's an opportunity with the generation change, as well as the new engine change, to revitalize things," says Cameron Lee, producer on Inquisition. "We've rebuilt everything from the ground up. It's all re-written, recreated content."

Thursday - September 05, 2013

RPGWatch Feature: Dragon Age Inquisition Interview

by Myrthos, 01:35

While at Gamescom I had the opportunity to talk with Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Melanie Faulknor and Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry about combat, some of the RPG elements of the game and the new engine they are using.

My first interest was the combat in Dragon Age: Inquistion and what it would be like compared to its predecessors. Jonathan Perry (JP) started out with saying that they received a lot of feedback on combat and how it changed from Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age 2. They are taking all this feedback while developing Dragon Age: Inquisition to define what combat will be like in the game. Overall Dragon Age: Inquisition will be much more focused on tactical combat. Using your party members' unique abilities, you can get more strategic about how you are using your party in combat. For this purpose you can use what JP named Pause and Play (which sounds as Real-Time-with-Pause) to position your party members and give them commands for what they will use as attack or defense action once you continue to play, thus making full use of your party's abilities. This should accommodate the more strategic players, but Dragon Age: Inquisition will also keep the very fast reactive combat from Dragon Age 2 as they feel it worked very well for a lot of players too. These two styles will be meshed so you can decide for yourself which combat style you want to use.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ StrategyInformer

by Couchpotato, 00:46

StrategyInformer has a short preview along with a few more videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

BioWare Edmonton is developing Dragon Age: Inquisition and producer Cameron Lee isn't shying away from promoting what a "much more immersive world" we're in for thanks to 'gen four' hardware.

It's a richer environment thanks to all the extra trimmings they can do, like lush foliage, which is a "huge" visual difference from current platforms. PCs will be 'melting faces' in late 2014.

This 'gen four' refers to 'generation four' of the current PlayStation console timeline. EA don't really think it’s worth counting before the days of the PSone, cycle-wise.

"On gen four you'll see far better graphics and, more importantly, a much more immersive world," declared Lee.

"It's a lot richer, and there's more depth to it. We can put more things on screen. There are more NPCs. There is more life to the world. That, while a subtle thing, really does over time build up into quite a strong connection to the game compared to the other gen three platforms." Aired footage of Inquisition certainly shows a much improved world

Wednesday - September 04, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Podcast & Interview

by Couchpotato, 01:31

Game Informer has the promised podcast were they would ask question submitted to the comment section.

To conclude our month of exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition coverage, we asked our readers to submit all of their questions about the game. They responded in full force, and we put those questions to creative director Mike Laidlaw in this special edition podcast.

We touch on a wide range of topics, and Laidlaw clarified some of the big reveals from the last week, including the Keep and the confirmation of the Qunari as a playable race.

And to finish the news-bit DragonAgeSaga interviewed the Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry.

I have some questions about the characters and the story, lots of people would like to know what will become of all the companions and characters in DAI, the old companions, and other characters like Cullen, Connor the little boy in Redcliff…

The choices that players have made in Dragon Age Origins and DA2, are really importants to the players and really importants to us. We do want to react to those choices that you've made, so we'll react to them in Dragon Age Inquisition. We certainly pay attention to who the fans' love when it comes to the followers, and as much as possible we try to bring them back. We've already shown that Varric's back, Cassandra's back, there will be many more returning characters but unfortunately we can't confirm which one those are yet, we do hope to provide you more informations soon.

Can you tell us what happens to Hawke and the Warden ?

Oh, the Warden could be dead…We certainly, again, want to react to those decisions that you've made and how they shaped the world of Thedas. We had planned an additionnal DLC for DA2. Many fans felt like because we shifted our attention to DAI, that we left Hawke's story unresolved so that's something we're aware of and I think we will be looking for a way to let the player know what became of Hawke and the warden.

Morrigan's child must be grown up by now, and we saw her at the trailer at E3, will we see her child too ?
My Warden's was the father so I really would like to know!

Unfortunately I can't answer, it's something people have been really curious about, it's something that could possibly come up, but we can't confirm any details.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview Roundup #3

by Couchpotato, 01:01

As I predicted yesterday here is round three of previews. They just keep popping up. Wink


There’s a big glowing hole in the sky and terribly evil things keep falling out of it. Demons, ghosts, rude lyrics, all manner of insane badness is tumbling out of an inter-dimensional sky-fanny and it’s up to you, the leader of the Inquisition, to find out why it’s happening and put a stop to it. This is Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare’s second shot at giving Dragon Age: Origins the sequel it deserves, one that draws on both the freshly Skyrim and Witcher-soaked influences of a recently rejuvenated fantasy RPG genre, as well as building on its own tactically minded combat roots. This is a next-gen Dragon Age that’s grown up, learned its lessons and added a horse.


During a panel held yesterday at PAX Prime, Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw dropped a very interesting statement on how the game will perform on different platforms, caught on film by Youtube user yaypony.

While the fact that the Xbox 360 version won’t look as good as the PC version or the next generation console versions was to be expected, it’s interesting to see it defined inferior to the PS3 version as well.

There’s the slight possibility that the addition of “or the PS3″ at the end of the sentence meant to bunch it with the Xbox 360, meaning that both Xbox 360 and PS3 will look inferior to PC and the next generation consoles, but considering the wording and the fact that Laidlaw continues to talk in singular form makes it quite unlikely.

And for last we have EuroGamer with it's third one of the week.

BioWare has said the PC and next-generation version - or the gen four version, as EA calls it - of upcoming fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition will benefit from a more immersive world.

BioWare Edmonton producer Cameron Lee told Eurogamer that the graphical difference between DA:I on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version, will be "huge".

"On gen four you'll see far better graphics and, more importantly, a much more immersive world," Lee said.

"It's a lot richer, and there's more depth to it. We can put more things on screen. There are more NPCs. There is more life to the world.

"That, while a subtle thing, really does over time build up into quite a strong connection to the game compared to the other gen three platforms."

Tuesday - September 03, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview Roundup #2

by Couchpotato, 00:20

Well it's time for round two of previews for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I'm sure there will be more on the way.


The thought that kept coming to mind while watching the closed-door, hands-off, developer-played demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition at PAX Prime 2013, is that BioWare seems to have taken the lessons of 2011 and 2012 to heart.

Ars Technica

For all the tweaks and changes to the formula shown during the demo, the overall feeling I got was of a company trying to recapture to the melding of an epic, branching story with the tight, tactical combat that made the first Dragon Age game so refreshing.

Metro- Includes a new interview also.

BioWare are obviously trying to give existing fans exactly what they want (you can also play as the Qunari race now, although there’s no evidence of that in the demo) but so far Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking interesting enough to satisfying both old players and new.


BioWare obviously broke the mould for multiplayer in RPGs with Mass Effect 3, whose Galaxy at War component integrates with single player, and has attracted a sizeable following. "The Mass Effect multiplayer stuff was really good, so we've certainly looked at options like that," Lee told me. "But we haven't decided on anything in terms of multiplayer at this point.


Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't have the base camp feature from previous games in the series - but BioWare has high hopes for its secret replacement.

In Dragon Age: Origins base camp acted as a hub from which you could chat with your party members, give them gifts and enchant your gear, among other things.

Inquisition doesn't have this because the game is structured differently, but watch this space, BioWare Edmonton producer Cameron Lee told Eurogamer.


Monday - September 02, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 01:10

It's been a busy few days for Dragon Age: Inquisition news, and because of this I have a few previews for everybody today. So lets start the first preview roundup.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

There was something that went unsaid throughout the whole of the presentation. The name of a game that you’d imagine would be quite relevant. “Dragon Age II”. For some reason it didn’t come up. While BioWare have never openly acknowledged that it was an expansion pack stretched breakingly thin to be a disappointing sequel, there was no subtlety about Inquisition being presented as the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. Set many years later, and casting you as a brand new character, they promised it would share some characters, but not many, and continue some stories, but not many. Instead the pitch here appeared to be one of a mostly wholly new tale to be told in the setting they spent ten years crafting.


I am told on a regular basis not to get my hopes up for this new Dragon Age entry. BioWare, people say, simply can’t be trusted to come through anymore. Maybe that’s true, but my hopes are high no matter. Everything I’ve seen lately about this game looks terrific, ambitious, and gorgeous.

That being said…I’m wary of buzzwords. I’m wary of over-promises and big ambition from a studio who obviously has the talent but doesn’t always deliver. I’m wary, but optimistic. Many of the right ideas seem to be at play here, and the developers seem to have both the time and resources and the right ideas to make a good game and maybe even a great one.


BioWare wants to replace the claustrophobic basements and tunnels of Dragon Age II with a sprawling sandbox designed to let players create their own stories. The demo BioWare brought to Seattle for PAX showcased a couple different environments: the lush hills of Crestwood and the arid badlands of the Deep Desert. Crestwood alone, according to BioWare, is bigger than all of Dragon Age II while still "not even close" to being the biggest environment in Inquisition.

Escapist Magazine

I learned so much about this game that it's impossible to mention it all, but it's clear BioWare has doubled down on re-inventing the epic fantasy RPG genre. I saw echoes of Skyrim and Baldur's Gate and even Civilization, but Inquisition isn't a clear progression from any genre. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be in a category all by itself when it comes out in the Fall of 2014.

PC Gamer

BioWare seem to be really proud of their dragons. There’ll be a fixed number of these in the game, and it sounds like they’ll act as massive boss fights at the culmination of certain areas. They seem a little bit clumsy – they have a tendency to fly leg-first through pieces of tactically scattered ancient ruin, sending bricks and debris in their wake – but it’s nonetheless very impressive. The brief segment we were shown reminded me of the original CGI trailer for Origins, where a dragon battle was a long, mobile, multi-stage affair. Here’s hoping that some of that energy makes it into the actual game this time. In any case, expect to be shown BioWare’s impressive dragon over and over again in the long year before release.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interviews

by Couchpotato, 00:16

Stick Twiddlers interviewed Dragon Age Inquisition Producer Cameron Lee to talk about the return of tactical view, user feedback, characters and dragons.

One of things I noticed with tactics in the live pre-alpha gameplay demo we saw is that when going up the stairs, you just see the Conjurer enemy at the start, but switching to tactics you can see everything up there. Is there going to be a fog of war style mechanic implemented so you still have to deal with the unknown?

“Yeah, there will be something. We’re still working on the details about that view mode but we obviously don’t just want the player to bring up the tactical camera mode and be able to see everything. But I’ll tell you what you can do is there are some really cool times when it’s raining and stuff like that, when you pull tactical cam everything in the world freezes. So it’s kind of like this sort of Matrix moment where you can spin around like the raindrops and stuff like that. It’s pretty badass. But we’ll work out something about how you use the camera and how far you can go.”

What can you tell us about the new party members in Dragon Age Inquisition? Varric has come back which I am ecstatic about!

“Did you notice his chest hair? It’s so good! It’s so hot, that chest hair! Varric is back which is awesome and Cassandra which you would have seen as well, from Dragon Age II and some of the novels. Vivienne is the new character and she’s really cool. She’s like an ex-First Enchanter from one of the circles. Vivienne’s personality is really interesting and I think that there’s going to be some interesting conflicts between her and some of the other characters that you’re going to meet along the way. They’re the ones that we’ve announced so far, unfortunately I can’t talk about the other ones. We have mentioned that Morrigan is back, as you know, so she’s not a party member but she plays a major role in the game. I’d be very interested to hear some conversations between Vivienne and Morrigan.”

Next we have a video interview from Rev3Games with Adam Sessler, and the games Executive Producer.


Sunday - September 01, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PAX Prime Video Showing Gameplay

by Aries100, 12:26

In this DA: Inquisiton event from Pax Prime 2013,  you'll hear make Laidlaw say corrugation one or two times.  You also get to see gameplay from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mike Laidlaw also comments on the dialogue wheel:

Whenever you're making a choice that has a direct action...that the paraphrase is abselutely clear.

You can turn this feature on and off.

At about 4.45 minute in the video Bioware shows a decision made by the Inquisitor that will and do have a consquence later, not only it seemns storywise, but also on how your companions feel about you. At about 7:00 minutes in the video, the Inquisitor enters a cave. He is in a hurry, so he has no time to stop and enjoy the cave.

Mike Laidlaw at 9.50 minutes in the video confirms:

"...after a fight your health does not automatically recover. Once you've received your wounds, they stick around for quite some time. Until your return to your home or rested at camp...."

At about 12:50 Mark Darrak talks about how the consequences for your actions do have implicatations:

"content will be unlocked, you'll get access to things you wouldn't otherwise get."


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ TheAverageGamer

by Couchpotato, 02:40

TheAverageGamer has a new video interview with Producer Cameron Lee, and Cinematics Director Jonathan. Topics include Keeps, Influence and Combat.

We talked to Cameron Lee and Jonathan Perry from the team behind Dragon Age Inquistion. Hear their thoughts on the dragons, how the new camera works in combat and what you'll be able to do once you take over a keep.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ EuroGamer

by Couchpotato, 02:32

EuroGamer has a new gameplay trailer and preview based off a press event in London.

Dragon Age: Inquisition sees the return of the tactical view from Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare has announced.

The developer has also announced the RPG's fourth playable race: the Qunari.

In Inquisition the tactical view, available on all platforms, works as it did in Origins. You're able to pause combat and zoom out to a top-down perspective, issuing party members movement, ability and attack orders. The tactical view, which was ditched for the heavily-criticised Dragon Age 2, lets players micro-manage combat, enhancing the strategic element of encounters.

Eurogamer saw this in action during a recent preview event in London, where BioWare developers demoed a pre-alpha version of the game running on a high-end PC. You can see snippets of gameplay in the video below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Everything we know @

by Aries100, 01:39

Chris Bratt from has posted link in this thread at the BSN for a 30 minute video at  In the video, Chris and Simon Miller discuss  the"Everything we know" so far.

In other DA: Inquisition news, Kotaku has an article which headline is The Next Dragon Age Is Crazy Ambitious

A quote from the Kotaku article about what happens in Crestwood - a city under attack:

In hands-off demos, you the Kotaku reporter don't get to decide which action the Inquisitor takes. They choose for you: abandon Crestwood and send your troops back to the keep to regroup. This pisses off Varric, one of your dwarf companions (returning from DAII). It leads to a lot of snarky comments, and you get mad at BioWare for making what seems to be a pretty bad choice

There's apparently a prompt

that will appear above each choice when you make a major decision. It won't tell you what will happen as a result of your choice, but it will clarify what that option does, so you don't wind up accidentally beheading someone when you just wanted to threaten to cut off his legs, or something.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Qunari as a Playable Race - Tactical Camera Will Be Back

by Aries100, 00:38

Gametrailers have a 1:30 preview trailer for this game shown at Pax Prime 13.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer confirms Quanari as playable race, also female Qunari will be shown at PAX. Mark Darrah also mentions that the tactical camera is back for not only for the PC, but also for Xbox and PS3.  You also get to some interesting gameplay and scenes from the game.

Thanks to KR4U55 at the BSN DA:Inquisition's forums for finding this.

Further confirmation below:

Cameron Lee's confirmation of Qunari as a playable race - via Twitter:

Qunari are a playable race in Dragon Age Inquisition!!!!!

Cameron Lee's confirmation of tactical camera being back - via Twitter:

Tactical camera mode is back in Dragon Age Inquisition!!!!

Apparently, we can customize or Keeps as well - Cameron Lee via Twitter:

Mark - Customize your keeps, make them dedicated to spies, commerce or military might

Thanks to glenboy24 at the BSN for finding the twitter messages fromCameron Lee.


Friday - August 30, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - How to Place a Dragon a Dragon Age game

by Aries100, 23:30

Game Informer continues their  Dragon Inquisition coverage with an interview with Mike Laidlaw.  This time they talk about how Bioware views dragons and how the dragons
will be like in DA: Inquisition. A quote on how Bioware views dragons:

They are hunters, first and foremost. "Our dragons are basically apex predators," Laidlaw says. "They are about as intelligent a very smart dog. We've compared them to the mabari [hounds]."

A quote on how to fight dragon in - ehm - DA: Inquisition:

"You can individually target their limbs, and they react to the damage to a leg versus another one," says Laidlaw. "I think that helps ground the encounter a lot more. If you need to get in close to the legs, we open up a whole new realm of counter-moves. He can take a swipe at where you likely are, which feels more like what a real beast would do. It grounds the encounter, and keeps it very physical."

Dragon Age: Inquisition - MIke Laidlaw Talks Future of Dragon Age Games

by Aries100, 23:11

Game Informer has a bonus video interview with Mike Laidlaw from Bioware. In it he talks about:

story accessibility, how Dragon Age compares to Game of Thrones, making the conflicts potentially last forever, and the art of tying up loose ends.

Wednesday - August 28, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Shape Your Own DA Experience with the Dragon Age Keep

by Aries100, 22:51

Mark Darrah updated Bioware's blog with news of a Dragon Age Keep. You can sign up for the beta which releases early in 2014.

In the Dragon Age Keep:

you'll be able to customize as much or as little about the world of Thedas as you wish. Then you'll be able to import your saved world state into DAI at the start of a new game. Have you lost or corrupted your save files? No problem - remake your world state on the Keep, and preserve it for the future. For those folks new to the Dragon Age franchise, the Keep will serve as a great way to understand the people, places, and events that shaped the world leading up to DAI.

Bioware is looking into a:

cloud-based solution. Moving to the cloud allows players to take their unique world state into any platform (present or future) and even other media. For existing fans, an advantage of being in the cloud is that (if you are ok with spoilers) you can fully explore what-if scenarios, and become aware of events and consequences in our past games that you may not have known were possible. You can then fire up the previous games and go exploring for those moments.

Also,  import bugs can be fixed uses the Dragon Age Keep:

[....] some current save imports are buggy, which is our fault, and something we're committed to fixing. Permanently. The Keep allows us to do just that. Users of the Keep won't have to suffer with these types of logic inconsistencies any longer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Love, Romance & Relationships

by Aries100, 21:43

Game Informer continues their coverage on DA: Inquisition.  This time they've talked to Mike Laidlaw, David Gaider and Luke Kristjanson about romances, love and relationsships in the DA: games.

On romances in the DA games, Mike Laidlaw has this to say:

"You need to make sure they're a real character and a person first." Once BioWare forms the history and motivations, the writers sit down to address how many romance options they need, and begin dissecting their characters.

Bioware makes sure they've covered relationships

from every angle. This forces the team to look beyond just the premise and into what implications it presents. "Are there issues of feminism or other problematic elements? What are we saying about this character we aren't intending to?" Gaider says. "We have to think about all those issues first and try to distill it down into a set of stories that we want to tell and feel good about telling."

According to Luke Kristjanson

"The player has to meet us halfway," Kristjanson says. "If they're going on an adventure with a love interest in the story, again that entire adventure is part of their romance, whether we label it romance or not."

Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Baby Dragon & Nug

by Couchpotato, 00:35

Jonathan Perry the Cinematic Director at BioWare has released two new screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Here Is a Baby Dragon.

And here is the Baby Nug.


Monday - August 26, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Future of RPGS, What Bioware Learns from DA:Inquisition

by Aries100, 22:27

Today's update from Game Informer on Dragon Age: Inquisition is a video roundtable discussion on Bioware's new IPs, the chance of a new Jade Empire and what Bioware is learning during the making of DA: Inquisition. The Participants are:

General manager Aaryn Flynn, Mass Effect's executive producer Casey Hudson, and Dragon Age's executive producer Mark Darrah joined Game Informer's Joe Juba to discuss what they have in store for fans.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Tell Us Your Questions

by Couchpotato, 00:42

Game Informer wants you to ask them any questions you may have about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Bioware may answer your question in a new podcast.

As part of our ongoing coverage of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we're going to be recording a chat with one of the minds behind the game. If you have a burning question for BioWare, this is your chance to ask it.

Here's what you do: Ask your question(s) in the comments below. We're going to harvest the whole batch at the end of the day on Monday, August 26. Then, we're going to hand-pick which questions we bring up during the Q&A session. After we have everything recorded, we're going to post the discussion as a special edition podcast in a couple weeks.

So, post away and maybe you'll hear BioWare address your question!

Friday - August 23, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Creating Party Members

by Aries100, 22:00

Game Informer continues their DA: Inquisition coverage this month.  This time they have a an interview article on how Bioware creates party members.  The artists are involved from the start:

"We've found that if the writers forged on ahead and created these fully-fleshed characters that by the time it got the concept artist, the concept artist might be like, ‘No, [I] don't understand, and they'll be playing catch up the whole time,'" says lead writer David Gaider.

It can get tricky when too many people are involved:

"When too many of us make too many decisions about that character that are apparent...they can tend to get kind of sandblasted down; trying to make sure the characters are given their own identity physically and story-wise is critical." Rhodes points out how in the past, the main distinguishable parts of characters were the costume design and affectations.

A little backstory on Vivenne:

This came into play with the creation of Dragon Age: Inquisition party member Vivienne. This circle mage was in line to be first enchanter in the Circle of Oralis before the mages declared their independence and broke away from the Chantry. "That is a character who has a very specific view on the role of the circles and the Chantry," Kristjanson says. "As someone who is extremely pro-circle, what is left for that person when that entire system crumbles? [She's] going to want a very particular thing from the inquisition depending on the way you're headed that may or may not match with [your] Inquisitor."

Wednesday - August 21, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The World of Dragon Age Explored

by Aries100, 23:43

Game Informer continues their info month on DA: Inquistion.  This time around they show a 5:16 minute video interview with Mark Darrah, Keith Warner, the lead world designer as well as Mike Laidlaw.  Mark Darrah reveals that we will be going from Easteren Ferelden to Western Orlais, Mike Laidlaw takes about what open world gameplay means, while Keith Warner talks about playtesting. A quote from Game Informer's introduction to the video:

Creative director Mike Laidlaw had some interesting thoughts on the problems with narrative in an open-world game, so stay tuned to the end of the video to hear him discuss whether or not this is a stepping stone for a fully open-world Dragon Age game.

Tuesday - August 20, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dev Video Diary @ GamesCom Updated

by Aries100, 21:43

EA has kicked of their visit to GamesCom in Cologne, Germany with a press conference in which they showcased the game their studios are working. They also showed a dev video diary for Dragon Age: Inquistion (starts at the 19.30 mark in the video from the press conference). You can also watched the DA:Inquistion part at IGN or at VG247.

The Bioware forums dicuss the dev video diary here. New info seems to be that we can now 'look under rock, every bush' according to the art director Matthew Goldmann. Mike Laidlaw mentions that the leader of the Inquistion in this DA game will get agents - to me this sounds like Bioware's inspiration came from the Assasin's Creed games - among other games, it seems.


Bioware has made a new website for DA: Inquistion.


Monday - August 19, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mage vs. Templars - A Rivalry Explained

by Aries100, 23:46

Game Informer continues their coverage for DA: Inquistion. This time it is all about how Bioware set up the Templar vs. Mages conflict in the universe that is Dragon Age. And how the Inquistion deals with this conflict:

This time around, it's not about extreme viewpoints, though. You've seen both groups at their worst; now it's time to see the other side. [....] "And now in Dragon Age: Inquisition we want to show the player the people who feel that they're right. That they're on the side of good, not from the side of, ‘I am an extremist who has this view that might be hard to understand,' [but] more, ‘This is why my position is morally correct.'"

Decisions will be even more diffcult and harder this time around:

The questions are bound to get more complicated, and BioWare has put a lot of thought into your role as the Inquisitor. "Making the decision harder is stopping and thinking, ‘What is the right outcome? What do I want out of this problem? What do I need to have happen?'" Gaider says. "For some players that's very simple, but if you can have an argument about it, that makes it Dragon Age."

Friday - August 16, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Combat Refined @ Game Informer

by Aries100, 21:33

Game Informer continues their DA: Inquistion coverage with a video feature revealing how the combat works in DA: Inquisition.

While BioWare wouldn't confirm the return of the tactical view from that game, creative director Mike Laidlaw and executive produce Mark Darrah are pushing for more strategic encounters in Inqusition. We spoke with Laidlaw and Darrah about their vision for the next iteration of combat in the series, and senior gameplay designer Josh Stiksma showed off some pre-alpha footage.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Ausgamers

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Ausgamers interviewed Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Cameron Lee.

AusGamers: Obviously Dragon Age 3 is announced, that’s definitely something that’s happening out at BioWare. Mass Effect wrapped up, and that was a really long undertaking. I followed that from the start, and spoke to Casey [Hudson, Mass Effect Creative Director] a bunch of times. Now there’s probably a lot of stuff going on at BioWare, but I’m keen to know if the vibe in the office is a little bit different now that this one major arc doesn’t exist anymore?

Cameron: I guess a little bit. With Mass Effect -- the core trilogy of it anyway -- ending, it’s freed up some people to think about what to do next, and that builds a certain level of excitement. And combine that with gen four, which again: what can we do with these things? There’s, I think, a sense of real exploration in what we want to try and accomplish, and that’s great; that energy level sort of ramps up again.

Having worked on consoles for so many years as well, you kind of know how far you can push it, and now it’s like it’s an unknown barrier again on the hardware. And also as I said “What does BioWare do next?”, so that’s going to be really interesting to see.

AusGamers: And finally, I’ll just wrap up with one more: having come from Visceral, and now being out at BioWare, those two companies both having a pretty good history with transmedia, and BioWare being such a story-driven developer. Do you think that there needs to be more of a push to get these grandiose worlds that developers make, into the hands of consumers in various forms, as opposed to just games?

Cameron: Yeah, I think so. Particularly something like Dragon Age. There’s a lot novels, there’s comic books, there’s all the action figures and all that sort of stuff. I think we’d like to do more of that. Mike Laidlaw, who’s the Creative Director on Dragon Age, he’s a former writer himself, so he’s heavily involved in trying to push the franchise out, beyond just the core game.

We would never want to weaken the core experience that you have within the main game, but if we can sort of extend it out a little bit, there’d be some really interesting things that you could do there. And we’ve got some ideas, which hopefully we can talk about at a later date, around the topic.

Wednesday - August 14, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Return of Races - Video Interview @ Game Informer

by Aries100, 23:20

Game Informer continues their month of DA: Inquistion information. Today they bring us a video interview with Mike Darrah and Mike Laidlaw. In it, they discuss why the decided to bring bring racial selection back in DA:I and how it will influence the way you the play the DA: Inquisition game.

For good measure a quote from Game Informer's article on this:

Choosing between a human, dwarf, or elf (and playing through their various origin stories) personalized each player's experience in the world of Thedas. The absence of racial choices in Dragon Age 2 was a sore point with fans. During our studio visit, BioWare was proud to announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition brings the feature back – contrary to its previous claims that players would once again be human-only.

Tuesday - August 13, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Morrigan Past and Present

by Couchpotato, 01:21

Game Informer continues their coverage of Dragon Age: Inquisition by showing us Morrigan.

Morrigan is one of the most mysterious characters to grace the Dragon Age universe. The seductive mage keeps everyone guessing about her true intentions, and knows more than she lets on. If the cheers following her appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s E3 trailer are any indication, fans are glad to have her back. With so many questions lingering, including Morrigan’s whereabouts since performing the dark ritual to conceive a child, Inquisition is her chance to return to glory. Not only do we catch you on to speed on Morrigan, but we also sat down with BioWare to discuss the creation of one of the most-discussed Dragon Age characters and her role in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Saturday - August 10, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - More Screenshots Revealed

by Couchpotato, 00:32

As a followup to the earlier post a site called Behind Games has all the screenshots revealed by Game Informer’ s magazine. Visit the site for the images.

Friday - August 09, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Exclusive Screens @ Game Informer

Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Look Inside Development

by Couchpotato, 00:26

IGN continues their coverage of Dragon Age: Inquisition with a look inside the development of the game.

With a mountain of lore to build on and millions of fans expecting the best, the developers of Dragon Age: Inquisition have a challenge in front of them. Creative director Mike Laidlaw and executive producer Mark Darrah are passionate about the direction for the third entry and were eager to talk about what the role of the inquisitor means for players. You can learn much more about the ambitious game by reading the cover story in the latest issue of the magazine, but Bioware allowed our cameras in the studio to share the story behind the game's development.

Thursday - August 08, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Game Details

by Couchpotato, 00:13

Gaming Everything has shared some info from Game Informer's September issues's coverage of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The list is quite extensive so here is just a snip.


- Game begins as Thedas is in chaos
- Chantry and the mages are at war
- The Seekers of the Truth and Templars are no longer tied to Chantry rule
- Ferelden continues to recover from the darkspwan Blight that ended 10 years ago
- Orlais is involved with a civil war
- Tear in the sky links the real world to the Fade
- Magic and demons come from Fade
- Rip allows demons to cross freely instead of using a mage host
- Demons/abominations are running free all over
- With everything going on, “there is a suspicious level of chaos in anticipation of this event”
- Reinstitute the Inquisition
- This is an organization that doesn’t answer to any outside power
- Inquisition puts aside politics and extracts answers
- “…about looking into what conspiracies happen, what kind of dastardly deeds could occur, when people are weak and naturally torn apart”


- Your hero acts as the head of the Inquisition
- Lead the organization rather than controlling a foot soldier
- You’re left as the only survivor early on, which leads to this ascension
- Create and guide the Inquisitor however you please
- 3 classes: warrior, rogue, and mage
- At least 3 races: human, elf, dwarf
- No pre-set name
- Fully voiced
- Can be male/female
- Events take place as you perform them, not being relayed by another character
- Will need to overcome resistance, but this becomes easier as the Inquisition gains more power/respect
- Inquisition’s reputation/strength go up as you finish objectives, gain items, help others

Wednesday - August 07, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Early Gameplay Video and Details

by Couchpotato, 02:11

Game Informer has a new article with more details about the game.

The third installment of the Dragon Age franchise casts players as the head of the Inquisition, a recently resurrected organization charged with rooting out corruption and evil in the land of Thedas.

As the game begins, the Inquisition has plenty to investigate. War, scheming, and political strife have left the major power groups in the Dragon Age universe unable to operate effectively, which is a problem when a hole opens in the sky and demons begin pouring out. Players must fight back against the demonic threat while exploring a vast world and consolidating power for the growing Inquisition.

Large and varied environments, customizable armor, and the return of multiple player races are just a few of the ways BioWare is addressing feedback from previous titles in order to shape a new future for the franchise.

There is a new video with early game footage also.

And finally The BioWare Social Network has a topic with more information and answers from Bioware.

Sunday - August 04, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Discussing Morrigan

by Couchpotato, 00:48

Unigamesity is back with another article for Dragon Age: Inquisition this time discussing Morrigan.

The Witch of the Wilds is finally coming back after the exhilarating events of Dragon Age Origins. What was a simple rumor became a true detail with the Inquisition’s trailer displayed at E3 this year. It seems that the Templar Order won’t have any rest for a while. The mage revolution is already a broad menace with the demon truces and blood magic but in Inquisition, the mage faction will receive an even greater weapon, Morrigan, a shapeshifter sorceress with knowledge of ancient spells that will most likely use her archedemon-spirited child to fight in the utmost battles to come.

The faith of Thedas will lay in players’ hands, however it seems that non-playable characters like Morrigan will have a decisive role in this perpetual conflict between mages and templars. But the real question remains. What’s Morrigan’s main purpose in the upcoming game? What will be her true mission and intentions? It seems clear to me that Morrigan will aid mages, no matter their methods.

She despises templars and everything that surrounds them; in fact, she doesn’t seem to sympathize with the civilization concept that much. She is also able to summon blood magic without having to deal with demons, dodging any forms of demon possession (an extraordinary benefit coming from her mother, Flemeth). Basically, Morrigan has every motive to fight with everything she has to make sure that no mage will ever be enslaved again.

Friday - July 26, 2013